Gingerbread mountain

by Ravyn

how do you make a mountain out of gingerbread?

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Jan 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Once I made a mtn.side out of old,stale hamber buns. I coated them withroyal icing as i built the mtn. I then made rock molds from a model train shop and i filled them with pastiallage, letting them dry several days. i use dyed pastiallage to give the rock color effect...I placed them with royal icing onto the mtn.front, top and back.It looked pretty realisitic.

Dec 21, 2009
Gingerbread Mountain
by: Esprit64

I once saw a gingerbread house done in very light, light gingerbread. The entire house and scene ertr done in 2D and 3D gingerbread effects. By that I mean the house was constructed as a simple house--but all its details were carefully embossed, cut, added (like gingerbread shingles for windows were added to the house) and BEFORE baking. The mountains and trees on this scene were molded cookie shapes, having extraordinary detail, representing the surrounding mountains, shrubs, trees. They were the 2D aspect of the scene. All shapes were affixed standing up, flat as they were, in smaller to bigger layers to represent the mountains getting "higher" in the distance, the trees and shrubs to look filled-in. It was beautifully constructed and so appreciated because of its simplicity.

Dec 12, 2009
A couple of options
by: Kelly

If you have a flexible baking sheet, you can lay it on top of wadded up aluminum foil or other ovenproof objects to form the shape of a mountain.

an easier approach though, if it doesn't HAVE to be gingerbread, is to form the mountain out of rice crispie treats. Add dye to the rice crispie mix while it's still in the pan if you'd like and then you can use icing or fondant as a top layer if you don't like the rice crispie rocky appearance.

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