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Optional Glaze recipe for cake 
Does the glaze really require 3 TABLE spoons of vanilla? that seems like a lot!

Gingerbread pieces are soft but already decorated. Is there any hope? 
We baked our house pieces and they were nice and hard- it rained one day and now they are all soft. The problem is we’ve already decorated almost all the …

is it possible to make a tublular tower?

Baked pieces too soft 
It’s my 30th year of baking houses. It’s been a few days and the pieces are soft. I’ve got them on racks on a table, anything else I can do?

soft gingerbread humid climate 
this was my first time making a gingerbread house and I used the white house chef's gingerbread house recipe. I baked them 6 days ago and they aren't hardening. …

Softening gingerbread house 
Help! My gingerbread house pieces are decorated and now they are getting soft...and I haven't even assembled them yet!! Help please...I have to turn it …

Windows in a curved wall? 
I have made rounded towers on my gingerbread houses several times, and I am always stymied by the windows. Does anyone have a good method for putting …

Gingerbread flour  
I have seen recipes for gingerbread pastillage that calls for gingerbread flour. Is it just ground up gingerbread dough?

Clear windows 
Clear windows please Thank you Marsha

Soft gingerbread 
A lady gave us these gingerbread cookies for a gift won’t get me the recipe. They are soft and have a darker centre also soft cut into strips about 4 …

crumbling ginger bread 
how do you keep ginger bread from crumbling?

Pieces too soft 
My house pieces are too soft. Help!

Premade kits 
How can I soften my premade gingerbread house so I can cut it into a different shape

How to dry out gingerbread  
What temp is needed to dry out gingerbread

Gingerbread Houses 
What would be the best way to send assembled, decorated gingerbread houses home with people? Are there boxes or something available to put them in?

spray freeze 
Do you ever use a food safe canned aerosol 'freeze' for affixing details? I have seen it used on TV shows during baking competitions. It is expensive …

gingerbread for houses getting too soft 
why is my gingerbread for houses getting soft? I made an alternative honey and coconut oil GB using very little leavening. I baked, cut, prepped, and …

Christmas Wedding 
Hello! I'm getting married this December, and I love the idea of having a gingerbread house as our card box! Do you have any templates or ideas …

Curving gingerbread 
How do you create a tall curved cylinder out of gingerbread?

What is gingerbread flour?  
What is gingerbread flour?

I ordered the download of the full template package of the houses. It will not download. Please email me a the patterns. Kyla Shay

Bubbles in baked gingerbread pieces. 
I used a silicon mold for my very first attempt at gingerbread. Everything went well until I took it out of the oven and 3 pieces were bubbled up so that …

Why does the icing that I put on the gingerbread house, go a bit yellow after 2 weeks

If I don't open a gingerbread house box how long will the ingredients last? I will be opening the box on December 21 and I don't know how many days in …

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gingerbread men cookies getting hard after wrapping 
I've used same recipe for years. The last 2-3 years, once the cookies are baked, cooled, decorated...still soft, I wrap each with plastic wrap (always …

Carousel Horses 
How do you secure Gingerbread horses to the top and bottom of a carousel. I tried to royal ice 2 pieces of candy cane (as I could not find 7" candy canes …

Cutting windows out of pre-made gingerbread houses? 
Hi - we have a hard core gingerbread house competition every year and one of the requirements is that everyone start with the same pre-made gingerbread …

can you freeze the gingerbread? 
I'd like to make the gingerbread house parts beforehand and freeze. Once thawed will they be ok for assembling?

varnishing a gingerbread house to preserve it ? 
Hi I need to make a gingerbread house early. It's not going to be eaten only for display purposes and I want to stop it going bendy? Please can someone …

Food safe armatures 
Hi, I am hesitant to use many of the materials used to make armatures for elaborate cakes, like styrofoam and various wires. I'm looking for food safe …

My gingerbread is getting humidity and getting soft then falling apart how can I prevent it getting humidity

rewarming gingerbread 
Can you rewarm previously made gingerbread if you find it is bowed and doesn't fit together well?

Broken gingerbread ornament  
I have a gingerbread Christmas ornament that is a few years old and it broke. I was wondering how to fix it.

If I am doing a rather large display and have to make everything custom how far ahead of the occasion should I start the project?

