Photos of Fondant and Gum Paste

Fondant and gum paste are two of the most popular edible clays (click here to learn about other sugar craft options.) Any of these methods can be used to make terrific decorations to enhance your gingerbread house... flowers, figures, animals, people, decorative trim, curtains, shutters, fences, siding, molding,... the list is endless.

Since ALL fondant and gum paste creations, whether for gingerbread houses or not, may inspire you, we won't limit these photos to just gingerbread. Please share your own creations made from fondant and gum paste here (or pastillage.) And take the time to comment on someone else's creation.

Photos of Fondant and Gum Paste Creations

Have you made any decorations (for a cake, gingerbread, or otherwise) you'd like to share with others for inspiration?

Photos from Other Visitors

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Ninja Temple Birthday Cake 
Jo O.'s fabulous race track cake ( on this other page ) was such a hit, so I thought I'd share another amazing cake by her.

Flower cake 
This is my first decorated cake with fondant and sugar flowers. I made it just for the fun of it.

ben 10 & hello kitty 
I made these cakes for a friends two children..

Ozzy cake 
I made this cake for our youngest daughter who is Ozzy's no 1 fan, she still has the Ozzy figure we made out of chocolate, it's only a year old..eww

Thomas the Train 
This Thomas cake was made for my son's 3rd birthday party. It was only my second cake I fondanted ever and my first carved cake. Fondant is so much fun! …

Bjorn's Finding Nemo 
My sister asked me to make her friend a cake for her little boys 1st Birthday..... Chocolate Brownie cake (Lactose intolerant), it was Yum. This is my …

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine 
This is my first attempt at a sewing machine! Being a seamstress I always admired other cake artists sewing machine creations and wondered if I could ever …

Autumn Baskets 
Everything you see is handmade of gumpaste and fondant and completely edible! I designed this cake for an Autumn Pig Roast we were invited to. Nobody knew …

Hagrid's Hut and the Hippogryph birthday cake 
My husband is a big Harry Potter fan, so for his 60th birthday I decided to do a Harry Potter-themed cake. It took about a month to make Hagrid's hut, …

wanted to make my son a cool cake for his birthday so i attemted my first fondant cake. Usinga toy as insperation i drew up measurments them proceded to …

Pink & fun 
I created this for a special little girl....she really loved it

Nemo and Dori cake 
I was asked to do a cake with Nemo. So I search the web for pictures and was creating figures and all sea corals for 8 hours :-) it was made from fondant. …

Peonies & Stone 
Cake Central Magazine contacted me and asked me to design a wedding cake for their June 2010 garden issue. Here is what I came up with after spending 4 …

My first wedding cake 
It was a gift for a friend. It took over 16 hours to do, a lot of trial and error. I learned a lot from this one.

Blue Bar Pigeon cake 
My friend loves pigeons, so we thought it would be good to make him a cake of his favourite pigeon. I learned that his pigeon came first in a race so I …

Sexy Stockings 
I made this sexy bum for my husbands 30th Birthday. It was my first cake I had decorated and I had no idea what I was doing at the time! haha

Stargazer Lillies on Wedding Cake 
These lillies were made from gumpaste. I created them to use on the wedding cake. I took a gold medal for my work.The stamens are also gumpaste coated …

An Artist's Impression 
This cake was modelled from a famous artist's masterpiece in Kuwait. The real piece is made up of something like a hard clay with a moulded hand of her …

Burger Combo Cake 
I really had so much fun doing this cake. Everything's edible... the fries pieces were even filled with cake inside, the glass drink with cover and straw …

Bear in the Spring time 
I made this for my own Birthday.I love bears the tree and all the flowers and the bear are all fondant.

Passion for Fashion 
My American friend requested me to make her a fashion bag cake for her friend. And she's crazy about America's Next Top Model... and she'd gone crazy when …

Carry Me 
I made this cake for my lady boss wedding. She asked me to make her wedding cake modeled from a ceramic wedding topper. She wanted the cake to be all edible …

Tom and Jerry 
I saw this design in a decorating book at the back page and i was amazed cause Tom and Jerry are my favorites. But my problem was it was printed too small. …

Close up of Fondant Fairy 
Here is a close up of my Fondant Fairy. She is blowing "Fairy Dust!"

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Mushroom Fairy Cake 
We had a Fairy party for my daughter this year! The cake is all covered in fondant and I also made the Fairy figure out of fondant. The Fairy's dress matched …

Red Dragon 
This was my sons birthday cake. I started by carving a hunk of chocolate cake into the shape of a dragon. Then I covered it with fondant scales. The wings …

Hydrangeas and Stone  
I made this cake for my mom-in-laws 65th birthday. The centerpiece flower arrangements that I made for the party were the inspiration for this cake. The …

MayPole cake 
Offered to make my friend's daughter's 6th birthday cake and this was the end product.

