gingerbread too soft

how can you make gingerbread that doesn't go soft within a day

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Dec 17, 2012
Gingerbread House
by: Jane

Hi ok over the last week or so I have done 4 houses and used different recipes. Unfortunately I did not get round to trying your one as by the time I found this website I had already baked my last batch but this is what I have found. That if you just change the golden syrup for molasses two things happen first the gingerbread isn’t as pleasant plus its seems to dry more softer. If you add more flour to the golden syrup recipe then it does dry harder but when it comes out of the fridge it is harder to handle you have to kneed it for a bit. I am done now I don't think I need to do anymore but next time I will try your recipe but for taste I prefer golden syrup. Can you use treacle?
I would attach a few photo's but don't think I am able to do this or if I can I haven't figured it out yet lol

Dec 14, 2012
Construction Grade Gingerbread Recipe
by: Kelly

Yes, the construction grade recipe I've shared here on this site:

has 6 cups of flour in relation to only 2 eggs. It has a more molassas than some recipes as well, which probably helps it hold together without being too dry (as lots of flour alone would cause).

It's the combination of ingredients that makes the difference. I'd love to spend some time one day testing out lots of things to figure out, definitely, what makes the difference. But I've found a recipe I like (for gingerbread house construction) so I've just stuck with it.

Dec 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

I don't know the recipe you're using so I can't compare. I use 5 1/4 c flour in my recipe if that helps. If you google "contruction gingerbread recipe" you should be able to find some good ones to try out

Dec 14, 2012
Gingerbread too soft
by: Jane

Many thanks for your reply since I have posted this I tried adding more flour to the recipe that I have and so far it seems more harder but time will tell I only baked them today so will leave them out overnight to dry out as I understand that is the best thing to do.
Does the construction gingerbread house have more flour or is it something else that makes it harder?

Dec 12, 2012
contruction gingerbread
by: Anonymous

You want to make sure that your recipe is for construction gingerbread, and not a softer dough like one we would use for a cookie.

Have you tried the ones from this site?

Teresa Layman is also famous for her recipe.

If you make your dough from scratch and bake it long enough, everything should work out. I hope this helps!

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