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Gingerbread Windows 
What is the best way to make sure your gingerbread windows are perfect after you bake them? Last year I pre-cut mine and the dough grew together.

How to cut gingerbread dough 
I'm having a hard time keeping the shape of the piece when cutting it out. the corners drag out and it is hard to get everything back to correct shape. …

Why is it important to make sure the gingerbread is cooked long enough

substitute shortening for vegetable oil??? 
I'm making a ginger bread house and it calls for vegetable shortening. The problem is I don't have any. But I do have vegetable oil and lard. Can I substitute? …

soft gingerbread dough 
My gingerbread dough is too soft. I've added flour but it won't hold the shape of the cookie .

dough for house 
What do I add more of to make dough harder or stiffer

Domed gingerbread 
What would cause a dome/cone to form in gingerbread?

Too Much Oil 
I absent mindedly put double the oil in the dough for my house pieces. Can I add something to it? Thanks!

Can gingerbread be 'draped' 
Can gingerbread be made to be soft enough to roll out thinly and then drape over a form? I want to create a gingerbread mountain and thought of draping …

Walls are too soft. Better crocker ready made dough has lots of fat/oils.bake some more?

Refrigerate gingerbread dough 
Can I refrigerate gingerbread cookie dough overnigh

first try problems 
I am making my first attempt at this. My problems are this; some of my pieces shrunk while baking and also my sides didn't stay straight. thoughts?

Preventing Gingerbread Spread 
Is there a way to prevent the gingerbread from spreading while it's baking?

store bought gingerbread house kit 
Can I store an unopened gingerbread house kit for one year? Is a shelf okay or should I put in freezer?

why Gingerbread is too tough after baking?? 
after baking gingerbread it comes too tough and hard to eat , what should i do ?? or how many days should i let them to become soft??

Long term storage of Gingerbread men 
Can you store gingerbread men from year to year and use them as tree decorations? Do they need special preparation to do this? Thank you.

Leaving ginger bread dough out over night 
Can I leave my ginger bread DOUGH out over night wrapped up in cling film? Would it go all hard and crumbly?

ginger bread is soft 
I baked off all the pieces to my ginger bread homed they were hard as a rock which is exactly how I needed it. Then it rained and no they are soft. Can …

Curved gingerbread roof? 
I am wanting to make a gingerbread house with a curved roof and saw that you had some supplies that would simplify the procees. Do you have anything to …

Can you use a rolling machine 
Hi just wondering if it is possible to use a rolling machine or sheeter on gingerbread? If so what sort please

type of gingerbread 
I was reading a recipe, and it was to make "construction gingerbread." Is there a difference between that and regular gingerbread?

Gingerbread house not hard 
Hi I cooked the ginger bread dough for the gingerbread house for the said time plus an extra couple of minutes but it still flexible and I think it will …

Storing Gingerbread Men in the fridge after baking.  
Can you could store gingerbread men in the fridge after baking? Or would it harden and turn out inedible?

How do I bake a T-pee shaped house? 
How do I bake a T-pee shaped gingerhouse?

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Crumbly Dough 
I refrigerated my gingerbread dough overnight and it's still crumbly. Can I soften it up to still use it?

Gingerbread dough cracking when rolled? 
I've left my gingerbread dough overnight wrapped tight in clingfilm to allow it to soften, but when I try and roll it out, it keeps cracking and splitting. …

Cutting the already baked side of a gingerbread house 
Help! I goofed and have managed to bake the 6 sides of our gingerbread houses without the triangles on the top of the two sides. I was hurting through …

gingerbread walls and roof only 
I've been researching for awhile now with no luck. I want to have a gingerbread house party for about 60 kids. I've done the milk carton thing and was …

how do you make gingerbread hard rather than soft 
i see recipes for gingerbread men and houses that include egg in the dough recipe and others that don't. i am wondering if this affects the hardness of …

Can you substitute Olive Oil for Butter? 
Can you substitute Olive Oil for Butter? I am making a Gingerbread Cake for a vegetarian guest, so I need to know if there is some type of butter substitute …

can you buy gingerbread dough? 
can you buy gingerbread dough?