Ornate Gum Paste Cake 
This beautiful cake was created by starfin from flickr (who graciously gave us permission to share this photo.) The detail work was built out of gumpaste. …

Grinch House 
This grinch house photo was contributed by REDphotography on flickr. It looks like the decorations were made from either rolled fondant or gumpaste. …

Edible Jewelry 
These detailed masterpieces were made by Cake Artist Jennifer from flickr (with her permission to share.) She made these out of fondant and then brushed …

My Boys 8th Birthday Racing Track Cake 
Hi all that share the love of cake decorating! Im fairly new 'green' to this field and have only experimented with the past 3 birthday cakes for my boy! …

Fondant and Gum Paste Cake 
This photo was contributed by SweetOnDesserts from Flickr.

Wedge shoes and purse match-up 
I was thinking of a gumpaste cake topper for my goddaughter's debut. So i come up with a wedge shoes with matching purse. Well, it coincides perfectly …

Go England! World Cup 
It isn't particularly impressive but I'm 15 and this was my first time working with fondant. :D

Spring & Over-Grown Garden Cake 
I made this for my best friend's birthday end of Oct '8. Was happy with it cos it turned out very colourful & simple structured. My son & 2nd cuz helped …

My Ex's 45th Birthday I got him a Porsche!  
How generous am I? I got my Ex a Porsche for his 45th Birthday a few days ago! Hehehe! ;) Well as close as he's ever gunna come to one anyway! LOL …

Hobbit House cake with sugarpaste fairy on toadstool Not rated yet
This was created for family friend. The sugarpaste fairy was based on Maisie who is a bit gothic. She was over the moon with it. I really enjoyed making …

BRATZ Not rated yet
Bratz are famous here in Kuwait. So we got one request from our client and she loved it... a lot! and she keep coming back since then. What a good feeling …

This is my first baby shower cake using fondant Not rated yet
My daughter picked out a cake for me to make for her baby shower that had animals on it. So I investigated working with fondant. Someone told me that …

Claire's 30 Bday Cake Not rated yet
This was a cake I made for a friend's 30th All I got given was she loved Autumn cos her birthday was in Autumn; it was her favourite time of year. …

Angry Birds Not rated yet
I made this Angry Birds cake for my 2yrs old daugther.. Everyone loved the colourful look of the cake.. Everything you see was handmade except the …

Easter Dots  Not rated yet
Just wanted to make something nice for my mom for Easter

Thomas the Tank Not rated yet
I made this cake, carved out the shape for my son's 5th Birthday.

trawler cake in fruit cake Not rated yet
I made this cake for a very dear friend, it has not yet been cut as he has it on display made October 2011.

Great danes head Not rated yet
I made this cake for a friends daughters 21st, she loved the cake and didn't want to cut it...

Welder Not rated yet
I made this cake for one of my sons birthdays, it was the forth cake I had made..he loved it.

Gola bag Not rated yet
I made this cake for one of my daughters birthdays, it was tbe third cake I had made..

Camera and reels. Not rated yet
I made this cake for one of my sons birthdays, it was the second cake I had made..

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Pauls boutique bag I made. Not rated yet
I made this bag for my daughters birthday, it was the first cake I had ever made..

Under The Sea Not rated yet
I made this cake for my little girl's first birthday...some of the decoration's were made out of fondant and others of gumpaste...

Live to Bake! Not rated yet
I created this for a friend's father, made out of chocolate cake and fondant. The collar isn't just the collar but it is also what his seat looks like …

So I Sew Not rated yet
I was asked to design a cake for our local Quilters ladies group. This is what I came up with

The wizard of the castle Not rated yet
I made this one for my castle gingerbread house. This is in the drying stage. I have his arm resting on a paper towel role. He is made from fondant mixed …

Ballistic BJ's Race Truck Not rated yet
It's called a trophy truck, raced in the SCORE off road series. Fondant covered cake, with dried fondant, edible markers to color. The "desert" made from …

butterfly cake Not rated yet
candy stick cake in to 4s fondant anlast put your lolleys

my wedding cake Not rated yet
this my wedding cake i made by me. When I'm married. You can see at my blog

Fondant Fire Truck Not rated yet
I made this cake on a spur of the moment for one of our local Volunteer Fire Departments and their fundraiser! Even the tires, bumpers, lights, hoses and …

my first wedding cake!! Not rated yet
this is my first wedding cake i made for my cousins wedding. i made the roses with fondant as well as the drape.

Gift Stack Not rated yet
This beautiful cake creation, decorated with rolled fondant, was made by Cake Artist Jennifer from flickr. She gave us permission to share this and other …

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