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Gingerbread Carousel  
This year’s gingerbread, my 5th. Dome, top, bottom, support column (covered in fondant ), and seat are all gingerbread. Horses are hand shaped fondant. …

Animal Retreat 
Raffle prize for a zoo Xmas party.

Gingerbread centerpiece 
Made this for a high school classmate Christmas luncheon.

Santa’s workshop  
Last year my work will be holding a gingerbread contest due to lack of participation. Had to go out with a bang. Decided to dedicate Santa’s workshop to …

Gingerbread Manger 
Decided to think out of the box for my work contest this year.

Stylized Maxwell Hall, Syracuse University 
My family has been making gingerbread houses for 50 years. To celebrate, my son came back for the Christmas holiday wanting to make our largest gingerbread …

The Sweetest Jake Bake 
I turned an idea into a project.I thought it would be a sweet surprise for my hair stylist. This is a replica of his salon. 2020 will be his 10th year …

Winter Lighthouse 
We vacationed in Nova Scotia for many years and it is a place near and dear to my heart. On the east coast where we stayed the shores are rocky there are …

Mushroom House 
A fellow farmer's market vendor asked me to make him a mushroom house for the holidays. After some direction, I was able to provide him with what he desired.., …

Christmas around the world 
Beach house template, my very first gingerbread house. I entered this in a contest and won 2nd prize. The second picture is the same template but with …

Different Not Less Schoolhouse 
My Autistic Support class decorated this gingerbread school! 11 students each decorated a portion of the house, choosing which candies to use. They took …

The Ghouls Next Door 
I entered this house in the 2016 Belleville Gingerbread Walk in Belleville, IL. It won Best of Show. I wanted to make a replica of David Winter's Haunted …

Gingerbread Log Cabin 2017 
This year I wanted to attempt a Log Cabin. I took a basic house pattern, added the ledge in front and Chimney. I used Rod Pretzels. There are tricky …

"House in the Country" 
My brother is having all the family over for Christmas dinner this year. So, I thought I would make a replica of his house in gingerbread and fondant. …

Candyland Waterpark 
I have made it a Christmas tradition to design custom-made gingerbread house creations with my daughter, nieces and nephews. This year we went above and …

Russian christmas 
Hello I am Cornelia from houseofkuchen in Switzerland. I made this gingerbread "house" for a shop display. Do you like it?

Spring Flowers House 
In a gloomy day, what could be better than a lovely house to evoke Springs and its flowers?

2013 Gingerbread Village 
This Christmas village is a tradition with my niece's and nephew's children. It's such a joy to see their faces light up with excitement each year. They …

Gingerbread "Stump House" for Elderly Elves 
The folks at the Assited Living, Residence of Park Place, in Seneca SC, made their 2013 Ginger Bread House. This was not one of your run of the mill Ginger …

A trip down Pudding Lane 
After spending weeks looking for the perfect gingerbread house and decorations..We decided to start from scratch! We travelled far and wide to find some …

2013 Christmas Cottage 
Just a little Christmas cottage I wanted to do this year. I love doing gingerbread this time of year. This one has skylights that allow you to see in. …

A Christmas Surprise 
My first Grove Park entry.

Gingerbread Gazebo 
This is my 4th gingerbread house. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm having fun. This is primarily Gingerbread and Construction icing with a sliced …

Gingerbread Alley #2 
More pictures from the Dec 2012 Gingerbread Contest. We had way too much fun. 2013 is going to be even more awesome.

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Gingerbread Alley  
Dec 2012 my work decided to have a 'friendly' Division Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. I was the newbie on the floor and offered to be the Point …

Mimika's & Agisilai's gingerbread house. 
It is the first gingerbread house we have ever made. I hope you like it!

Fun House 
You could say I am a novice with making house cakes but I did get my inspiration from Gingerbread-House-Heaven 2 years ago when I saw all the beautiful …

Have a Fairy Merry Christmas 
I created this display for the reception area of the Fargo Country Club in Fargo, ND. There are no competitions to enter around here, but I like to just …

Ellie's Toy Emporium 
This house was made for the 2012 Peddlers Village Gingerbread won first place in the Traditional Category !

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe 
Wanted to try something different this year. I carved the lion and the witch in the gingerbread dough and then baked slowly to keep the definition. The …

Buckingham Palace 
I wanted to share our families holiday tradition of creating something spectacular out of gingerbead. This years theme is the magnificent, Buckingham Palace. …

Tammy's Victorian Gingerbread House with Chimney 
Good Afternoon, I love the fun of makeing gingerbread houses. I love the challenge of it to see if I can top myself the next year. Although it has been …

Gingerbread House 
a little house

gothic cathedral 
totally edible cathedral

Victorian Gingerbread 
This was my first attempt at a gingerbread house and I was quite pleased (although I don't count the time I tried to make a gingerbread house out of graham …

Haunted Gingerbread Houses for the Scouts 
25 gingerbread houses were decorated by Scout Troop #73 at Ruby Major Elementary School in Hermitage, TN. The parents and scouts had a really good time. …

House of Love 
I designed and created this gingerbread house for Valentine's Day.

Water Mill 
Every Year I have to have a new challange, The year 2011 the challange happen to be the water for the watermill.

My Festive Farmhouse 
This is my second time doing a gingerbread house. I did it for a contest at work. However, only 2 people entered the contest, including myself! And well …

Gingerbread Cottage From 'Down Under' 
Every year for Christmas my Aunty makes a gingerbread house and this year I wanted to make my first gingerbread house at the age of 13 and hope to compete …

"Grandma Pearl's House" 
Last year, I made a replica of my house out of gingerbread. When my Mom saw it, she asked if I could make her house for this Christmas. How could I say …

Star Trek 
My daughter Rachel asked me what I would like for Christmas. I said I would like a Gingerbread Star Trek USS Enterprise. With the help of her brother, …

the fairy house 
this is an all-edible house i recently made for a bread and rolls class in culinary school.

Gingerbread Rocking Horse 
This year's gingerbread for the coffee table - kids won't let me go a year without one :-). Thought this would be an easy project I could whip out in …

Elizabeth, Crystal, & Anthony's condo 
Every Year Elizabeth, Crystal, Anthony, and Paw Paw do a Gingerbread house. The tradition started when Elizabeth was only about 5 years old and we used …

Created this one to donate to a Military base. They used it to raise money for their Family Centre which helps families of fallen soldiers. Hence the …

Gingerbread Tikki Hut 
This was my second attempt at making a gingerbread house. It won the grand prize in our local gingerbread contest. Everything is edible.

My first one 
This is my first house. It was quite a tricky task! My friends and family were amazed!!! Gingerbread houses are not famous in Greece.

Haunted Gingerbread Mansion 2011 
This is the fourth we've used the template from Haunted Dimensions for the base frame of our haunted gingerbread mansion. Since my daughter insists on …

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"Black Steel" Gingerbread Train 
It took me around 84 hours and a year to plan

natale 2010 
Regalo per la mia mamma

Icing Church 
I saw the pattern for this church and thought no way would it hold up made of just Icing. I decided to give it a try and wow it came out so pretty but …

Turkey Cake 
I made this cake from looking at real roasted turkeys. This is the first 3-d cake I have made. I am an artist and had no problem sculpting this cake. No …

Asian Something or Other 
I'm running out of ideas for the annual family gingerbread project. My daughter found an Asian style building she likes and that led to this.

