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If you've ever seen photos from the National Gingerbread Contest at the Grove Park Inn, you already know that it's quite competitive. I've always been awed by the creativity and detail-work that goes into these! While I enjoy making gingerbread houses (enough to build this site all about them!), I'm definitely not patient enough to build an award-winning one - at least not up against THIS kind of competition!

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I've always wanted to go to the Grove Park Inn's National Gingerbread House Competition and, last year (2008), I finally had the opportunity. I wanted to cover the contest for this site (to get my OWN photos and videos instead of relying on other kind folks to share theirs) AND it fell right on my Mother's birthday, making it the perfect opportunity to spend a girls' weekend with my Mom at a beautiful resort!

I was blown away! I KNEW there would be some fabulous gingerbread houses, but I couldn't believe how many works of art I saw!! Photographs just don't do these justice!

Luckily, along with my digital camera, I packed my Flip video camera. It allowed me to squeeze in past the crowds (my arm &Flip at least!) and view the amazing details up close. I was able to get video footage of every detailed nook and cranny (and BOY are there some detailed nooks and crannies!) of these houses.

I only wish there had been enough time for me to video tape EVERY house there in detail! After the ceremony announcing the winners, there's only a short window of opportunity to get down close to the houses and, of course, EVERYONE there wants to see them up close too! It was a crazy, mad dash to photograph and video tape as much as I could before they removed the houses (to display around the Grove Park Inn and some surrounding businesses).

Well, I took some incredible footage and I'm FINALLY finding the time to upload these videos for you. I truly hope you enjoy these National gingerbread contest videos as much as I enjoyed seeing these houses for myself!

I can't wait for the 2009 National Gingerbread Competition!

Competition Photos and More Videos

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