How to soften my gingerbread it's dry and hard 
How to soften my gingerbread i left it chilling all night?

soften gingerbread 
is there a way to soften already hard gingerbread?

fondant roof tiles 
Since I couldn’t get enough black jack gum sticks, I thought I would try making the roof tiles with fondant. What is the best way to attach them - royal …

soft gingerbread 
Hi Do you have any tips to stop the gingerbread from getting soft once it is baked

Royal icing 
Are there steps to take before applying royal icing lace designs to plain gingerbread houses to prevent them from falling off? Love this site and will …

hansel and gretel 
hi, im doing a project on hansel and Gretel so I decided to research the realism of a gingerbread/candy house. any information on the topic woul dbe very …

does edible molding dough dry enough to put icing over it? 
does molding dough dry enough to put icing over it?

What material is best for a gingerbread mold? Silicone? Metal?

Can I microwave ginger bread 
can I microwave ginger bread

Keeping gingerbread ornaments 
I bought a premade gingerbread ornament kit, it doesn't have any instruction on how long you can keep them, if you're suppose to eat them? I bought it …

My house is baked and too soft, HELP! 
My pieces are not hard and I'm afraid they'll break when assembled. What can I do now to harden them-- bake them some more, air dry??

Dry batter 
My friend just asked a question, every year she makes gingerbread and the first batch is always dry, the batter itself, before she even bakes it. So she …

Icing not hard in some places 
Will polyurethane spray harden the places where the icing is soft and protect the house?

soft pieces 
what can i do if my gingerbread pieces are soft

Is the pattern mailed or downloaded once I pay for the purchase?

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cxutting numerous windows 
How do you cut out many small windows in a gingerbread house pattern/ I pre-cut them and left them in to bake then tried to cut them out when the dough …

What is the best way to transport a gingerbread house? I've made one for a craft fair, but I'm uneasy about getting it there.

gingerbread men 
I make gingerbread men for charity sales at Christmas. I make them early December and have always kept them in a tin, I always use the same recipe. Last …

selling gingerbread houses 
Do I just need a basic seller's permit to sell gingerbread houses, or do I need permission from each candy factory that I put on the house to be able to …

Multitasking Pattern 
Good Day, I know your patterns are for gingerbread houses but can the Victorian house patterns be used for paper & clay crafts as well? Thank you for …

gelatin sheets 
Are gelatin sheets available in colors?

gingerbread like brandy snap 
I made my gingerbread mix three days ago and now I have gone to use it. My gingerbread is a lovely dough and I am able to cut into the correct sizes for …

how long can I keep an unmade gingerbread lit 
Is it best to freeze the kit or just store it in a cool place?

Am I able to use the gingerbread kit next year? 
We ran out of time to make the Wilson's gingerbread kit. Can I make the gingerbread man kit next year? Will everything in the box keep? Or should I freeze …

my cookies turned soft after freezing 
my ginger cookies turned soft after freezing

When to eat gingerbread house  
When do you eat a gingerbread house

what kinds of candy can you back with 
does the candy go in the ginger bread man before or after baking also what type of candy works

Eating your gingerbread 
How long do you wait after making it to eat it?

Forgot Ginger!! 
So I was cleaning up after making my dough and realized that somehow I forgot to add the ginger! I don't know how it didn't get in there. I already have …

IS IT OKAY?????? 
Is It Okay To Eat A Gingerbread House After 17 Days??????

how to fix a gingerbread man 
How do I fix a broken gingerbread man ornament

soft gingerbread cookies 
why did my gingerbread cookies get soft and how can I make them hard again

gingerbread house 
What's the best day to make one

crumbling ginger bread. HELP!!!!! 
I have rolled out my gingerbread and cut with templates but as soon as i go to move it onto baking tray it crumbles apart what can i do?

Soft gingerbread men after icing 
Hi, i used royal icing and i waited for it to dry, which it has, but now the biscuit is soft. can i dry them out somehow!?! HEEELLLPPPPP!

soggy gingerbread house 
this humid warm weather has softened the gingerbread house this year. The roof is sagging and I have not frosted it as I am afraid it will fall and sag …

Altering a kit gingerrbread house 
Can I cut a window into a kit gingerbread house? Is there a secret to doing this, like maybe warming the piece in a microwave first to prevent cracking? …

Gingerbread recipe mishap. 
I accidently put 1/4 cup less molasses than needed for my gingerbread house cookies. How much of a problem does this pose?

when can you eat the ginger bread house 
when do you eat the ginger bread house? on or before or after christmas?