Gingerbread ChristChurch Cathedral- New Zealand 
80 hours, 250 pieces of GB and 150 pieces of fondant icing. Made by Kaiapoi Chef Aaron Campbell to honour the ChristChurch Cathedral after the August …

A-frame gingerbread house 
This is a replication of the house we built 26 years ago and live in currently. There's a lot more to the house but I made it small enough to put on one …

Winter Woodland Gingerbread House 
Designed to match my Winter Woodland themed dessert table. For how to make it yourself see here: …

Let it snow 
Always challenging myself I decided to try my hand at making a gingerbread Christmas snowglobe this year with playing penguins and snow people. Much to …

My Little Dream 
This is my very first Gingerbread house! I made it in front of an audience at a local Gingerbread House Competition. It was like a throw-down between me …

German Chapel during Christmas 
Every year in high school, we had to create a poster/or project for my German class that included Fraktur lettering, so I would always choose to create …

Victorian 2010 
I made this house as a donation to the local hospital foundation to auction or sell at this year's Festival of Trees.

Cajun Night Before Christmas House 
I've been making gingerbread houses since the 60's for my sons and now my grand children. Each year I try something different or I revisit old ones. …

Laguna Beach Gingerbread House 
This my first EVER. Sugar windows, chocolate molded wreath and trees, all handmade.

Gingerbread Village Caffè Torino 2010 (Picture # 4) 
Another photo of our gingerbread village.

Gingerbread Nativity (Caffè Torino) 
Each year, the "Nativity" is a very special part of our gingerbread village, as it symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. The walls and roofs of …

Gingerbread Bridge (Caffè Torino) 
This is the first gingerbread bridge I made. Every year we make our gingerbread village, and I thought it would be nice to have a bridge, so this is what …

Gingerbread Lantern 
I make these every year. I got the pattern and directions from a book called Gingerbread For All Seasons by Teresa Layman. It's a great how to book! Frankie …

County Fair Entries 2010 
Came across the pattern and instructions for the Icing Church on the internet a year ago and finally got around to making it. Entered it in the county …

Castle tower Ruin 
I first came up with the idea when I took a, should be perfect, castle out of the oven and saw what a mess it was, to much Molasses made the castle into …

Where can I buy a gingerbread house 
I started making gingerbread houses because I could not find a good kit anywhere, now I'm addicted to making them and started Gingerbread by Rosa.

Woodland gingerbread bird house 
A woodland themed gingerbread house for a Woodland themed baby shower.

Narrogin Australia Day Dunny 
this was made by Harley, BJ Slim and Bones. We had so much fun making our christmas Narrogin Gingerbread Shack we decided to make the accompanying outhouse …

Rocky Mountain Christmas 
Not to sound too full of myself, but everyone was so impressed with this Christmas table centre piece, especially being my first attempt ever making one. …

Narrogin Gingerbread Shack 
we are pregnant for the first time and doing all those fun christmasy things we imagine we will enjoy doing with our little one in the years to come!

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Creature"s Comfort Inn 
I enter a gingerbread contest for the last 10 years this is the one I did in 2006 Creature"s Comfort Inn

Gingerbread Country Train Station 
My Husband and I have been hosting "Gingerbread House night" early in December for our Godchildren for about 15 years. Every year we build 5-8 gingerbread …

Ginger Bread Church 
This is my first gingerbread house. I tried to make it look like it after a church building in my wifes Dicken's village.

Gingerbread Lighthouse 
I found a picture of a lighthouse in Youngstown,New York named Fort Niagra Light. I decided to model my gingerbread 'structure' after this lighthouse. …

Bird House 
I made this as my Secret Santa present for a lady who loves bird houses!

Gingerbread Train 2009 
This is my gingerbread for the Cleveland Cavaliers this year. This picture doesn't show the logo, so I guess its okay to post a picture. I'm especially …

Scandinavian Stuga 
On my first date with my boyfriend we went out to the movies on a snowy night. Before the movie we walked through a hotel lobby where gingerbread houses …

Gingerbread "Plantation" house 
2009 Gingerbread Project - just for fun (1 of 2) I copied the snowflake idea from another house on this site. I love to look at all the other creations. …

Melody's 2nd victorian 
Another house I made from a photo out of a dollhouse book. I freehanded the house pattern, the carousel I had a pattern for.

Melody's First Victorian 
Made from a photo in a dollhouse book. I freehanded the pattern. The first really large house I tried.

London's Gingerbread Big Ben  
My boyfriend didn't think I could make a Gingerbread Big Ben so I did for Christmas 2008.

North Pole Themed 
My family had a gingerbread contest this year. The house on the far left was a premade house kit. The one in the middle was from a victorian template …

Christmas log cabin 
This is my 2009 project. It's also copied after log cabins I see in East Tennessee...mostly in Wear's Valley...with porch swings and little puppies on …

Gingerbread Palace 
2008 Gingerbread Project . . . just for fun.

Gingerbread Carnival 
2007 Gingerbread Project . . . just for fun.

The Flying Jolly Roger 
This is our family's 2nd year entering the Rotary's Gingerbread Extravaganza fundraiser. We won 2nd Place!

Tonia's Victorian Gingerbread House 
Each Year I get together with my mother and sisters-in-law and we each make a gingerbread masterpiece. This was our 4th year (since I joined) and we just …

Cute Dormer Windows 
I love dormer windows on a gingerbread house! Most of my creations end up with at least one somewhere on the house. This particular year (2004) I do …

Christmas Farm House 
We have a second home in the Smokies of East Tennessee and on the way there, I always see a house that I decided to make out of gingerbread for my Mom …

Winter wondercandyland!! 
I have always wondered what it would be like to celebrate Christmas with a gingerbread house as part of the celebrations!! My granddaughter who was 3 at …

Gingerbread House with Christmas lights 
Not ordinary... I have to light my houses up for Christmas...

Gingerbread lighthouse 
I have been making gingerbread for about 6 years now. The first one I made I took to work (I work at 2 arenas in Cleveland, Ohio) and used it as a centerpiece …

The Night Before Christmas 
Made for the 2008 Pittsburgh PPG annual Gingerbread Contest.

Gingerbread Riverboat 
This is my partner Linda's first Gingerbread creation ever. She entered it into the National Gingerbread competition in 2008 and placed in the top 27. …

The Washington Monument - 4th of July 
This was done in honor of Independence Day. The Monument is 2 feet tall complete with the reelection pond and 50 flags. Everything is eatable except for …

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My lovely house 
this is my first time to do, and that is my class practices

The White House! 2009 
This is a picture of the White House that I did for inauguration day 2009. It was displayed at the Post Office and the comments were amazing! I have a …

Easter Gingerbread Cottage  
I made this as one of the prizes for the Easter Egg hunt at church. It was from one of the kits I got on sale cheep after Christmas.

Wizard of OZ 
I am a big Wizard of Oz fan and for Christmas time was thinking of throwing a Wizard of Oz themed holiday party. I wasn't sure how I was going to …

Amsterdam 16th century house by the canals 
As Gingerbread is not very well known in Holland I decided to take one of the most beautiful houses in Holland for inspiration. The houses along side the …

A Summer South African Gingerbread House 
I had always wanted to make a gingerbread house and got the recipe from your website. However, being based in Cape Town, South Africa, we celebrate Christmas …

Sugarland Express 
The theme of the display that we participated in this year was trains so we decided to do a covered bridge and train.