What do I add to gingerbread that has dried out? 
I made gingerbread twice, both times I divided the bread in half and by the time I finished rolling out and cutting out the 1st half, the second half is …

problems with dough 
I want a sturdy gingerbread house recipe; does not need to be tasty but should be edible. My dough is sticky and flimsy and difficult (impossible) to …

Non-Ginger Gingerbread House 
Is it possible to make a gingerbread house without using ginger?

bake before or after you decorate the men? 
Does anyone know what works best? To make the gingerbread before or after you decorate. Many icing recipes call for egg white but I don't feel great about …

have a lot to bake 
i have to bake 15 gingerbread houses does anyone know if i would have to bake them all in one day or would i be able to bake a few a day for a week.

Freezing gingerbread dough before cooking. 
In the recipe I'm using it says to freeze the dough for 15 minutes and then cook it for 15 minutes. I did it and everything worked great. But I'm just …

what temperature do you cook gingerbread dough?

Is there anything I can put into my gingerbread to keep it hard? Anything some sort of preservative? I live in a humid climate and they tend to collapse …

soft gingerbread??? 
I have been having trouble with my Gingerbread, I keep it in a room with no heat after i bake it, My last batch of gingerbread has been getting soft. I …

Dough for making a non-edible gingerbread house 
Can I use a basic salt dough recipe and dye it brown to make my gingerbread house? Will the royal icing stick to it? The kids are not eating the dough …

i never used a silcone mat for the cookie dough. does it really work that well?

molasses substitute? 
Hi! I'm babysitting my sister and she's got her heart set on making a ginger bread house. I've got everything we need except for molasses. I was wondering …

Would like alternate recipe without molasses 
Has anyone used a recipe successfully to build a house or barn without using traditional gingerbread? Thanks.

problem with shrinking gingerbread house dough 
I wonder if anyone could possibly help me with a problem I have had when making a ginger bread house. This is something I have done every year since …

Can shortening be a substitute for butter 
Is it possible to attain the same results using crisco rather than butter in your gingerbread recipe for building houses? I don't plan to eat this house …

Ginger Clay? Does anyone have a recipe? 
One of our readers has asked how to make "Ginger Clay" and I don't know, so we've been trying to figure it out. Here's what we know: They discussed …

what do you do if your gingerbread doug is to hard from fridge?  
i have made my dough and put it in the fridge to set but when i have taken it out it is to hard and wont roll and some bits are breaking of how do i safe …

can you substitute shortening with butter Not rated yet
Can you substitute organic salted butter for shortening in a gingerbread recipe?

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Underdone  Not rated yet
I used a mold and it came out too soft. How can I re-bake This without the dough spreading and losing the detail.

Magarine vs Butter Not rated yet
A couple recipes I have seen for gingerbread uses margarune instead of butter. Is margarine more suited for gingerbread because of the lack of dairy and …

Can I use Crisco instead of butter when making gingerbread houses? Not rated yet
Can I use Crisco instead of butter when making gingerbread houses? If so, how much crisco do i use?

refrigerator  Not rated yet
how long do does it take for the gingerbread to harden?

bubbles Not rated yet
why does the dough bubble up in the oven

Wrinkled cookies  Not rated yet
I’ve been making soft gingerbread cookies for years but this year I’ve encountered a problem. They puff up nicely in the oven but as they cool they become …

How long does it take for gingerbread to cool Not rated yet
I want to know by tonight how long it will take for gingerbread to cool were spost to make so but we dont know how long it has to cool so we can make ginger …

Baking gingerbread men in advance Not rated yet
Hello, I am a member of a Lions Club in Spain, and we have a carol service every year. We offer shortbread, mince pies and gingerbread men. Last year I …

Storage Not rated yet
How should a gingerbread house be stored after baking? and why should it be stored this way? Thanks!!