Cracked and annoying! 
I have been baking gingerbread this year, and when constructing houses bigger than 4-6 inches, my dough always cracks during baking. This tends to make …

Mirro Gingerbread Mold 
I have a Mirro Gingerbread mold, vintage style, (U.S. Patent 2.765.729.) I don't know how I should put the gingerbread dough into or onto the mold to bake …

Hard candy not allowing icing to dry 
How can I use hard candy in my display (like candy canes) if it and the royal icing react to each other? One won't the other dry & what I'm building falls …

Where can I buy a preassembled Gingerbread House in Canada? 
Where can I buy a preassembled Gingerbread House in Canada?

Ant invasion 
My daughter has spent hours making and decorating her house. I've come out this morning to find it had been invaded my ants. Can I resurrect it and rid …

How long in advance can you make a gingerbread house before Christmas?

will ginger bread get soggy/stale with the icing 
will ginger bread get soggy/stale with the icing

How do I get a real brick look on my gingerbread house? 
I purchased a brick mat for my gingerbread house but now I would like to paint it to give it a real brick look. What should I use?

Library gingerbread house 
At our library we have been challenged to make a cutaway library gingerbread house. We've seen this done with cake but are having a tough time figuring …

Soft gingerbread 
My Gingerbread is too soft, any ideas as to how to make it harden after it has baked , Ive never had this problem before, I do live in a different house …

Collapsing Ginger Bread House  
I am in a ginger bread house competition this year, only with my partners family however although it is a bit of fun, I am adamant about winning and what …

how to color gingerbread brick

Dr. Seuss 
Has anyone made a Dr. Seuss gingerbread creation? If so, please share what you did and a photo if possible. Thank you.

Carving into baked gingerbread 
I would like to carve around the words toys for a gingerbread toy box.T would like the words to stand out

Will buttercream icing make gingerbread house soggy? 
I'm trying a bit of a combination cake for my son's birthday but can't find it done anywhere before so hoping it's not a ridiculously bad idea! Plan …

Unbreakable icing 
How to make lace work with royal icing without breaking ?

Pre-baked GB she kit 
I bought a pre-baked gingerbread house kit, but did not open. Can it be saved until next year?

Soften Gingerbread 
I have a store bought gingerbread and I want to soften it up so, it can be ate. How do I do that?

wet and crumbly 
my gingerbread is wet and crumbly, i dont know what to we have tried to add flour and water... PLEASE HELP!!!

how to fix a broken gingerbread house 
How do you fix a broken gingerbread house.

leftover mix gone hard 
Help my leftover mix has gone hard! how can I get it mouldable again?

It's broken 
My gingerbread house was broken during shipping. How can I glue it back together?

worried house wont stand. 
I have baked all pieces of the gingerbread house and am putting them together today. the house is quite large and the pieces feel thin. I am concerned …

finished and iced gingerbread biscuits WERE hard now have gone soft! why?? 
HI my finished biscuits were hard - perfect - then I iced them and all the ones sitting out drying AND those in airtight container have all gone really …

gingerbread going soft 
How on earth do you keep gingerbread decorations from going soft & dropping off the tree? It stands to reason that any biscuit is going to go soft when …

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leftover candy  
Can I keep the unused candy for next years decorating party

crumbling mixture??? 
made mixture for gingerbread house but its crumbling, what shall i do?

when is the best time to do a gingerbread house 
When is a best time to do a gingerbread house with out it m8lding

Help my gingerbread men house is falling down. 
What should I do when the roof is falling what should I do ?

Forming pre baked gingerbread panels 
Is there a way to soften the pre baked gingerbread panels in my gingerbread house kit? I would like to form the panels into a bowl like shape to make an …

Sending a kit 
Does anyone know if I can send a gingerbread house kit to South Africa or will it get confiscated? It is shop bought and sealed

How long to keep kit? 
How long can I keep an unopened gingerbread house kit that when put together, it will not fall apart? We will not be eating it. We will be having a party …

Gingerbread House Columns/Turrets 
How would one go about making a cylinder for use as a column or turret?

Crumbly gingerbread 
How do I make my gingerbread stick together before cooking when it's too crumbly?

Cutting Gingerbread after it's hardened 
I have baked my gingerbread, and it's definitely sturdy, but now, my team I'm working with has decided to change the dimensions, and now I need to recut …

gingerbread towers 
How would i be able to make round gingerbread towers? Would I be able to drape the gingerbread around a rolling pin and bake that in the oven or would …

Gingerbread football field for Christmas 
I would like a simple way to make or buy a gingerbread cookie sheet so my grandson can make a gingerbread football field for Christmas

How to fix Gingerbread from scratch that came out crumbly ???? 
Made gingerbread recipe from scratch the dough is crumbly !!! How do I fix it so the gingerbread pieces don't come out with cracks ?????