100 Calorie Place - St. Louis, MO 
A 30 year cake decorating veteran that doesn't often decorate cakes anymore, I am a charter member of the St. Louis (Missouri) Metropolitan Sugar Art Guild. …

Old Florida Hotel  
I work at a 100+ year old hotel on an island of the gulf coast of southern florida. Last year I made this house to look similar to the style of the hotel. …

Gingerbread house from Malaysia 
This is our second gingerbread house we made this xmas season. The first one collapsed while we were putting white icing on the roof. The kids aged 8 …

The perfect house?  
we had been making simple gingerbread house for a couple of years starting off with a kit and then last year we made one ourselves, happy with our the …

Gingerbread--The Swan King 
I lost the pattern I had for this Gingerbread Swan and only had an old picture to go from so I recreated the pattern. The body is baked on a small stainless …

The Fresno building 
Oh boy, I get these crazy ideas of what to do to "impress" the boss. So this year I decided that I would make a replica of the building I work in out of …

Christmas party 
I was to make a ginger bread house for my family this christmas, as I have never made one before I thought I had better make a trial one first. It took …

Icing Church 
Okay, it's not Gingerbread but I just made this Icing Church for my Holiday centerpiece that will go with my Gingerbread Swan I'm working on. Anyway, …

Home Sweet Home 2007 
This is last year's gingerbread house. I will be sending this year's pictures soon.

Wizard of Oz 
This was a first for me and my family. I bake and decorate cakes as a hobby but gingerbread has always been, well, just cookies around our house to decorate …

Christmas 2007 
This was my very first gingerbread house. I made it for my 3 yr old grand daughter. She loved it so much that it will now become one of our family …

My favorite gingerbread house 2008 (Caffe Torino) 
This house was inspired by a picture of a beautiful gingerbread house that I saw on the internet, however, I tried to make it different. It was a little …

Swiss Chalet (Caffe Torino) 
I've been making this gingerbread chalet for the past 3 years for our "gingerbread town" exhibit in our shop, Caffe Torino. I use wafers, cereal for the …

Brick Chimney House (Caffe Torino) 
This house took a lot of work.... especially the fence, which I made using sugar icing... The roofs and walls were all painted with icing as well..... …

Gingerbread Town (at night) 
This is a town of all my gingerbread creations of this year. I make gingerbread houses every year to exhibit in my shop in Costa Rica, and this year I …

CMOE Gingerbread House 2007 
I was working at a local up-scale restaurant as the Pastry Chef and the owners asked me to make a Gingerbread House for a local charity event. I was given …

santa's castle 
I enter our local gingerbread contest every year, and I have won every year. I have always made the houses ever since my kids were little. My oldest one …

For my collegues on Christmas Party!

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HHC Gingerbread House 1 
After coming down with a serious heart disease at age 44, I survived because of a wonderful, caring cardiologist who stepped in and saved my life. Six …

The Wonder of Christmas 
I made this church for a friend's church youth group last Christmas .. everyone enjoyed .. the church even had stain glass candy windows and lights inside …

Haunted Halloween Gingerbread 
I started making ginger bread houses 30 years ago .. It gave the children and I something to do together I do it with my grandchildren ..and they …

The First Snow 
This won Top Ten in the National Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. It took 500 hours to create. It was modeled after an old Southern …

Gingerbread Pirate Ship 
The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, FL displayed a gingerbread pirate ship last Christmas. It was 17 ft. long and 12 ft. high and amazing! The chocolate …

Christmas Castle 
This castle was made for a display at our local library. The children love to look at the houses every year.

Santa's in Southport 
This was a Christmas gift for my mother in law who owns an art gallery in Southport NC. My 10 year old daughter helped me tile the roof. The house …

Gingerbread Townhouse 
This was a house featured on the cover of Good Housekeeping in the mid-80s when they used to do a big Gingerbread issue for their annual contest. It's …

The Characters 
Strawberry Shortcake House gumpaste characters

Strawberry Shortcake House Inside 
Here's the inside of my house.

Strawberry Shortcake Gingerbread House 
I love love love Strawberry Shortcake. When I decided to enter the Grove Park Gingerbread Competition, Strawberry Shortcake was my immediate design. …

veronica's victorian gingerbread santa 
I found this while looking through old pictures! I decorated this Gingerbread Victorian Santa around 1989 for a cookie decorating contest that never happened. …

Radke GBread House 
This gingerbread house was made using the recipes on this site. Six eggs gave the walls a good thickness, but they also caused some of the edges to curl …

Harriman House 
My trusting and faithful concierge Triscuit, awaits patiently on the terazzo front steps for guests. The concept of a lodge came from my annual childhood …

My Gingerbread house 2007 
I'd like to tell, but my english is very bad...!!!

Three Fairies Cottage 
My daughter's built this house together in a rare moment of artistic and constructive cooperation.

Sweet Christmas temptation 
I am 11 years old girl from Bulgaria and this Christmas I and my friend Hilda decided to make two little Christmas Gingerbread house. This is a photo of …

Princess Castle 
the castle stands 2'6" tall, 1'6" wide and 1'6" long. i created this castle at home in two days ,with the help of my wife and 3 year old daughter, for …

Veronica's Pink Villa 
I was 19 when I made this one. (My very first Gingerbread house!) I entered it in the 1988 Good housekeeping Gingerbread house contest and won 5th place! …

Enchanted Mushroom Cottage 
I entered this at the Grove Park Inn Competition in 2000! (it did not place)

Veronica's Tea House 
I won runner-up for this house in the 2000 Good Housekeeping Magazine Gingerbread House Competition!

Forest Park 
My brother created his version of Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri for his 2006 Annual Family Gingerbread House Competition entry.

River Boat  
My father won 1st place in my family's gingerbread competition last year, 2006. His special items: root beer barrels and spaghetti for ropes.

Taj Mahal 
Every year, for four years, my family has held a Christmas night gingerbread competition at my parent's house in Missouri. Even though the competitors …

Dottie's Castle 
Castle Created for a relative's Christmas Party. Domensions ( Approx) 2.5' long x 2' wide x 2'high, Weight+ 39.5 lbs!

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Dotties Gingerbread 
Dottie has been enjoying Gingerbreading for many years and here are some shot of a couple of her recent projects. The finished castle was 2.5 feet long …

Dottie's Lighthouse 
This is a lighthouse scene my wife Dottie made as a gift for a friend. It features a light in the lens compartment, "Cobblestone" walls, Keeper's quarters …

Class of 2007 
These gingerbread people have been a great little holiday creative project and so much fun to make. They are wonderful gifts for young and old. Since I …

First gingerbread house 
First gingerbread house. Made from scratch!

my first gingerbread christmas 
I am a preschool teacher and LOVE my babies...I teach 3 year olds. I was looking on the internet for some craft ideas when I stumbled across the gingerbread …

Gingerbread wedding box 
The box was full of tiny gingerbread hearts with the names of bride and groom for wedding guests. I hope it was a nice surprise :-)

The reindeer would love to eat this roof! 
This was my first Christmas Gingerbread house. I had made a few Haunted Gingerbread Mansions and loved using different ingredients for decor and decided …

First Try! 
We always make a gingerbread house (or 2) to sell at our charity holiday sale. This year we invited a neighbor's granddaughter over to "play" with us. …

Gingerbread Barn 
This is my first attempt at a gingerbread house ever. I got this template from a book that one of the chefs at school let me borrow. The barn's "wooden …

Gingerbread House 
This was maybe the 3rd gingerbread house we've ever done, and we finally were successful!!

