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Do you have a question about decorating gingerbread houses? Ask here and let our community help! If you have a question related to...

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  • marzipan
  • chocolate
  • pastillage
  • royal icing (decorating with, not making)
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... then THIS is the place to ask it! If your question relates to the gingerbread recipe, baking, storing the house after it's built, or making the royal icing, please go back to our main Questions page to find the best place to ask your question.

But first, read through others people's gingerbread house decorating questions to see if your question has already been answered.

If you have experience with decorating gingerbread houses (or working with these decorating techniques on cakes or other medum, PLEASE help answer others' questions! Let's keep this a terrific, sharing community of gingerbread-lovers!

Have a Question about Decorating Gingerbread Houses?

Do you have a question about decorating techniques such as using fondant, gum paste, marzipan, melted chocolate, pastillage,... or just need ideas for decorating a gingerbread house? Ask it here!

Other Visitors' Questions (AND Answers!)

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Wafer/rice paper windows? 
Hello! Has anyone ever tried to make semi-opaque windows? I’m looking to make a halloween house and want to do “frosted” windows with shadow cutouts …

Edible awning 
What can we use to make must be edible and how do,we attach them over Windows?

Gingerbread on buttercream? 
One of our readers sent me this question but her Reply address bounced, so I'll put it out here for everyone and hope she sees it: I,will be make a …

How can I make my gingerbread house walls glossy? 
how can I make my gingerbread walls glossy?

How could I make curved awnings? 
I am trying to replicate some buildings in town and need to make curved window awnings. The will need to mount to a vertical wall not a sloped roof.

smoke for a gingerbread house? 
how do I make smoke for a gingerbread house? I was thinking about doing cotton candy but I do not have access to it. Any suggestions?

What do you use to make the base for the house white? 
I've seen a lot pictures on the website that show a white base beneath the house. Is it just aluminum foil covered in fondant or is it a cake board? They …

fondant characters 
I made fondant characters out of rice crispie treats and covered them with royal icing. Was that a mistake? Can I cover them with fondant? How long will …

cutting candy canes 
What is the easiest way to cut a candy cane so that the ends are smooth and even?

Assigned as team leader for gingerbread house contest at work - help? 
OK, so the boss at my new job approached me to see if I'd take on coordinating with staff to create a (hopefully) winning gingerbread house creation. I'm …

fixing wire to gum paste 
Hi. I have instructions to make a gumpaste swan which requires me to use gum glue to fix the feathers onto a wire. what is gum glue, do I really need …

Making candy windows that withstand lighting 
I would like to find a candy window recipe that can withstand the heat of a 2 watt night light bulb..Any suggestions? This year I reverted back to the …

what types of candy should i use?

eatable glitter 
Hi, I have read that there is a recipe for eatable glitter, Has anyone got the recipe ? Thanks

How do i make gingerbread trees to go with my victorian style gingerbread house?...and how to i make a bridge to go over my river? and how do i make the …

decorating the roof 
I was wondering what you think about decorating the roof before it is attached to the house. My idea is to ice the roof piece's then spread on tiny little …

Making a snow globe from hard candy 
Have any of you ever attempted to make a snow globe from the processed used to make hard candy windows? I have seen many hard candy molds online, but …

decorating sides first 
I'm about to make my first ginger bread house from a pre-baked kit. Can I decorate the sides first then stand them up. I think I would be a better decorator …

ski lodge 

Chimney smoke 
What can I use to make smoke coming out of my chimney?

How to pipe with Gingerbread Dough 
How do you pipe with gingerbread dough? Do you heat up the dough? Is there a special recipe for piping gingerbread? I want to add piping details to my …

Texturing the house 
Does anyone have ideas on how to texture the house. I just ordered some fondant texturing mats and thought to use them on dough. Will it retain texture …

Hungarian gingerbread 
How do you "paint" gingerbread with edible splashes of color? I bought some at a Hungarian souvenir stand that looked lovely and tasted delicious!

clay tools 
Can I use gum paste tools to cut out and form fondant flowers and such?

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Where to purchase "Tylo" glue for fondant 
On your site, you mention using "Tylo (CMC) glue" for assembling/attaching fondant. What is CMC, and where can I purchase this? I cannot find it anywhere …

Do you sell Tragacanth?

marshmallow cream 
is there a substitute for this?

Marshmallow fondant figures 
I like to make figures with marshmallow fondant, but they tend to bend, get flat. It's like you can't make them too big because the weight makes them …

How to make icing smooth? 
I've made quite a pile of gingerbread houses in the last few years, but a recurring problem is getting the icing as smooth as I could like it. I'm not …

Candy bleeding... 
Why does some of the candies color bleed into the icing on my gingerbread house?

Difference Between Fondant and Gum Paste? 
Please help what is the difference between fondant and gum paste? Is the flavor a big difference also?