Gingerbread gone wrong  
I baked my gingerbread but I used the wrong butter and they have come out toooooo soft! Is there any way to make the house piece hard so they can stand …

how to make shingles 
how do I create shingled wall on my gingerbread house?

how to cover a gingerbread house while working on it 
What can I use to cover a large gingerbread house 25 inches by 25, between sessions of working on it?

Can gingerbread be "attached" to plastic? 
I need to make a gingerbread house that will need to be transported to 3 different locations so it needs to be sturdy. It will not need to be eaten. I …

how do you make 3 dimensional people out of gingerbread dough? 
I want to make 3 dimensional people out of gingerbread dough, basically using gingerbread like play dough. Do you have any suggestions on temperature , …

No Bake Gingerbread house 
Do you have the directions for a no-bake gingerbread house that the base is made from small cereal boxes and a turrent is made from an oatmeal box? I …

Hello can you eat out of date ginger biscuits

gingerbread carousel 
How do I bake a sturdy round or square center support for a gingerbread carousel that will be 8" tall? I can't find a can that is tall enough to wrap the …

making gingerbread biscuits 
why biscuits go soft so soon after baking

Gum Paste Chocolate Mixture 
Can chocolate be mixed with gum paste to make it dry faster?

Lighted Gingerbread House 
Hello! my Name is Laura and I have a Lighted Gingerbread house the little box under the house it smelled like it was burning. my question is could …

does a store bought gingerbread house need to be in the fridge

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the dough isn't sticking together 
I prepared the dough but it's not sticking together like it should, what should I do? thank u

freezing gingerbread house part 
Can u freeze parts of a house and put together at a later time

broken pieces 
Any suggestions on repairing broken parts of a gingerbread house? I received a kit as a gift, and when I opened it, some of the pieces were broken.

Hard Gingerbread  
Why is my gingerbead cookie hard ?

Icing separating from gingerbread 
My pieces of gingerbread that are not supportive have been falling off my train, do you know why this wouyld happen? I used a gingerbread recipe with no …

how to keep from running together 
My first batch ran together. I left a little space between each....should I have had them touch in pan?

Help With Gingerbread Ornements 
How long does it take for gingerbread onrnements to completely harden

Curved Roof 
Hi, Im new to gingerbread house making. I LOVE the downward curved roof. Can you tell me how to achieve the shape? Do you recommend cutting your shapes …

what if ur allergic to ginger and ur class is making ginger bread men and ur getting a grade for it what do u do

Gingerbread men 
Gingerbread men were first baked in what country at which time?

If I make my dough one night will it be ok to use the next, we don't have time to make the house the same night we make the dough

my gingerbread mix is too sloppy 
Can I add more flour to get a dough I can roll out

Gingerbread house in fridge 
Can you keep a gingerbread house in the fridge

ginger bread castle  
what kind of pan do you need to make a gingerbread castle

Painting gelatin sheets? 
Can gelatin sheets be painted using food color markers?

Stale or Soft? 
Do ginger bread men go stale or soft?

uses and limitations of edible paste 
Basically i should like to know what are the uses and also the limitations of edible paste?

Soft vs Hard Gingerbread 
What is the difference between soft gingerbread and hard gingerbread?

Freezing gingerbread 
I have an extra gingerbread house kit that was not used at Christmas. Can it be frozen and used for next year? It has the walls, roof, icing and candy …

What happened!!!????? 
For the first time in all the years I've baked ginger bread, this time it turned out with hard little kernels throughout. They were in every chew. UGGH--awful!! …

Stay UP 
How come the gingerbread house won't stay up?

store bought gingerbread dough??? 
Can I use the store bought gingerbread dough to make a house???

Gingerbread house dough won't come together? 
My gingerbread house dough won't come together properly. When i roll it out, it breaks into pieces. Do i have to start again?

too hard to eat 
How can I make the ginger bread house soft enough to eat?

my ginger bread mix is hard and it crumbles 
what do I do when my ginger bread mix is hard and it crumbles

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Gingerbread House Windows 
How do you make your gingerbread windoes see through?

How do you stop your gingerbread from expanding?

Made a Ginger bread house out of Graham Crackers 
I made a gingerbread house using graham crackers and random pieces of candies. How do I make sure no ants get to them? is there a certain spray? or a type …

do you need eggs to make gingerbread

What sort of icing should i use to stick the pieces of gingerbread house together?