Education in Patience 
This is the first gingerbread house I have made, and I am happy with the final outcome. I spent some time thinking through and planning the project. This …

The red gingerbread house 
This was my first gingerbread house. I made this gingerbread house for a contest in our town tomorrow and i hope it will win. I'm a baker and cake decorator. …

old fashioned swiss chalet 
I learned to make this little house about 35 years ago. I don't use a lot of candy so it's pretty quick to make. I used chocolate covered pretzels for …

Angelique's Tea House 
My daughter was 3 when she won 1st place in the children's division of the 2004 Grove Park Inn Gingerbread House Contest! (Of course I helped her some) …

Dutch Windmill 
My brother won third place in our 2006 Annual Family Gingerbread House Competition with his dutch windmill. Yes, it could turn.

Teddy Bears too! 
I just couldn't stop at gingerbread people!

KC's Creation 
We have a tradition every year to bake our Christmas goodies on one weekend - last year we decided to make Gingerbread Houses with some friends. We ended …

Hale's Haunted House 
My favorite time of year is the fall and continuing into the Christmas Holiday season. I wanted to create a Halloween gingerbread house reflecting Halloween …

First time doing a regular house, thought it would be easier than a castle, took just as long to plan and measure but i had fun and happy with end or project …

Gingerbread Family that bakes together stays together 
This is a family of gingerbread that is baking little gingerbread. The stove is complete with the 4 burners and 4 knobs. The oven has the racks and the …

My son's first.  
Well I've been watching the food network this year and I was inspired to give this a go. I started with a kit of course (sorry if that angers some of …

Queen Creek Fire Department 
On Wednesday December 10th, I was give an assignment by the Fire Chief, then was handed a small gingerbread house kit and a sheet with the Town's contest …

Summer Cottage 
The colors of summer in a candy house.

Gemma's first attempt  
This was a gift for someone I made it with sugar windows and battery operated lights inside thanks Gemma

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The Gingerbread Chapel 
My favorite parts are the candles in the windows, and you can't see it but the back has a large window and ivy covering all of the back wall. This is …

This is our 2nd gingerbread house we made.The first one collapsed while we were putting the white icing on the roof. We changed the recipe as the first …

Sophia's Pet Shop 
Each year, Linda Duerst and her niece, Sophia Indelicato, of St. Louis, Missouri, create a spectacular, one-of-a-kind gingerbread house. This year’s theme, …

Bate’s Hotel  Not rated yet
Just another scary house for my great 9 yr old grandsons….!

Little Cottage Not rated yet
Just for fun

last year's project Not rated yet
Every year I do a gingerbread project with my grandchildren. Last year we did this project together. My second granddaughter designed the project and I …

Mid Century Christmas Not rated yet
Made for a fund raising bake sale in Palm Springs, Ca MCM capital of the world. Fun to make and had never worked with Isomalt for windows.

Brew for WHO ? Not rated yet
Halloween is my wonderful 7 yr. old grandchildren favorite holiday and we must have a gingerbread house of course. This year's inspiration came from a …

A Brew for WHO ?! Not rated yet
My 7 year old wonderful grandkids always look forward to a Halloween gingerbread house and after seeing a picture of Dracula in a bright red cape the …

My Very First Gingerbread Not rated yet
My work decided to start a gingerbread contest. I decided to emulate a stained glass light up church I had for Christmas. This was my first attempt at …

I will be Home for Christmas  Not rated yet
For 20 years it has been a yearly tradition for me to get with my grandchildren and make a gingerbread project for Christmas. The rules are everything …

Gingerbread Log Cabin Not rated yet
Every year we decide on a different subject for our ginger bread “house”. It’s just me and my daughters, we started this tradition when we were at a time …

Gingerbread houses for the holidays Not rated yet
These are the gingerbread houses I sold at my local farmer's market this year.

Cousin's Ponds Not rated yet
Every year I make a gingerbread scene kit for my nieces and nephews to decorate. I also make edible characters and props to go in it. This year it was …

Santa's Enchanted Tiki Room  Not rated yet
Welcome to Santa's Enchanted Tiki Room. His cool hangout at the North Pole. You will see him here after Christmas unwinding a little while enjoying a Mai …

Statue of Liberty  Not rated yet
This years gingerbread house do the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty is out of layers of royal icing

Gretel House Not rated yet

Skeleton Faints When Seeing Creature From Black Lagoon Not rated yet
My 6 yr. old twin grandchildren are so sad that Halloween isn't going to be celebrated in our area this year so I wanted to cheer them up a bit with a …

Wedding Chapel  Not rated yet
This is a wedding gift for my client's son and daughter-in-law.

Wedding Chapel  Not rated yet
This creation is an order of mine for a lady who is gifting it to her son and daughter-in- law that are getting married.

Wedding Chapel Not rated yet
This is a wedding chapel I made with my own pattern. I made if for a client. It will be a wedding present for her child who's getting married soon.

First one!  Not rated yet
Grand daughter and my daughter decorated it this morning then I went to town with the extra frosting and candies!

2019  Not rated yet
First year cutting out my own designs for the kids and I!

Victorian Farmhouse Not rated yet
Based on a design from The Gingerbread Architect by Susan Matheson and Lauren Chattman.

Sweet Retreat Not rated yet
I always give away my gingerbread houses, so its important that everything used is 100% edible. No plastic pieces for kids to accidentally swallow. This …

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Animal Fun Not rated yet
I wanted to do something different, so voila. Note that its movie time for the creatures, but its safe for them outside because the lion king has house …

Jack Skellington Ghost House Not rated yet
Had great fun making this house early in October to begin my 5 yr old grandchildren’s Halloween celebrations.…and I tried to include their current spooky …

The "Parrish" Place 2018 Not rated yet
I created this house for a high school classmate. She wanted one to resemble her house. Gingerbread and fondant with royal icing and candy windows. …

The Great Fire of London(!) Not rated yet
Every Christmas I make a gingerbread house, the theme of which is decided by my daughter (whose birthday is on 28th Dec). This year, for her 9th birthday, …

A winter Christmas church  Not rated yet
I adore Christmas and snow ..I have made traditional gingerbread houses previous Christmases but this year I wanted to make something that says something …

Wine Haunting  Not rated yet
My grandma sent me a Halloween gingerbread house kit so I made it.

2017 haunted house done by rd Hobbs on display at cub knollwood Not rated yet
This is 3rd one I built, about 100 pounds of gingerbread and icing to put together. Lots of lights and many figures,

A Child's Dream House & yard Not rated yet
First off, I do get a bit carried away when making one.I do try to make a dream property, one a child would only dream about.I only make them for gifts …

Holiday Gazebo Not rated yet
4th try at a gingerbread holiday creation. Started this in October, about 20 years ago, finished it 2 weeks before Christmas. Lived at a local Nursing …

Mount Pleasant, Philadelpha Not rated yet
This is my favorite historic mansion in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park.