Resting dough at room temp vs the fridge Not rated yet
I have a recipe that calls for the gingerbread dough to rest at room temperature for 2-8 hours before rolling out. This seems strange to me as most recipes …

Hardening Not rated yet
How long does it take gingerbread to harden?

cutting baked gingerbread Not rated yet
We have a competition coming up and we are only given baked gingerbread---tips on cutting pre baked sheets?

Can microwave cook gingerbread pieces? Not rated yet
Can a microwave cook gingerbread pieces if regular oven is not available?

storing gingerbread house in hot and humid conditions Not rated yet
storing gingerbread house in hot and humid conditions

Margarine instead of butter? Not rated yet
Can I use margarine in my dough recipe instead of butter and corn syrup instead of molasses?

Dough sticks to mold  Not rated yet
I have made three batches now - using slightly different recipes and cook times and yet each time the cooked bread sticks in the mold and comes out in …

dough is too soft Not rated yet
I've chilled my gingerbread but it is too soft. I've used this recipe for years but suddenly (happened last year too) it doesn't work

Shrinking Dough Not rated yet
I tried a new gingerbread recipe and the dough feels quite "gluey". I think this is because of the hot water I put in it. When I roll it out, it shrinks …

time for gingerbread to soften Not rated yet
My gingerbread is really hard immediately after baking. Perfect for assembling the house but will it soften so my nephew can enjoy eating it afterwards? …

Cutting baked gingerbread Not rated yet
I'm entering a gingerbread house contest and they've given us pre-cut pieces. So I was wondering if there was a safe way to cut gingerbread that is already …

recipe with honey and cardamon in it Not rated yet
I need the recipe that was in the Womans Day magazine many years ago which was for a variety of shapes that you could make with the basic dough. the recipe …

Molasses or not? Not rated yet
If i want to make hard gingerbread should I add molasses to it?

house dough, oil instead of margarine? Not rated yet
I am wondering if I could use vegetable oil instead of butter or shortening in a non-edible gingerbread house recipe?

Teacher Janice - Gingerbread House annually with Grandchildren Not rated yet
My question is - I used the Pampered Chef Gingerbread House recipe to make 2 batches of dough for baking the house pieces in the mold. I used the recipe …

Freezing gingerbread house pieces Not rated yet
Can I freeze the baked gingerbread pieces?

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Gingerbread that's too soft Not rated yet
I've used this particular recipe several times, but I cut it in half this time, so I don't know if that's part of the problem. I have pieces that …

How long can dough freeze? Not rated yet
I made a gingerbread house but the recipe made way too much dough. I put the rest in the freezer instead of baking it, but for how long does it stay good …

Ginger bread  Not rated yet
I have been told its good to make the dough and put in the fridge over night is this true? Should you do this ?

what do you do when dough keeps breaking Not rated yet
what do you do when dough keeps breaking? thanks

Freezing before cooking Not rated yet
do you need to freeze gingerbread before you cook it? Why?

refridgerate icing before using? Not rated yet
When icing a gingerbread house with vanilla whipped icing do I put the icing in the fridge before using it?

cutting after baking Not rated yet
Can you cut gingerbread cookies after baking

hard dough Not rated yet
I pulled my dough out of the fridge after chilling and the dough is too hard to roll out.

cutting gingerbread Not rated yet
can i cut shapes eg a door or windows out of already baked gingerbread. I completely forgot to do this before baking it! Is it at all possible????

oil instead of butter Not rated yet
can i substitute oil for butter?

Gingerbread cooking Not rated yet
Is it necessary to cool the gingerbread dough before cooking it? Thanks!

Do I have to dry the baked gingerbread to use it to make a house? Not rated yet
I don't wanna really wait because I need it done asap, and i was wondering if its ok to harden it in the fridge and then use it after a few hours?