Cooling time?? 
how long should homemade gingerbread pannels cool before assembling them into a house???? Some recipes said a day, some said "until cool" but how long …

gingerbread cookies too moist after baking....worried about mold 
I made an enormous amount of gingerbread cookies the other night. after they baked and cooled they appear to be really moist. I'm afraid that they won't …

When should I make my gingerbread house? And after I make it where do I put it? How long would it be good for?

My Gingerbread is too soft 
My gingerbread pieces are too soft, can I recook them or should I start again

gingerbread too soft 
how can you make gingerbread that doesn't go soft within a day

gingerbread children books 
What is the tie between gingerbread houses and children's literature

why is dough hard? 
what do you add to make dough soft when it came out hard?

why do we make gingerbread in December

cardboard house 
We are cutting back on expenses this year. Has anyone successfully made "gingerbread" houses out of cardboard yet still decorated with all the candies, …

Can you decorate your gingerbread house walls before asembly? 
I am curious if it is a good idea or not to decorate the walls of the gingerbread house prior to assembly of the house.

how to keep house parts 
How do I keep the gingerbread house pieces from getting soft for putting together on another day?

storing gingerbread men 
How long can you store gingerbread men? And how to store them?

How much dough do I need? 
I'm not exactly sure as to how much dough I will be needing to make the gingerbread house I want to make this year. I made the template myself and the …

Where to buy a pre-made and decorated gingerbread house? 
Hello, We are a London based company and want to give a made and decorated gingerbread house as a gift to our customers (approx 10-too many to make ourselves!) …

Freezing house parts 
I am having a Gingerbread House Decorating Party, and I would like to start this week and freeze the flat parts. I am afraid to wait till the day before …

how far in advance can you bake gingerbread before using it 
We are having our homeschool christmas party and plan on all of the children making gingerbread houses. I will be baking all of the gingerbread pieces …

store Gingerbread cookies 
How long can I keep ginger bread cookies before the get stale? Which is better fridge or room temp? Thanks

the date published? 
when was this web page published?

baking gingerbread in October 
Why do my gingerbread pieces get soft when I bake them in October? Any I bake after Thanksgiving stay hard.

How to harden gingerbread when it becomes too soft? 
My gingerbread dough is too soft and i need to harden it so i can assemble it, any helpful hints? Thanks,

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The pre-packaged gingerbread kit i have does not have an expiration date... how long are these suppsed to last?

I really want to make a replica of my schools 1st building. Any ideas on how to make your own pattern?

help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
what country does the gingerbread house come from

oven tempurature 
what do i set the oven temp to to make indian gingerbread

Freezing gingerbread 
Can you freeze gingerbread cookie dough ?

Using sugar cookie dough instead of gingerbread dough 
I'm trying to figure out if I can make a house out of sugar cookie dough for an Easter house. I'm not sure if the sugar cookie dough would get as hard …

Expiration Date 
Hi, I was wondering how long a prepackaged unopened gingerbread house would last. There isn't an expiration date on the package that was bought in …

Gingerbread drop cookies? 
Is there such a thing as a gingerbread drop cookie? What is the difference in the dough? I want to make gingerbread cookies, but I don't want to take …

candy marshmallows cereal etc. 
I bought way to much candy etc. for decorating my g.b. house. How can I store the candy,etc. for next year?

Ideas for Fences 
Can anyone give me more ideas for fences? I've already used: pretzels, long candies, short candies.... I was thinking of some kind of farm yard type fence …

Gingerbread Dough  
I have gingerbread dough in my fridge and of course its hard how do i make it soft again after days in the fridge

Gingerbread Mix 
What do I do if my Gingerbread Mix is crumbling apart

Freezing baked gingerbread cookies 
How do I freeze gingerbread boys (baked from a mix) 1 week prior to decorating?

left out of the fridge 
Hi, I'm a student and I made gingerbread dough at school for cooking class but forgot it in my locker. I wont be returning to school for about 2 weeks. …

how long can you keep dough in the fridge?

How long does the dough have to be refrigerated 
How long does gingerbread dough have to be refrigerated?

help me 
how do you keep the roof up on the gingerbread house? we have uesd iceing but that does not work and we have tried tooth picks. do you know any way …

Gingerbread church going soft 
For the last tree years I've made a gingerbread church for the grand children. By the time I've put it together and decorated it, it's been out in the …

Gingerbread expiration date 
How long can a no-baked gingerbread house last for once decorated?