Winter Abbey  Not rated yet
Ginger Bread House of 2015 .:The Winter-Abbey:. 120+ hours 18 batches of Gingerbread, 500 sugar pearls, 17 cups of Royal Icing, 65 …

2014 Christmas Gingerbread House Not rated yet
This is my third Christmas gingerbread house. This gingerbread house measure nearly 1m wide, 60cm tall and the exterior is completely hand bricked! The …

Cat in The Hat and Friends  Not rated yet
My 13 year old granddaughter, Sophie created this gingerbread that she designed and made using gingerbread, fondant and royal icing. She entered "Cat …

Tammy's Gingerbread Train 2014 Not rated yet
This year instead of making a Gingerbread House I attempted a Gingerbread Train. I had so much fun with this project. It's about 5' long. There are 7 cars …

Christmas in the woods 2014 Not rated yet
i wanted to show country Christmas all lighting are battery LED some form dollar store fire pit is battery tea light outhouse has lifesaver toilet seat …

Truman's Manor Hughesville, MD Not rated yet
My Husband and I choose a historic home of our county every year to become our Gingerbread house.

Graham Village 2013 Not rated yet
An annual tradition that my daughter and I enjoy building together.

Graham Village 2012 Not rated yet
Our city hosts an annual gingerbread trail where local merchants make and display gingerbread creations for Nov 21st - Dec 21. My daughter and I love …

Cat Lovers Gingerbread House Not rated yet
I made this house for a cat lover who said it was just "Purrfect."

Swiss Chalet Not rated yet
This is a simple Swiss chalet and one of my favorite designs.

The Honeymoon "Sweets" Hotel Not rated yet
I made this for a winter wedding reception. It filled the room with a lovely festive fragrance.

Down on the Farm Not rated yet
I made this for my grandson's 2nd birthday. I embossed the family names of both sets of grandparents on each wing of the house. Ethan loves tractors, …

Ethan's Christmas Cookie House Not rated yet
I like building my gingerbread houses on sturdy bases my husband constructs for me. They are customized to incorporate lights and music boxes. Each recipient …

Charlie Brown Christmas Not rated yet
And the angel said unto them, Fear not, for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you this day is …

Christmas around the fire  Not rated yet
this was aproject my wife gave me idea. the fire is made of melted ribbon candy back lit with light. tree has mini lights with hydro . rocking chair …

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Our Log Cabin Not rated yet
This is an annual competition in our family. We generally have three teams that compete. The prize is the fun and a stuffed bear dressed like Santa. The …

Southern Plantations Not rated yet
Southern Plantations theme so we chose 4 of the plantations found along River Road: Oak Alley, Laura, San Francisco, and Nottoway. I drew up the templates …

Tree House 2013 Not rated yet
Daddy Elf got in on the act of the kids gingerbread house making. Just adorable for his first go around.

3rd Gingerbread creation Not rated yet
So I made this last Christmas when I was 13. Complete with lights, curly surly fence and flaked almond roof tiles, 'twas the best I had ever made. Out …

Elizabeth Furnace Cabin Not rated yet
This, our first gingerbread house was derived from patterns in a great book, The Gingerbread Architect. We made this for our local coffee shop competition. …

Gingerbread Contest  Not rated yet
I had so much fun creating this gingerbread house contest. It took two months of daily work. (it would have gone a bit faster had I not had two little …

Sophia's Bakery Not rated yet
Each year my niece, Sophia and I create a custom-made gingerbread house. This year's theme was a bakery. We worked on this for many, many hours. It was …

Caffe Torino Market Place 2013 Not rated yet
Our market place is the heart of our town, here German traders from far away come to barter with our chefs and clients... selling them Christmas specialties …

Train Station 2013 (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
This train station is a very important part of our gingerbread town. It marks the path of prosperity and growth for our town. The train arrives at the …

Caffe Torino's Gingerbread Village 2013 Not rated yet
Every year we make our own gingerbread village to exhibit in our gourmet shop & restaurant Caffe Torino in Costa Rica. This year's village includes a church, …

May the children rejoice. Not rated yet
I made this for the homeless families and children of my county. The church was made because the churches here are trying to keep the families with their …

Traditional Czech Cottage Gingerbread House Not rated yet
Last year gingerbread house.I use to make them with my mum and now making gingerbread house with my children. :)

Annual College Gingerbread Soiree 2012 Not rated yet
2012 Gingerbread Houses

Annual College Gingerbread Soiree 2012 Not rated yet
2012 Gingerbread Houses

Annual College Gingerbread Soiree 2012 Not rated yet
2012 Gingerbread Houses

Annual College Gingerbread Soiree 2012 Not rated yet
2012 Gingerbread Houses

Frankenstein Gingerbread Castle 2012 Not rated yet
This is my two in one gingerbread cake castle. Christmas outside and Halloween inside.

A Chronicles of Narnia Pop-Up Book Not rated yet
My children and I enjoy creating a unique gingerbread design each year. This year we chose to create a pop-up book of one of our favorite stories.

Whoville Not rated yet
"All their windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air. All the Whos were all dreaming sweet dreams without care..."

Jamaican Gingerbread Vacation Not rated yet
This Christmas, I would much rather have been in the Caribbean sipping margaritas in a hammock nestled between swaying palm trees and enjoying the cool …

Woodland Themed Not rated yet
This is the first non-winter gingerbread that I've done (we have no snow so far). Everything is 100% edible including the animals. Took 3 days to decorate …

The Royal Pavilion (Brighton, UK) Not rated yet
Each Christmas friends get together for a party and, each year, I bake something spectacular for the table. Last year it was a croquembouche, but this …

Rocking Horses Not rated yet
Last year I made a gingerbread rocking horse for the family coffee table and had so much fun with it I made one to enter in the county fair this past September. …

German Gingerbread House Not rated yet
Bernd Neuner Margeritenweg 5 88368 Bergatreute

Frankenstein Gingerbread Castle 2012 Not rated yet
More pictures of Frankenstein Gingerbread Castle.

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Frankenstein's Gingerbread Cake Castle Not rated yet
Another view of Frankenstein's gingerbread castle.

Frankenstein's Gingerbread Cake Castle Not rated yet
This project took me a month and a half to complete. I use gingerbread cake its easier to work with.

"A Season of Hope" Gingerbread House Not rated yet
I was asked to participate in this Gingerbread Competition for 2011 to help The Chesapeake Cancer Alliance raise funds for cancer research at The Upper …

My first gingerbread house Not rated yet
My little boy kept asking me to make a gingerbread after a few days I reluctantly agreed to try.

Cute Three Story Not rated yet
I've done a different gingerbread every year for quite a number of years and always give them away. This one I gave to a disadvantaged college student …

Gingerbread Chapel Not rated yet
I put a real little candle on the top of bell tower

Gingerbread House Extravangaza 2010 Not rated yet
It is a day of chaos, but everyone loves it. We make about 12 - 15 houses each year.

