pisa of tower gingerbread house

hi i am a teacher for two to three yr olds and in dec my school is putting on a festive thing and we each get a country and my co worker and i picked italy so every class has to make a gingerbread house and we want to do the pisa of tower. i just wanted to know how can we bake and form it into the long circular tube for the tower. thank you christine

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Dec 09, 2010
succcess with curved tower for GGB pisa
by: gianni mnemonic

hi, tonight i decorate my pisa made of gingerbread. the hardest part was, in fact, making the tower round.. but with some thinking i figured it out. u have to get a tube slightly smaller than the circumference of the tower u want.. make enough sheets of GGbread that it can wrap around (i needed 1 and 1/3 of a sheet.take your bread out of the oven and lay them on giant paper (clean paper) thick too, like construction. cut off the "crusts", the parts that creep upwards on the sides of the pans. (do this while the bread is still hot. be carefull obviously not to get burned but it must still be hot and malleable. but up the ends of the bread as close as they can together(if your using more than one sheet), place the tupe on top of the edge of one and pull up on the paper. basically u are wrapping the bread around the tube using the paper to keep it all together. make sure u do it tight and make sure u dont lose ur positionaing b/c u will then need to tape thepaper together.. let it cool SLOWLY (or overnight) and u will have a solid tower.. if u need to glue the pieces together you can melt granular sugar (i cant believe im giving these secrets up lol) at a super low heat, dip the edges into the liquid like sugar and immediately press onto the side that needs gluing. if u need more help email me


Sep 28, 2010
Curved gingerbread
by: Kelly

A leaning Tower of Pisa in gingerbread is similar to a light house or other curved building.

I've made curved gingerbread pieces by baking it on a flexible baking sheet laid over something curved (that's OK to get very hot). You can form a shape out of mesh wiring or aluminum foil and then lay the flexible, rubber-like baking sheet over that. You may also be able to bake the gingerbread directly on foil sprayed with a cooking spray.

The problem with this approach is that the gingerbread on the sides (the steepest slope) will break off and drop down into globs of gingerbread, so this approach won't really work for full semi-circles. It can work well though for slightly curved pieces. So... you could make a circular tower by baking and "gluing" (with icing) together 3-4 curved pieces. You could also make strips (long rectangles) on a regular baking sheet and glue them together into a tube shape.

Anyone else have any ideas for making circular towers?

Sep 28, 2010
There is always a solution;
by: Werner

Hi Christine,

I think I have an idea because I made a smaller form with the same principal check: http://www.gingerbread-house-heaven.com/castle-tower-ruin1.html

If you think this can help you; send me an email and I will provide you with more details @; dutch_knight77@hotmail.com

Greetings Werner

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