Gingerbread House Snow 
How do you make good looking snow?

How do you make or where do you purchase furniture for the houses.

Cracked walls 
What can you use to stick cracked walls together

tile roof materials Not rated yet
What candy can I cut to make red barrel roof tiles seen on Spanish-style houses?

how to bake columns Not rated yet
How do you make a column out of gingerbread? When I place the dough on a round can it slips off.

Storing gingerbread iced with fondant? Not rated yet
Dilemma: must keep gingerbread airtight. Must let fondant icing harden in air. How do I ice the biscuits so they stay strong for construction but the icing …

marzipan Not rated yet
Hi! Please what else can i use in place of karo syrup, marshmallow cream & almond paste? Thanks.

Roof DECORATIONS  Not rated yet
I need ides for my gingerbread roof. Need to pickup supplies very soon, I want to make shingles but am not quite sure what to use, ANY IDEAS??

how do you colour your gingerbread  Not rated yet
Its the first time that I'm making a gingerbread house... I want to make the walls blue just like the gingerbread house on the internet, but can't find …

Modifying Premade Gingerbread House Kits Not rated yet
Is it possible to cut the panels of a kit to make a different shaped building? If so, what is a reliable technique to do so without breaking the pieces. …

Gray bricks? Bricks of a different color? Not rated yet
I have noticed on some really fancy (competition) houses that they have red bricks that are diffeerent shades of red. (Not just died and baked gingerbread.) …

Basic Fondant Recipe How long does it last???  Not rated yet
Someone is needing a cake for next Saturday September 3 I want to use the basic fondant recipe for making little details and was wanting to get them started …

Using pastillage Not rated yet
I've made several pastillage panels that I've painted city scapes on and I'm wondering if I can attach them to a whipped cream covered cake? It's a full …

furniture for a gingerbread house Not rated yet
I would like to make a gingerbread library and need construction ideas for shelves and books. Thanks!

Wooden like texture on the house Not rated yet
Does anyone have a good tip about how to colour the surface on a gingerbread house which I have the 'tree' surface already up? I mean, can I apply something …

ice Not rated yet
how do make the frozen ice at the edge of the roof top?

Does Basic Fondant Recipe on this website need to be refrigerated? Not rated yet
I made the basic fondant recipe listed on this website, which uses sweetened condensed milk, and it is delicious! I just need to know if it will keep well …

Is your Basic Fondant recipe good for 3d figures? Not rated yet
Hi. I love how your Basic Fondant recipe uses simple ingredients, and especially that it can be refrigerated (I think) after decorating. However, how …

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fondant Not rated yet
I am just curious as to know roughly how much surface area does the basic fondant icing recipe that you have cover. Thank you very much.

Question about Gum Paste Not rated yet
Once you've created your design out of gum paste, how long will it last before it spoils? Let's say I'm baking a cake for a friend, but I want to make …

Basic Fondant-how long does it last for? Not rated yet
I'm making your Basic fondant and have the following questions: when rolled to about an inch thick, it breaks or gets cracks.... although it is still …

missing ingredient in professional fondant recipe? Not rated yet
I just found it quite odd that there is no fat in the recipe for professional fondant- I am interested in making this recipe but just wanted to double …

window problems Not rated yet
We poured our sugar windows and for some reason they turned white. When we stood the walls up, the windows started leaking. What is the problem and can …

about fondant or sugar paste Not rated yet
can fondant or sugar paste set hard afterwards?

The Victorian House Roof Not rated yet
What kind of candy was used to make the victorian house roof? I really like how it looks so real. Thank you, Denise Rich

fondant recipes and ease of use Not rated yet
My son and I are very sensitive to refined sugars and have horrible allergic reactions to corn syrups. Are there any recipes for fondants that are smooth, …

pillars columns Not rated yet
Building a castle and can't make pillars from soft dough without it cracking? There must be a way. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks

Storing edible clay figures Not rated yet
How far ahead can I make the figures for the gingerbread house, and what is the best way to store? Probably using fondant or marzipan....

Haunted looking edible tree Not rated yet
How can I construct haunted tree's for my Halloween cake using fondant, gum paste or licorice. I need step by step instructions for a better looking tree. …

Fondant, on the Oregon Coast... Not rated yet
Is there a trick to making fondant when it is raining all the time?

Storing marzipan figures Not rated yet
Hi, Thank you for providing these great recipes. I'm very excited to use your marzipan recipe for carousel horses that will go on my daughters cake, and …

Liquid Gold Not rated yet
I am having trouble finding the beautiful, shiny edible gold that is used to paint fondant with. Petal dust, mixed with vodka is glittery, but not the …

painting on marzipan or fondant like a picture Not rated yet
How do I paint on marzipan or fondant like an artist so I can make a picture or come up with beautiful colors that are consistent? When poring melted …

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