Gingerbread Log Home Not rated yet
It's become a tradition to make a bunch of gingerbread houses for friends and family. My wife and I design, bake and assemble the houses each year then …

Frolicking Fairies Not rated yet
My daughter (9 yrs old at the time)designed and created this gingerbread house for the 2010 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn. …

tortica Not rated yet
cake and flowers

tortica Not rated yet

zebra stripes Not rated yet
Made this one for a friend of mine at work.

zebra stripes Not rated yet
Made this one for a friend of mine at work.

zebra stripes Not rated yet
Made this one for a friend of mine at work.

1up mushroom Not rated yet
My brother loves video games so I made him a 1 up mushroom for his birthday.

Wizard of Oz with Twister Cake Not rated yet
Angela from Connecticut sent us a nice note, along with photos: "i wanted to thank you for inspiring me on a twister cake for my daughters school play …

West Hatton, Charles County, MD Not rated yet
I try to do a Charles County, MD historic home every year for Christmas. This year I decided to do West Hatton. It is a wonderful home on the river and …

LaGrange, LaPlata,MD Not rated yet
I pick one historic house from Charles County, MD a year to do. This year's selection 2010 was LaGrange ca. 1765 in LaPlata, MD. It was on a smaller …

Fox Hill Plantation Not rated yet
This is my friends home in Northern Neck VA. My family so loves going to visit and enjoy being around such a historic home. I have captured its beauty …

I did it !!!! Not rated yet
This year, I proudly told my friends and family that I (yes that's right , I Miss Kristy) was going to conquer making a gingerbread house! When I announced …

A Visit to Christmas Town Not rated yet
Made for Pittsburgh PPG Display 2010

Christmas Village Not rated yet
This was a family effort between myself and my 9 and 10yr old daughters.

Santa's Beach House Not rated yet
We decorate a gingerbread house every year (cheating before--using a cardboard cut-out house and covering with graham crackers). This year was our first …

Victorian Gingerbread Mansion Not rated yet
This is my gingerbread house for Christmas 2011. Happy Holidays! You can see all the details on how I made this house at this location: …

BMDesign Not rated yet
My friend Birgitte makes the most beautiful things with her hands. Just see this wonderful gingerhouse. Check her website, to see all the lovely things …

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Cape Cod Gingercottage with Golden Graham Roof Not rated yet
The walkway is made from wheat germ, the drive from pieces of licorice. The fence is, obviously, pretzel rods. The shrubs are rice krispy treats and …

for baby sister  Not rated yet
my 2 grandsons age 10 and 6 made this as they waited today for the birth of their baby sister , a home coming present , first time we have ever made one …

Sweet home Not rated yet
My first gingerbread house. I have always wanted to make one. It was a great fun. Can´t wait to make another one next time.

Dayton WA Historical Train Depot Not rated yet
This is the Train Depot in Dayton WA. This was my first gingerbread house - and it did turn out HUGE! 2ft by 3ft for the Depot itself. I was so very …

Gingerbread House 8th Grade class trip Not rated yet
Hello, This house was so much fun to make. Completely from my imagination. I have twins who are in the 8th Grade. Every year the 8th Grade takes …

A Happy Gingerbread Cottage Not rated yet
This is the first gingerbread house I have ever made from scratch. And it is also the first gingerbread house we have as married couple. My husband and …

Santa's horse sleigh Not rated yet
I love baking gingerbread houses. Santa's sleigh I baked as a gift for a dear friend.

My first Victorian House I donated to Retirement home. Not rated yet
This house seemed like it would be challenging for my first Victorian house so I decided to give it a shot.

No Business Like Snow Business Not rated yet
First place ribbon for the medium size entries in The Fantasy of Trees 2008 - 'There's No Business Like Snow Business!' I made 2 shades of gingerbread …

doug's village Not rated yet
this was my 1st village it was fun but still have lots to learn

mia's house Not rated yet
Thought it would be fun to make a gingerbread house.IT WAS GREAT FUN!

Victorian Splendor 2011 Not rated yet
This is my 2nd Gingerbread House. Made my first one last year in memory of my Grandmother who passed. I never got around to doing one from scratch while …

Houmas House Plantation Not rated yet
I am a painter and our art association has been allowed by the owner to hang artwork in the entrance gift shop at Houmas House Plantation. I decided to …

My second attempt at a gingerbread house Not rated yet
I asked a friend to come over and we had great time decorating this gingerbread house!

Gingerbread Creations Not rated yet
These are some of the gingerbread creations I've done in the past. I try to make something new every year. I make sleighs, trains, houses, lanterns, trees, …

Gingerbread house, Hard Work, but worth it. Not rated yet
Every year my daughter, Robin & I put on Gingerbread House Workshops for some churches in Chicago. Here are some of our houses that we are proud of. …

Home Sweet Home Not rated yet
This is the first Gingerbread house I have ever made.I had so much fun and loved shopping for all the candies and stayed up late nights creating it to …

a LOG CABIN HOUSE with a stream running through it. house and yard light up

Gingerbread House from Australia Not rated yet
I decorated and assembled the house with my mum. I bought the pre baked and cut kit from Ikea. We then iced and decorated the bulk of it prior to assembling. …

Go Big - Gingerbread Gulch Ski Village 2011 Not rated yet
My family and I started a few years ago with a kit from the store but it just wasn't big enough. Now in our 3rd year - we keep going bigger - except we …

Eugenia's Place Not rated yet
This little cottage looks like it was baked in a kitchen in Germany, where gingerbread houses originated, but instead was baked in Mar Del Plate, Republic …

Our new gingerbread neighbors Not rated yet
This was a family project that kept us all entertained for weeks. The house has lights inside as well, for a warm evening glow through the candy windows. …

My first Gingerbread House Not rated yet
I have always wanted to make one of this gingerbread houses , so finally here is my first try , Happy new year to all;-)

Happy Christmas Gingerbread House Not rated yet
My niece (6) and nephew (4) and I built this house from the model of the new Green Architecture home they are in the process of building to live in. It …

Ballantyne's Gingerbread House Not rated yet
Gingerbread house ready for Christmas!

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Ginger-go-Round with gingerbread reindeer Not rated yet
Here is this year's gingerbread (logo not pictured) for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This carousel structure is totally made of gingerbread, royal frosting …

2009 Schiada-Barnes Gingerbread Mod Not rated yet
This is the second year my niece and I collaborated on a mid-century modern gingerbread house. We love making glass panels and lots of landscape. We re-used …

honda of keene!! Not rated yet
as requested by the very hungry sales dept.

Stormwind Castle Not rated yet
My son and I just finished our fantasy ginger bread castle and boy am I tired. We designed and built it in just 2 days. I don't know what we were thinking. …

Kristina's Castle Not rated yet
We have one big joint birthday party for our 3 kids each year, so we have to come up with a universal theme (one boy, 2 girls). This year we had a Princess …

Karins first Gingerbread House Not rated yet
My husband and I experienced Oklahoma's first blizzard in 2009. Our family was snowed in and couldn't make it for Christmas/New Years so I decided to …

The Empire State Building Complete with Kong in the Holiday Spirit! Not rated yet
Living in the NYC area, we decided to recreate The Empire State Building and being a fan of KING KONG movies, we thought what better way to kick off the …

Gingerbread Snowman Not rated yet
Christmas is my greatest passion and when it comes to creating goodies with gingerbread the Christmas theme is the one I love to use make unique creations, …

Casa de Flamingo Christmas Not rated yet
We live in the desert, but I love pink flamingos, so we be borrowed a theme from Florida. My husband channels Clark Griswold (Christmas Vacation movie) …

Gingerbread Village Caffe Torino (Picture # 5) Not rated yet
And here's another one...