Covering a gingerbread house 
I just finished making my gingerbread house and it's one week from xmas. Do i need to cover it with something or it's it okay to sit out uncovered until …

Hard gingerbread 
I already baked my there a way to make the pieces hard and sturdy? They are still fairly soft. No one is going to eat it!

reusable forms 
hi. what a great resource! someone just told me they had dishwasher safe reusable forms for walls and roof that collapse/ they had purchased at a junioe …

how long does it last? 
After making a gingerbread house how long can we leave it for display?

gingerbread house kit 
when to start doing the gingerbread house

Baking Temperature 
what temperature do I set the oven on, to make gingerbread dry and hard?

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Storing Baked Gingerbread 
I made some gingerbread to send to my son in Alvin, Tx for Christmas. I baked it on Friday, 12-9-11. I can't send it until Monday or Tuesday, 12-13-11. …

where can i buy a gingerbread house

Mary Thomas 
Hi, This year I want to bake the large cookie pan gingerbread man. I usually do individual cookies but last year received the cake size pan and want …

using fondant for gingerbread men 
hi, can anyone tell me if i can use a thin layer of fondant to decorate gingerbread cut out shapes? thanks!

How does a gingerbread house stay up when it's done 
How does a gingerbread house stay up when it's done

how to harden gingerbread 
how do i harden gingerbread that i already baked?

getting gingerbread houses to stay together 
what do you use to keep the gingerbread houses together?

I already have a gingerbread house that was a gift. Is there any way that I can cut the windows safely to use lights or maybe melted candy? Or can I just …

dome tops 
how do you make a dome on top of your ginger bread house

I baked and put hard candy windows in my house that I've yet to assemble. It rained all day yesterday and today and the walls are softened and will probably …

What country in europe makes flat shaped gingerbread? 
What country in europe makes flat shaped gingerbread?

What is used to make siding for a house? 
What is typically used to make lapped siding on a victorian house. Pictures show long overlapping pieces of siding. I'd like to know what is used and …

How can I cover my house with fondant or modeling chocolate without melting the royal icing?  
I've designed an fun gingerbread house for a local charity event. It's a fairy house shaped like a stump with a roof and windows, etc, with fairies playing …

keeping gingerbread dough 
How long can you keep gingerbread dough in fridge for?

decorative trees 
hi, im just wondering what the trees are made from that are surrounding some of the house? and how to make them? thanks

tradition of eating gingerbread house 
when i was a child we would eat a piece of the gingerbread house everyday until christmas or new years is this not a tradition ?

Hi, I do a big gingerbread house contest every year in tampa with my family for the red cross. I have always loved firefighters and I was going to do …

Rolling fondant! 
Hi! Where can I buy a machine that rolls the fondant?

Melting windows 
I use crushed candy to make the windows on my gingerbread, but after a couple of days they tend to melt and finally the collapse totally. I used all kinds …

Eat or Keep 
I have always liked the nostalgic look of Gingerbread Houses and hope to finally make one for this Christmas. Do families usually eat the project over …

How many hours  
How many hours should I plan on setting aside to make a gingerbread house?

Origins of gingerbread 
When and where did Gingerbread originate from?

indian names of some ingredients 
1 karo syrup 2 marshmellow cream 3 vegetable shortening

Egg Substitute in Gingerbread? 
Substitute for eggs in gingerbread men????

Non-gingerbread Gingerbread House? 
We are thinking about doing a gingerbread house next Christmas, but no one really likes to eat gingerbread. In addition, construction may take a few weekends …

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gingerbread dough  
how to make dough stay together

Gingerbread Gift Etiquette 
I received a gingerbread house as a gift. Is it rude to eat it? It's so beautiful--the kids want to eat, and trust me, I do too, but I feel guilty after …

how do i make it stay up 
how do i make it stay up

soft gingerbread 
i baked my gingerbread dough last night and left it out over night to harden; but, it seems to have gotten softer than it was last night. What can i do …

ginger bread house 
I just bought a kit and want to know how far ahead of Christmas can I make it and have it last until Christmas

gingerbread house 
how long can a gingerbread house stay out before it gets stale?

Help! We live in the tropics! 
We live in Thailand, and the humidity is so high, the icing doesn't dry and the gingerbread becomes soft and gummy where ever the icing is applied. The …

Gingerbread house 
How far ahead can you bake, put together house pieces before actually decorating it?

What Country did Gingerbread come from? 
I am doing a reasearch paper on different foods. Did you happen to know where Ginger bread originally came from? If you do I would like to know.