Soft vs Hard Gingerbread Men Not rated yet
What is the difference in the dough of a soft gingerbread man and a hard gingerbread man? Looking to replicate the gingerbread mickeys had a couple of …

Gingerbread dough Not rated yet
How long do you bake gingerbread dough?

Substitute question? Not rated yet
Since I am not going to eat my gingerbread house, what can I substitute for butter in the recipe? Can I use oil or corn syrup instead?

Freezing Gingerbread Not rated yet
can gingerbread be frozen?

bubbles in baking Not rated yet
Why does my gingerbread house pieces bubble during baking? I have used the same recipe for the last 30 years but lately it has bubbled.

dough bubbles up after cooking in mold Not rated yet
I am using a pampered chef mold. I spray with pam the press the dough in the pans then smooth out with a knife. After it bakes and I take it out of the …

No-Bake Not rated yet
Where can I find a recipe for no-bake houses that my kids can still mix?

GINGER BREAD Not rated yet
can you bake and eat expired ginger bread mix or will you get sick

my gingerbread house walls are too soft.  Not rated yet
Do I bake it longer~~add more flour to the batter~~or zap it in the microwave? Thanks

how long can gingerbread dough be refrigerated? Not rated yet
How long can gingerbread dough be refrigerated?

leaving gingerbread dough out... Not rated yet
how long can you leave gingerbread dough out? for example; can i make the dough tonight and cook it in the morning?

refrigerating Not rated yet
Can you keep gingerbread out of the fridge after its been baked?u

Cracked gingerbread  Not rated yet
How to prevent cracked gingerbread man?

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too much butter, can it be fixed Not rated yet
i have put too much butter in my gingerbread mix , can i add more flour?

how to cut moist gingerbread baked in 9x13 pan so it looks presentable Not rated yet
I bake gingerbread in a 9x13 pan and it's so moist when I cut it to put on a plate to give to someone it falls apart and does not look very presentable …

Soft Gingerbread-- Help! Not rated yet
I am making a gingerbread house, and I have already baked all the gingerbread pieces, but a few of the larger ones seem to be a bit soft. I have made houses …


Eggs Not rated yet
Can you use Egg replacers/substitute in gingerbread cookies???

gingerbread recipe for non-edible, hardening Not rated yet
I have made a gingerbread carousel and use for several years, but the horses fall apart. I looked at it and all the horses are broken. Is there a recipe …

Gingerbread to withstand humidity Not rated yet
Do you have e gingerbread recipe that will hold up in warm, humid climates?

cooked gingerbread Not rated yet
how pliable is gingerbread straight out of the oven?

ginger bread in microwave Not rated yet
Can you make ginger bread in the microwave?

gingerbread dough Not rated yet
How long does gingerbread dough last in the fridge before you can't use it anymore? Also if it forms a water kind of base on the dough what does this …

Shrunken Gingerbread Not rated yet
I am using a recipe from a book that uses all vegetable shorting in the recipe. It seemed very soft to me, so I added more flour. After rolling out and …

How do you cook gingerbread for a long time? Not rated yet
I was watching a food network challenge and a competitor and judge both remarked that gingerbread cooked a long time (days, they said) is harder, drier, …

making the gingerbread ahead of time Not rated yet
Is there any way I can bake gingerbread by the pan full and have the kids cut them out afterwards once it's baked? I have a class coming up for engineering …

freezing dough Not rated yet
Has anyone frozen Pampered Chef's Gingerbread House Mold Dough?

hard gingerbread Not rated yet
How do you make the kind of gingerbread that goes hard and can be used for tree decorations.

ginger bread goof Not rated yet
My recipe didn't have enough ginger. Now that it's baked, could I cut and sprinkle more between layers and maybe spread butter over to try to savage it? …

Does gingerbread absolutely have to sit before using? Not rated yet
Me and my friend were making a gingerbread house... We need to make it right away... Does it have to sit before we roll it out and bake it? Please …

Baking gingerbread in microwave Not rated yet
Can you cook gingerbread in a microwave?

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