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Any advice on how to keep ants away from a decorated house? In Alabama, and the ants have been getting in my house lately… I really want to build a house …

Ginger bread kits for 2019 
Can I buy 5 kits now and save them for 12 minths?

gingerbread house 
do I have to put the ginger bread house in the fridge the night I made it or can it stay out all night?

Gingerbread unopened kit: can it be stored in refrigerator for next year 
Can I store an unopened gingerbread kit in refrigerator or freezer for next year ?

After the holidays.... 
Can I put the house outside for birds or is that bad for them? Remove candies?


This is my first time making a house and I sooo wish I found your website sooner...awesome tips! Well, I baked all of my panels and didn't cut out for …

how long 
how long dose a gingerbread house last

Last/ Ants 
Hi, I am wondering how long the pre-made gingerbread house that you buy in the store will last once built? Also, what is a good way to keep ants away from …

Mini gift houses? 
Hi, I want to make mini gingerbread houses that perch on the side of a mug to give as Christmas gifts. How early can i make these and should i freeze before …

Icing falls off gingergread 
Each year I decorate gingerbread cookies with royal icing for my tree. After a week or so the icing will fall off. How can I prevent this? Thank you …

How long does an Unopened gingerbread house kit last? 
I bought a gingerbread house kit by Wilson at Christmas and didn't get to do it. Never opened. Can we still use it

I cut what I thought was plenty big windows, but the ended up looking like a belly button. Also, my doors curved inward at the middle. Help!

Are you supposed to store a gingerbread house kit (not opened) in the fridge or in the cupboards?

Gingerbread house storing  
How long will a gingerbread house last for if it has eggs in it. And if I make it today 15/12/15 will it be edible at Christmas?

Gingerbread was firm but 12 hours later all soft 
I am hoping to find some advice. I have made the parts of the gingerbread house and whilst it was nice and firm over about 12 hours it has now gone all …

Hard gingerbread men 
How can I make gingerbread man cookies hard so that I can put them on my tree?

Preservation of Gingerbread House 
Hello. My question is, how long will a gingerbread house last, in a pantry. I'm making one in the middle of October, and I won't need it until the middle …

crushed sweet windows seeping and then disappearing 
Hi, My daughter made a wonderful gingerbread house this year. She used crushed boiled sweets for the windows, but after about 2 days they had started …

How long to keep one 
How long can I keep a gingerbread house?

Gingerbread question  
Do you have to put your gingerbread house in the fridge

How to store gingerbread parts before assembling 
How do you store gingerbread parts before you assemble?

ginger bread house  
could you please tell how long a ginger bread house would last for

How do you protect your gingerbread house from invading ants? 
Every year ants come to invade our house and "attack" our candy covered houses. How can we precent this, and save our houses.

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How long can you keep an assembled gingerbread house 
How long can you keep an assembled gingerbread house

how long does a ginger bread kit last if its not opened  
how long can you keep ginger bread houses kits that have not been opened this year 2013

Where and how to store gingerbread house 
Hi I bought a "do it yourself"gingerbread house that has all the cookies and just needs to be build with icing sugar....can I make it the day before and …

traveling with gingerbread house 
Do you have any great ideas on how to take a road trip with your gingerbread house so it doesn't fall apart?

keep it edible 
If i make a gingerbread house how long can i keep it still edible

How long it stays fresh for 
Hi, This year we are making a gingerbread house for christmas. I wanted to know how long the gingerbread stayed fresh for.

how long does gingerbread last for? 
How long do baked gingerbread cookies last for?

baked ginger bread pieces are soft 
I am trying to assemble my ginger bread house and the pieces are extremely soft and how do I get them firm again...and how do I store this so I can assemble …

can u freeze gingerbread  
hi i have a traditional gingerbread recipe just wondering if wrap up so air cant get at it all pretty with cellophane how long should it last for? And …


Time Period of Gingerbread House (before you can eat it) 
How long can you leave a gingerbread house out in the open (kitchen table but plastic sealed or covered) before eating it? I am hoping to leave my …

baked gingerbread 
What is the best way to store baked gingerbread house pieces before the house is put together?

how to keep a gingerbread house 
how can we keep our houses for next year?/

How long can I store gingerbread ? 
Hello, How long can I store gingerbread(after baking) before I actually put the house together? Thanks Christine

How long does gingerbread keep.  
I want to make some gingerbread men for my sons birthday party a few days before the party, just wanted to know how long they keep for if kept in the pantry. …

What's the best way to Preserve a Gingerbread House? 
I have photos up on this blog (Harriman House) and I am at the point to try and preserve it for next year. What initial ideas are best? Best products …

how to store the ginger bread house 
how do you store your ginger bread house

Storing cooked house pieces Not rated yet
How do I store gingerbread house pieces I bake in August? I plan to actually build the houses in November. Is that doable?