Gingerbread Question 
How did gingerbread houses and men come about?

how to make a gingerbread craps table 
For a work thing, I'm attempting a miniature craps table (I'm a croupier). Any tips, advice? especially for the curved ends

fresh dough for sale? 
is there any place that sells fresh gingerbread dough? and not the frozen or pre frozen cans?

ginger bread has gone soft 
hi am making a ginger bread house but before i had chance to put it together they have gone soft is there any way i can make it hard again or do i have …

how long to cook gingerbread cake loaf 
How long should I cook gingerbread cake in loaf pans sized 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.5?

Freezing Gingerbread after baking molds 
I would like to bake the gingerbread in the molds and freeze to decorate with my grandchildren when they come for thanksgiving. Can I mix, bake in the …

Jordan's technique for gingerbread houses 
what is the country Jordan's technique or type for gingerbread houses?

suggestions for doing curves 
Please give input on doing curves.

Approximately how long will it take for 3 17 yr old Girl Scouts & 1 leader to build the castle?

how to make large body parts out of gingerbread(legs,arms,torso,etc.) 
making a foot and a half tall sculpture out of gingerbread,any suggests or ideas about how i might accomplish that..How would i make a bent leg or arm? …

does gingerbread attract ants ? 
does gingerbread attract ants ?

Gingerbread house ornaments 
We are looking to purchase 2500 gingerbread house ornaments from a company who can print our logo on them. We want to give them out as a gift with purchase. …

pisa of tower gingerbread house 
hi i am a teacher for two to three yr olds and in dec my school is putting on a festive thing and we each get a country and my co worker and i picked italy …

question about cookie cutter/molds 
I would like to make gingerbread boys/girls ornaments for my child's school but would like cookie cutters with details (eyes,mouth,etc) so that it would …

Gingerbread Men 
what is the point of decorating gingerbread men and why do they have 2 buttons on there shirt instead of 3.

no ginger 
what would u call a gingerbread house with no ginger?

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Where does gingerbread originate?

gingerbread cake 
how long should it cook

how do I reduce my photos to under 1000 mb

I am looking for someone to decorate a gingerbread house for me. The house is a wooden house that we are decorating for a show. The house can be decorated …

storing hard candy for next year 
Hi all, Does anybody know if and how to store hard candy for decorating gingerbread houses? I save it from one year to the next, adding to my supply every …

allergic reactions 
What allergic reactions are affiliated to gingerbread cookies?

How long does gingerbread dough last in the fridge


What's the point ? 
What's the point Of ginger bread Houses

preventing the pieces from breaking when you put them together  
how do you prevent the pieces of gingerbread from breaking when you go to put them together

Gingerbread House Christmas Tradition 
What is the reason gingerbread houses are decorated during Christmas? What started this tradition?

Making a tube? 
HI, Thinking about making a train, or maybe a barn with silo, but at any rate, wondering how to make a tube of gingerbread. I was thinking I could form …

how do i get it to stay up? 
I bought this mold for ginger bread house. It's so cute and I'm having a party for kids. It will be an activity for them but I can't find an easy way …


Gingerbread mountain 
how do you make a mountain out of gingerbread?

ginger bread houses 
where did they come from and why

where did gingerbread houses originate? 
What's the history of the gingerbread house?

What are the dimensions of the castle? Thanks Allen

Freezing gingerbread house 
Could you tell me if you can freeze a gingerbread house as I would like to make it now and freeze it. I would then assemble it and decorate it Christmas …

edible mountain 
I need to make an edible mountain with a cave opening and would like to get ideas for supporting the structure. I will be working with 4th graders so I …

Gingerbread house 
Hi, i want to make an elaborate gingerbread house for christmas, but i don't know when i should start or how long it will take, and i don't know how …

Non-edible gengerbread recipe 
I want to make a gingerbread cookie house from Wilton's gingerbread cookie pan. I plan on making these into ornaments and will decorate. I need to make …

where do they come from? 
where did the idea for Gingerbread Houses come from?

Table top Decorations 
Good Morning,I am looking for a real nice gingerbread tablecloth for my round table that I use for my gingerbread house and the train that goes with this. …

Where to buy gingerbread in bulk. 
HI, I am starting a gingerbread house business and need a place to purchase the baked pieces. Any ideas? Gale

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Edible Clays instead of Gingerbread Dough 
Is the "salt clay", often used by children, considered "legal" in Gingerbread contests that must be totally edible? My grandkids are entering the Grove …

How do I find out where all the gingerbread contests are in Florida? 
I will be unable to enter the Grove Park Inn Gingerbread contest this year and wondered if anyone knew if there are any in Florida?