Gingerbread Village Caffe Torino (Picture # 4) Not rated yet
This is another picture of our gingerbread village... It's very hard to have all the village in one single picture, because then you can't see the details. …

Gingerbread Village Caffè Torino 2010 (Picture # 3) Not rated yet
This is part of our gingerbread village at Caffè Torino, in Costa Rica this year. Our village includes 16 pieces in all: several houses, school, bridge, …

Gingerbread Village Caffè Torino 2010 (Picture # 2) Not rated yet
This is part of our gingerbread village at Caffè Torino, in Costa Rica this year. Our village includes 16 pieces in all: several houses, school, bridge, …

Gingerbread Village Caffè Torino 2010 Not rated yet
This is part of our gingerbread village at Caffè Torino, in Costa Rica this year. Our village includes 16 pieces in all: several houses, school, bridge, …

Large Brick House at Night (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is the largest house in our gingerbread village at Caffè Torino. I looks amazing at night! Has a lot of color and is very elegant looking (my favorite …

White & Red City House (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is a simple but elegant city house. All the walls are white with green garlands decorating them, and the roof is made out of red icing tiles. It looks …

Green Swiss Chalet (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is a very simple but nice looking Swiss chalet. The roofs are covered with frosted cereal, and the walls are decorated with dark green icing and white …

Gingerbread White Church (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
As always, the church is one of the most important pieces in our gingerbread village. I like to decorate it all white with small silver dragees on …

Gingerbread Train (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
The train is always an important part of our gingerbread village. This year we made the train a lot smaller than last year's. It carries candy in each …

Merry go Round (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This Merry-go-Round, together with the Ferris Wheel, give our gingerbread village a sort of "amusement park" look. They both look very colorful and thus …

Red Cottage with Santa Climbing Roof (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is a cute red cottage, with a chimney, full of all sorts of candy and a fondant Santa Claus climbing up the roof with a candy cane ladder. It is one …

Light Green Forest House (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is my second favorite house of our gingerbread village at our shop (Caffè Torino). It looks amazing at night with light coming out of so many windows! …

Large Brick House (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
This is the largest house in our gingerbread village. It looks amazing at night, with all the lights on. I will post some pictures of the house at night,for …

Gingerbread Elf School (Caffè Torino) Not rated yet
First gingerbread school I ever made. I thought it was a good idea to have a school in our "village". All the school is made out of gingerbread, and …

Gingerbread Ferris Wheel Not rated yet
This is the first time that I make a Ferris Wheel. I had the idea of making a ferris wheel to place next to our merry-go-round and train in our village. …

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Sweet Springtime Not rated yet
A very exclusive catering facility on Long Island needed a unique centerpiece for the entry foyer of their annual spring fashion show.

The Pillaging....Aaaarrrggghhh!! Not rated yet
Very special client needed a unique centerpiece for her annual holiday party...she was not disappointed.

The Peppermint Diner Not rated yet
This food art was created for the 2010 Festival of Trees in Melbourne, Florida. The Festival is run by the Junior League of South Brevard. It will be …

First attempt-11 yrs old Not rated yet
I just felt like I making a gingerbread house. And also I was trying to keep myself getting bored over the holidays. Last year was my first attempt at …

placed 1st place with this house.  Not rated yet
this is my second gingerbread house(last christmas). i found inspiration looking through images here and on flickr. decided to build this one. i didn't …

Black Pearl gingerbread cake pirate ship Not rated yet
I love making the difficult ones

Gingerbread Humvee Not rated yet
I made this gingerbread Humvee for the army Christmas party. My boyfriend is an NCO and they had very little funding for the i made all the …

Sweet Bed and Breakfast Not rated yet
I work at a bed and breakfast which doubles as a well-known restaurant and I made a gingerbread house of the business. I love making these every Christmas. …

Victorian Gingerbread House Not rated yet
My boyfriend and I made this house while stuck indoors for a week during the East Coast Blizzard this past winter (2010). It was our first attempt at …

Victorian Gingerbread House Not rated yet
My boyfriend and I made this house while stuck indoors for a week during the East Coast Blizzard this past winter (2010). It was our first attempt at …

Roof Not rated yet
This house was made this past Christmas. This is made from 100-calorie pack Oreo Thin Crisps. They work great! Its covered in confectioners sugar.

Victorian Christmas Gingerbread House Not rated yet
I'm a pastry Chef at Whole Foods.

Gingerbread by Rosa - Biscuits (Family) Not rated yet
This is our family made from gingerbread

Birthday Gingerbread House - Gingerbread by Rosa Not rated yet
Gingerbread by rosa - i made this gingerbread house for my daughters 6th birthday

gingerbread by rosa - white christmas Not rated yet
My White Christmas gingerbread houses

Gingerbread by rosa - church Not rated yet
My Gingerbread Church with lights

gingerbread by rosa Not rated yet
A gingerbread house made for my daughters birthday

winter wonderland Not rated yet
Bored at christmas.

Video: Gingerbread Pirate Ship Not rated yet
Here's a video of the gingerbread pirate ship created by the talented staff at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, Florida.

Video: New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train ShowCarol Not rated yet
New York area bakers each year create wonderful gingerbread "houses" for an exhibition at The New York Botanical Garden during the spectacular Holiday …

Christmas Collision Not rated yet
It all began with an attempt to assemble a simple premade gingerbread house kit and ended up a total disaster.

Gingerbread Train 2009, side view Not rated yet
Locomotive side view. You can see the whole train on Photobucket. Search ThorneHope's gingerbread album.

Junkyard Clock Not rated yet
Junkyard Clock was my First Place/Blue Ribbon prizewinner in the Peddlar's Village, Bucks County PA, gingerbread art contest. The Clock took me over 60 …

holiday sliegh full of goodies Not rated yet
well ive been baking for holiday gifts for about 20 years and now it seems that ginger bread is becoming a verry loved part of that I use my creations …

The Gingerbread House That Baby Ruth Built! Not rated yet
Living in the NY area, we are big NY Yankee fans and since they're the World Series Champs this year, my kids suggested making a Yankee Stadium gingerbread …

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A Christmas in Wonderland Not rated yet
I have been honing my gingerbread house skills as a yearly tradition since my daughter was 2. She is now 28, and this is the second house I have built …

Melody's 2004 front view Not rated yet
Beach house I made from a house photo on the web. Front view.

Melody's 2004 Not rated yet
In 2004 I decided I wanted to make a beach house so I searched the internet for a beach house picture and made a pattern from the one I found. This was …

Melody's 2007 Yacht Club Not rated yet
I live in southeast Alaska and wanted to do something different that incorporated things I love, fishing, diving and a lot of our town is built on pilings …

County Fair Entry (2 of 3) Not rated yet
2009 County Fair

County Fair Entry (1 of 3) Not rated yet
2009 - This past summer I decided to take the time to enter one of my gingerbread creations in the county fair. In late August it is hard to find candy …

Lighted Gingerbread House From Malaysia Not rated yet
This is our first attempt at making a lighted gingerbread house using hard candy to make the windows. However, due to the hot weather in Malaysia, the …

Debbie's House 2009 Not rated yet
We decorate houses for a display at work every year. This is mine from 2009.