Storage of gingerbread houses pieces 6 weeks ahead? Not rated yet
Can I store, wrapped or unwrapped, baked pieces of gingerbread house? For how long? Don’t have much freezer space. Tnx. Sue

How long can I bake and freeze ginger bread Not rated yet
Meant to pre bake my gingerbread for my house how long will it last?

Dusty 6 month Old Gingerbread House Salvageable? Not rated yet
Hi, I have a 6 month old Gingerbread house, made from a kit, that has been sitting on my counter collecting dust. Just wondering if I can still salvage …

storing as a gift Not rated yet
what sorta box, or how should i keep it steady in a box, when giving it to someone as a gift.

airtight  Not rated yet
How do you make gingerbread house airtight in the freezer? Box it's in is 9 x 8 x 7.5

preserve a decorated gingerbread house Not rated yet
What are the steps I should take to preserve my granddaughters decorated Gingerbread House she made this 2017 Christmas?

how can i store a gingerbread house for next year? Not rated yet
How can I store my gingerbread house for next year?

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What date should I make my gingerbread house? Not rated yet
As for it not to be stale on Christmas day.

Dry gingerbread  Not rated yet
Why has my gingerbread gone dry? I bake it a few weeks ago and covered in cling wrap and now it's so dry you can't eat it

Unassembled gingerbread house Not rated yet
How long does a Unassembled gingerbread house last for

How long do gingerbread houses stay fresh Not rated yet
I have just bought a gingerbread house kit which has a best before date of March 2018. I would like it to be at its best for Christmas and would like …

How long does the icing on the gingerbread house last  Not rated yet
How long does the icing on the gingerbread house last

Can I Pipe detail royal icing before assemble? Not rated yet
Can I do the royal icing decoration first and assemble after it dried? I have found that hard to pipe royal icing details on after the house has assemble. …

freeze unopened gingerbread kit Not rated yet
can you freeze unopened gingerbread kits

storage of gingerbread house Not rated yet
I live in California where the weather can be really hot at times, is it alright to store the house in the refrig after it has been lacquered and in a …

how long does gingerbread last Not rated yet
How long dies ginger bread last

Preserving Gingerbread House How? Not rated yet
I have a miniature Gingerbread House and would like to keep it in perpetuity to display in my Dollhouse annually. How do I preserve it ? Thank you, AMM …

Gingerbread houses caving in due to weather  Not rated yet
How can I explain if December is unusually high temperatures this year why someone's gingerbread house might crumble or cave in to a customer? My family …

Cracked Royal Icing?  Not rated yet
I make a gingerbread house every year that sits for the entire month of December in the lobby of my moms retirement home. I have a problem with Royal …

Gingerbread house from going soft Not rated yet
How to stop Gingerbread house from going soft?

Can I freeze my homemade gingerbread house?  Not rated yet
Can I freeze my homemade ginger bread house that is fully decorated and with buttercream frosting on? If so, how long will it last?

gingerbread tree kit prebaked Not rated yet
My daughter bought this Wilton Gingerbread Tree Kit which is prebaked, after Christmas,last year. I just finished decorating it. it still good …

How do I make gingerbread harder after storage Not rated yet
How do I make my gingerbread harder? -After keeping it on the shelf it's gor floppy and bendy how do I fix this?

Unopened kit Not rated yet
i bought a kit last year and never opened it. Is it safe to put together and eat this year?

store gingerbread ornament  Not rated yet
How long can you keep a gingerbread ornament

How long can a ginger bread house sit out Not rated yet
How long can a ginger bread house sit out?

Christmas gingerbread Houses Not rated yet
Can you freeze parts or sections of ginger bread houses in a freezer? How long can the pieces be frozen and can the sections be built into a house after …

Keeping Gingerbread houses from falling apart Not rated yet
We have a 3400 square foot room with about 190 creations. Over the years we have ran humidifiers to keep them from falling apart. Is that the right way …

Saving gingerbread house till next year Not rated yet
Will it keep till next year

Ginger Not rated yet
How do you keep your gingerbread house fresh

How to preserve long term gingerbread house Not rated yet
Is there a spray or lacquer that can be used to preserve a freshly made from scratch gingerbread house for an extended period of time....thank you

keeping gingerbread houses Not rated yet
how long can I keep a box bought ginger bread house one I have already made it?

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Gingerbread House Not rated yet
How long does a gingerbread house last after you make it?