Are you a gingerbread baker near St. Louis, MO? 
One of our site visitors has requested contacts near St. Louis who might be interested (and talented enough) to create a large gingerbread display in a …

Contest rules 
Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque Iowa is hosting its first Gingerbread Contest as part of our 26th annual Festival of Trees. Do you have a set of suggested …

Amusement Park Gingerbread House with ferris wheel 
My daughter and I have done gingerbread houses for years and this year as her final project she would like to complete a replica of our county fair, we …

do you have an info on gingerbread houses 
do you have any more info on gingerbread houses

how long 
how long do you need to keep the gingerbread dough before using it

Molded form 
Is it OK to spray the mold for gingerbread house walls and roof with cooking spray? How long should gingerbread bake? My recipe includes: whipping cream, …

Recipe for stamped gingerbread? 
I've heard, but have not found, a recipe for gingerbread that is composed in part of crumbled gingerbread and gum arabic with another unknown ingredient. …

Fresh Bread? 
How long dose gingerbread stay fresh?

storing/sending to school 
Hi, I just baked 60 gbm! What's the best way to store them and then to send them to school for a decorating party? Need to know quickly ! Many …

How long do you bake gingerbread men?

better/alternative "glue" for gingerbread house 
I find it difficult to build a sturdy gingerbread house using the royal icing (egg white+icing). Any suggestions/tips? What about melted chocolate?

how long 
how long can u keep a gingerbread house before it becomes spoiled

Gingerbread goes soft 
I am making gingerbread stars that stack on top of each other to form a tree. I then ice and add lollies. The recipe I used (not from your site) goes …

Gingerbread Dome 
How would one construct a dome shape on top of a flat gingerbread house? For example the dome on the U.S capitol.

What's the best "glue" to use for sticking small pieces together (ie. little gum paste eyes on little gum paste faces)? Royal icing is too thick and chunky …

Eating a Gingerbread House 
How long can you keep a gingerbread house before eating it?

I read an article in the paper about a contest in my area and was under the impression that the photos would be posted here but I can't seem to find them. …

houses falling apart 
What would cause the royal icing on gingerbread houses to not hold it together. We put together 20 houses and 3 days later they all started to fall apart. …

Subsitute Ingredients 
I was wondering what are the subsitute ingredients for: Confectioners' sugar and Tylose powder Newly married to someone from a different religion …

How do you keep your templates from sticking to the dough?

looking for ship and mountain pattern 
I am looking for pattern/template for a cruise ship and for a mountain. We would like to depict our trip to Alaska in gingerbread. We need a replica of …

stiff gingerbread pieces? 
I have decided to use a different dough recipe this year, that everyone claims is "the best". But, it is absorbing moisture and getting soft. What do …

Need Advice 4 Gingerbread House Library 
Hi: I am making a gingerbread house for our school. The house will have a library with library books (I hope!). We would like to make books and bookcases …

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Shipping to Canada 
Hello, I cannot quite find where you are located and am wondering if you ship to Canada. If so, how long would it take to arrive? Many thanks. B.Wright …

What's the best base? 
Does anyone have an opinion on the best material to make a gingerbread house base from? Is wood covered in foil best? Is there anything better that maybe …

gingerbread cave 
somewhere there are directions for making a dome shape with an oven-proof bowl...does anyone know where these directions might be?

At what point should the windows & door be cut out? before or after baking?

What is the reason behind making gingerbread houses?

Hi Guys, Just wondering how do you make the glass windows for the gingerbread houses?

Gingerbread house from recycle things 
Do you have an idea how to make a gingerbread house form recycle products? I'm thinking of the whole thing being recycled materials that end up just looking …

Egg Free Recipie? 
THANK YOU for your gluten free recipe, I will be trying that one out ASAP! ( I was just diagnosed a celiac) -- I have a friend who is allergic to eggs, …

How to get pieces to exact shapes 
I've always had a thing for building complex gingerbread houses, but a problem that has plagued me for years is getting the pieces to the right shape without …

what is the history of gingerbread houses?

Looking for a globe outline 
Hi, Here is a picture from the 2007 National Gingerbread House Festival. I am looking for the plastic piece that forms the outline for the snowglobe. …

I have never competed in a gingerbread competition before. How can I find out where they are going to be held and when ??

How to make gingerbread animals 
How do you make gingerbread animals?

Can you eat a gingerbread house? 
Can you eat a gingerbread house? How long can it sit out in the open? Or is it just considered a decoration after it is made?

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