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Royal Icing disaster! 
I made two different recipes for royal icing and had the same problem!! My icing didn’t get hard enough quick enough and it sagged...I was across the …

Can you use store bought icing to use on a gingerbread house 
Can you use store bought icing to repair a gingerbread house

Sturdiness during construction 
I have a group of girls coming over to my house to make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Is there some way of helping the walls stay upright …

Royal Icing with no Egg 
I would love to make a gingerbread house this year but my son is allergic to egg. Is there some other alternative to eggs for the royal icing?

Melting issues? 
I need to design a gingerbread village for a professional photo shoot which will be seen by millions. I was planning on using regular royal and possibly …

Does it need to be royal icing? 
I'm planning an event for children and we are going to decorate pre made ginger bread houses. The house will already be put together and we just need icing …

Can you use normal icing sugar instead of "Confectioners sugar"?

The icing is hard in my GB house kit, how do i soften it? 
I have a GB house kit and its a little over a year old. :O but how can i soften the icing when its already hard? (its only in the corners where it is hard, …

Can you use Icing instead of gum paste to stick the walls together and to stick lollies on?

The icing 
Is there an easy way to make icing

Storage of icing 
I'd like to assemble our gingerbread house in the evening, to allow the structure to harden before my kids decorate it. Will the royal icing (2 egg whites/5 …

HELP! My icing stinks! 
We are making gb houses at work & have made our own icing....with shortening & powdered sugar. It looks & tastes great...but is not getting hard. What …

egg and dairy free icing recipe for gingerbread house 
Do you have an egg and dairy free icing recipe for the glue of gingerbread house as my son is allergic to these?

Icing without egg 
I have a child who is highly allergic to eggs(although can have it baked if at high enough temperature) and need a icing recipe without egg or powdered …

How long will store bought icing be safe to eat? Not rated yet
How long will will store bought icing (Target Favourite Day) stay fresh to eat on a gingerbread house? Ingredients: Sugar, Shortening (Palm Oil, Canola …

Mortar options WITHOUT sugar Not rated yet
Are there any “gluing” options that don’t call for sugar? Chocolate may work, but it has the potential to melt in the summer heat.

Royal Icing Mistakes Not rated yet
Is there a way, once pieces have been glued together with royal icing, to take them apart without detroying the gingerbread. We assembled all our parts, …

icing Not rated yet
How can I fix the icing if it hardens?

the recipe for royal icing  Not rated yet
the royal icing recipe 2 egg whites and 5 cups of confectioner sugar gets way to thick what WENT WRONG?

looking for a cheaper way to make non edible royal icing Not rated yet
Since we wont be eating the house I am wondering what would work as well as royal icing does with out wasting the sugar, as it's getting expensive. I am …

Decorator  Not rated yet
I use food coloring in my royal icing, but I see discoloration after it drys?

Icing without egg or merengue powder Not rated yet
Is there a. Recipe for gingerbread house glue without egg or merengue powder?

Prepackaged icing for gingerbread Not rated yet
I still have unopened icing from my prepackaged gingerbread house kit. Can I use it next Christmas

Help ASAP Not rated yet
I have the powder that comes with a gingerbread house kit but lost the directions. how do I make the icing from the powder?

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How much icing? Not rated yet
how much icing do i need for 20 gingerbread houses?

How long does it take for gingerbread men decorated with royal icing to dry?  Not rated yet
I've read that you should leave the cookies out for 8-12 hours but won't they go stale?

icing decorations are falling off in pieces? Not rated yet
Some of the ribbons that I made with royal icing are falling off in pieces off of my house. What can be added to royal icing to keep it from drying out??? …

adding color to icing Not rated yet
How do I add color to royal icing and make it "paintable" for color on my house?

royal icing without eggs Not rated yet
I work in a preschool with a student with a severe egg and nut allergy. We need to make a royal icing to put together gingerbread houses made with graham …

gingerbread house icing Not rated yet
Is it safe to eat the icing that comes with the gingerbread house kits?

Is there a clear royal icing i can use for gingerbread houses? Not rated yet
I need to glue candies to my piece and do not want to have any icing showing the candies stand between two pieces of gingerbread is there anything i can …

royal icing  Not rated yet
I'm royal icing an left it in the fridge overnight. I actually thought it would end up hard but instead it is to runny and runs Quickly runs down how can …

powdered sugar alternatives Not rated yet
What can you use for cookies instead of powdered sugar?

icing Not rated yet
what is the recipe for making the icing, for ginger bred cookies?

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