Storing a homemade gingerbread house Not rated yet
I have made a gingerbread house from scratch, I have decorated it and it is finished. The plan was just to share and eat it, however it is pretty good …

How long can you keep a made gingerbread house? Not rated yet
Let's say I made my gingerbread house and decorated it a day before I needed it. Can I keep it overnight? If so, do I need to put it somewhere?

can you freeze it once you've made it Not rated yet
can you freeze a gingerbread house once you've made it

Saving for 6 month  Not rated yet
How can I store gingerbread to create a huge display, which will take about 6 month to do. Then be able to bring all pieces together once all pieces are …

how do I keep my gingerbread house all year long Not rated yet
how do I keep my ginger bread house all year long

stale Not rated yet
how long will gingerbread men last until they go stale?

mold on a gingerbread house Not rated yet
The gingerbread house I made last year, kept over and took out again recently seems to be growing a little white mold. Is this dangerous to keep out? …

Gingerbread house placed in the sun for display Not rated yet
They tell me the local contest will make us place our entries into local shop windows which will be in the sunshine. They recommend not using chocolate …

Making gingerbread house Not rated yet
How soon I can make my gingerbread house?

soft or hard gingerbread Not rated yet
Please could you tell me when I make a gingerbread house should the actual gingerbread be hard and crunchy or soft ??? Also how long is it edible for …

Does a gingerbread house stay edible after traveling with sealed box Not rated yet
I got a gift from my friends who had been travelling and came to Dubai .it was a gingerbread house but my friends mother she recommends not to eat it because …

dough cracking breaking up Not rated yet
dough cracking breaking up when rolling

Soft house Not rated yet
My houses keep collapsing my walls are too soft

How long can you keep a gingerbread house Not rated yet
How long can you keep a gingerbread house?

How long can a gingerbread house keep? Not rated yet
how long can u keep a gingerbread house for

what to put in  Not rated yet
what to put in the mixture to stop my gingerbread house going soft

Using my gingerbread house for a display Not rated yet
Is there anything i could do to stop it from going soft and sagging. it needs to be on display for around 2 months.

expiration date  Not rated yet
how do you find the expiration date on a Gingerbread House Kit? ( Michaels' exclusive)

how soon will it attract bugs? Not rated yet
Just made a gingerbread house with my son for the first time. I put it on a high counter. Christmas is a week and a half away. Is this going to attract …

keeping my ginger bread house Not rated yet
how long can i keep my ginger bread house?

how long before icing cracks Not rated yet
i'm building a log cabin out of pretzel sticks...will icing crack after awhile?

Gift presentation Not rated yet
Hi, making gingerbread houses as gifts and not sure how to present/wrap them. Are there clear boxes available??

how long can i keep an edible gingerbread house edible Not rated yet
i am only interested in making an edible gingerbread house and would like to know how far ahead of time i can make it before it is to be eaten. thankyou …

storage of gingerbread house with icing Not rated yet
how long can you keep an iced gingerbread house

store bougt kits length of keeping Not rated yet
If I buy a ready made but undecorated gingerbread house from a store how long will it keep?

Ginger bread House Not rated yet
can you put a gingerbread house in the fridge?

Baking ahead of time Not rated yet
How long in advance can you bake the gingerbread house before putting it together and then eating?

Gift wrapping gingerbread Not rated yet
How do you gift wrap a gingerbread house to keep it fresh?

how long Not rated yet
how long does gingerbread last after it is cooked

gingerbread house Not rated yet
how do i freeze

i want to freeze ginger bread house how Not rated yet
how do i do it

ginger bread? Not rated yet
What do you do with a gingerbread house once i is already made and you dont want to eat it?

Life long Ginger bread house Not rated yet
I would like to petrify my ginger bread house so that I can use it each year. What process must I follow in order to cherish it so that I can pass it …

How long are they safely edible? Not rated yet
My cousins and I made a gingerbread house a little after thanksgiving. I want to bring it to them for christmas. It is still safe to eat? If so, would …

how to keep a gingerbread house how can we keep our houses for next year?/ ... Not rated yet
how to keep a gingerbread house how can we keep our houses for next year?/ ...

gingerbread storage Not rated yet
gingerbread storage? how long can you keep the house parts and how?

Expiration Not rated yet
how long can you leave out gingerbread house and then eat it?

how long does dough last? Not rated yet
How long does gingerbread dough last in the refridgerator and freezer?

keeps for how long Not rated yet
Hi, I would like to know how long a gingerbread house would keep for as I need to make some for our Christmas Fayre at school, Thanks Amy

how long Not rated yet
I just built a gingerbread house and I'm wondering how long can a gingerbread house last in the refrigerator

Storage of Gingerbread House Not rated yet
How long before eating it will a gingerbread house last?

how do you keep gb houses from year to year? Not rated yet
How do you keep gb houses from year to year?

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