Debbie's House 2009 Not rated yet
We decorate houses for a display at work every year. This is mine from 2009.

Carrie's Cottage Not rated yet
Carrie donated this gingerbread house to the AWS bake sale where 100% of the money goes to their charities. I hope whoever bought it likes licorice!

Tidor Revival Gingerbread House Not rated yet
For Christmas 2003 I created this cute little Tudor Revival style gingerbread house and entered it into a local contest. I love the style for this one …

3-Story Gingerbread House for Christmas 2008 Not rated yet
It's a tradition in our family to make a gingerbread house every year since my oldest son was very young. I started using graham crackers and eventually …

Vernon's 70th Birthday Cake Not rated yet
This is the birthday cake my sister, Ann Mitchell, made for my husband's 70th birthday. I still have it, covered of course. She is an amazing artist.

My First Attempt Not rated yet
Not much to tell kids wanted me to make one so I did a bit of research on the web and put this one together, it's been two years since and I thought …

Cottage Country Christmas Not rated yet
This won the Gold Medal in the Media Division at a local Gingerbread House Competition in 2008. Those are hockey sticks around the pond. The pathway is …

North Pole Village Not rated yet
These are the pieces I created for a local gingerbread competition. The Village is complete with a post office, workshop, and even a reindeer stable.

Mason Manor Not rated yet
I worked on this for the past 6 months getting it down just write. It's about two feet tall. I'm just a pastry chef from Oregon that loves what he does …

a great job for great people  Not rated yet
first before i start you have too know that i can better speak english than write. it was thanksgiving last year and i got a dream a dream to make some …

House for our Christmas Dinner Not rated yet
We have 54 tables in the dining room. So I made 54 houses for our guests to enjoy. The last seating took the houses home with them.

Fairweather Gingerbread House Not rated yet
This is my first attempt at a gingerbread house, I made it a couple of weeks before xmas and then my dad helped me transport it for a half hour drive to …

Santa's Toy Shop Not rated yet
My teenage daughter and I made this for a display I do at our local library every year. We wanted to try our hand at using gumpaste and making figurines. …

2008 Gingerbread Mod Car Not rated yet
This year, my niece suggested we modify our mid-century modern house pattern to include a car port. So of course we had to make a car. My husband created …

2008 Gingerbread Modern Not rated yet
We found that Jolly Ranchers made awesome glass and water features. Notice the blue used for the pool. Lifesavers made great modern patio pots. Hot chocolate …

2008_LS_Gingerbread_Modern1 Not rated yet
My niece and I decided to make architectural improvements to our 2007 mid-century modern gingerbread house model by adding "glass" windows and a car port. …

2007 Gingerbread Mod Not rated yet
Inspired by an expensive kit I saw on the internet, I decided to create my own mid-century modern gingerbread house.

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Jack in Christmastown Not rated yet
This was one of my first gingerbread creations made for the '08 Christmas season. It was on display at the Missouri Botanical Garden event including caroling, …

Old Time Pharmacy Different views Not rated yet
Different views of my old time Pharmacy

Dogs in the Park Not rated yet
Our community was in the midst of raising funds for our first dog park so we thought we'd make the theme to our gingerbread house "Dogs in the Park". …

Light up you office for Xmas Not rated yet
I was given a challenge to make a Gingerbread house for our" Light up you office for Xmas " competition. As a first attempt at doing anything like this …

Gingerbread House 2008 Not rated yet
This is probably the third gingerbread house I have made. I used this website this year to add to my house! It turned out great. I took it to my family …

Three Fairies Cottage 2008 (Winter Wonderland) Not rated yet
This year we got more ambitious with hard candy windows and a more elaborate design.

HCC gbread #1 Not rated yet
I am an aspiring chef and i thought i would take some of my down time at work and create a gbread house. it wasnt easy at first. this was my first time …

Early one morning.... Not rated yet
The Sunday before Christmas I was up early to take my daughter to work for the breakfast shift at our local hotel. At a loss as to what to do with my …

White Christmas Down Under. Not rated yet
As you all know, we don't have a 'White Christmas' in Australia, but I still couldn't resist the temptation of creating my own miniature one! This was …

Pepperkakehuset - The Gingerbread house Not rated yet
This is my gingerbread house, X-mas 2008. It took 5 days to finish; I used ca.5 kilos of icing sugar and 12 egg whites. I have only made one gingerbread …

gingerbread chapel Not rated yet
my son asked if we were going to do a gingerbread house this year and this is one of 8 similar we did

Italian North Pole Not rated yet
My sister and I are Amercian but we live in Northern Italy (near the Alps.) Gingerbread is impossible to find so we made it from scratch. This house came …

It's a Family Thing Not rated yet
Every year our family gets together to build gingerbread houses. We rotate from one family memebers house to another each year and have a great time!

Santa's Sleigh (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
This is my second sleigh, last year I made one, but my reindeer came up a little small for the size of the sleigh. This year I tried to improve that. I …

Nativity (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
The Nativity is the most important of all the pieces in my gingerbread town, being the real meaning of Christmas. I make the Nativity figures with rollable …

Merry-go-Round (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
I wanted to make a merry-go-round but had no idea at all on how to make one.... So it was kind of hard to make the templates, and very difficult to put …

Gingerbread Train (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
This is the first year that I make a gingerbread train... It was fun since it's very different from making houses... I put candy and glaced cookies in …

Doll House (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
I wanted something in pastel colors, instead of classical Christmas colors, being more like a "doll house".... So I decorated the roof with fondant cut-out …

White Church (Caffe Torino) Not rated yet
This is the church that forms part of our gingerbread town in Caffe Torino, Costa Rica. It's all white and gold, with small red dots. At night it looks …

The Land of Oz by Violet and Mamie Not rated yet
My granddaughter,Violet Worth, and I made this entry for the annual Conner Prairie Gingerbread Contest in Noblesville,IN in 2007. Violet was 6 1/2 years …

HHC Gingerbread House 2 Not rated yet
The 'evening side'.

Feeding Time at the North Pole  Not rated yet
I made this for the festival of trees last year. It was the fist time I had ever attempted something this big.

Christmas fantasy Not rated yet
Can see more pictures:

Norwegian Cruiseline Not rated yet
This past Christmas we went on a cruise aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship and this is the gingerbread house that was in their lobby

Candy Cane Christmas Not rated yet
My friend & I made this in our home ec class at school. We won 1st place out of about 10 houses!! It was a lot of fun to create & it was the very first …

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Avery Elementary School Not rated yet
My mother won second place with her replica of the grade school that she teaches at. She is the creator of the gingerbread house competition that we have …

Gingerbread House Man  Not rated yet
My boyfriend entered this Gingerbread House Man in my family's annual competition last year, 2006.

It's a Marshmallow World Not rated yet
I used lots of color in this one! Candy Corn, green icing and m&ms

Pointsettia house Not rated yet
This was built last year by my mom and I We used gum for the bricks and graham crackers for the roof

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