Gingerbread gone wrong

by Tianna senti
(Murwillumbah nsw Australia )

I baked my gingerbread but I used the wrong butter and they have come out toooooo soft! Is there any way to make the house piece hard so they can stand up to make the house?

Please help! This has never happened before!

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Sep 02, 2015
Re-baking cookies
by: Anonymous

I have re-baked cookies before, ginger snaps most recently. Not really re-baking though, it's more a de-hydrating. I placed the cookies back in the oven @ 250 for about 5 min and they hardened up, once they came out and cooled.

I just moved to humid Indiana after leaving lovely Colorado, where I had no problems with softening. I'm going to attempt a large house this year, and also a bit wary of the humidty factor.

Dec 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I live in a humid are and accidentally leaving my undecorated gingerbread out was a huge mistake and it is now very soft. When I have iced cookies in the past i put them in the oven at about 100'C for half an hour and they come out incredibly hard to hopefully rebaking mine now for less time because there is no icing may work. I will keep you posted.

Nov 14, 2014
hardening gingerbread pieces
by: Cathy

Yes. Bake the pieces watching out that they don't burn. Then let them sit for a day or 2 turning them over so both sides get the air. Humidity is no good for gingerbread.

Nov 14, 2014
by: Kelly

I've never tried this myself but I've heard of people baking the cookies again (low heat so they don't burn). That just might take out the excess moisture. Let us know what you end up doing please and how it turned out.

Anyone else have ideas for hardening soft gingerbread cookies?

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