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Why use the same old gingerbread house designs that everyone uses? We don't believe in "Cookie-Cutter" gingerbread templates!

Don't see the gingerbread house pattern that you're looking for on our Templates page? Tell us what you'd like and we'll see what we can do. First, check other requests below and add a comment to theirs if you'd like to see it too. We've gotten some pretty creative requests! If only there were more hours in a day to build ALL of these!!

Request a Gingerbread Template

Tell us what kind of gingerbread house pattern you'd like us to design and we'll see what we can do. Add a photo to better your odds (a neighbor's house, a cottage from a vacation photo,...) Photos help us immensely in designing patterns.

What Others Have Wished For

Click below to see template wishes from others. Remember to Comment on theirs if someone's already requested something similar...

Taj Mahal template please? 
I'd like to purchase a template for the Taj Mahal. My grandson asked specifically if we could build one this year. Thanks!

Craftsman House Gingerbread pattern 
Hello, I'd love to 'build' a Craftsman gingerbread house. I've attached a sketch/drawing. Thank you! Stefanie

Taj Mahal 
Hi, I am looking to find a template for the Taj Mahal to build in Gingerbread with my grandchildren. I see you have one pictured here. Is this available …

Taj Mahal 
Taj Mahal template with elephants in the front

Cajun Night Before Christmas 
I need the exact house pictured! The rest of the items, such as the gators and skiff would be great also!

two story house with porch and front steps 
We saw a really interesting two-story house with a porch and front steps when we looked at google images. It has your company's web address underneath, …

Fire Station 
Hi, retired firefighter and wanted to know if you had any fire related ginger bread houses. Thanks, Aaron

beautiful tower from which to view the sights of central Florida 
our group is preparing to enter a gingerbread building contest, wholly constructed by us, by hand. We are all amateurs with little experience. The tower …

Seaside village 
I have a vision of making a small seaside village, perhaps 3 or 4 buildings, all connected, different heights and perhaps a couple different roofs, one …

3 story gingerbread dollhouse 
I can remember about 20 years ago making a 3 story dollhouse with all the furniture. The first floor was the living room with chair, fireplace , Christmas …

cathedral church 
I would like to find a patteren for a cathedral Church with lots of detail work. Does anyone have a patteren or know where I could find one

Gingerbread Sleigh 
Hi im looking for a template of a gingerbread sleigh...i like the sleigh from the movie "White Christmas".. i would make it fairly large

pirate ship 
could go for an awesome pirate ship gingerbread pattern

Nativity Scene Barn 
I am looking for a cookie cutter or template for a nativity scene barn

template for the gingerbread of the house with the lake  
Under the Decorating Ideas, there is a link Ponds and Lakes. At the top of that page is an awesome gingerbread house. I would love to make that or something …

I would like to make the sleigh and reindeer  
I would like to make the sleigh and reindeer as featured in photos on your site - do you have a template for sale ?regardsSarah

old fashion church 
I would like an old fashion church that would have lots of stained glass windows and would be lit from inside.

simple tiny gingerbread house 
oki i saw it in a shop but i would love to make it not to buy it so plz help

gingerbread sleigh  
I would like to finally see a big and beautiful sleigh template that I can recommend. So far I have found none.

I'm looking for an old fashion jail. I would like to make it fairly large. It would be on display at the L.A. County Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau and …


gingerbread carousel horses 
Does anyone have a template for 3 dimensional carousel horses?

Lantern pattern Not rated yet
Want to do a lantern. Need a pattern.

Gingerbread village  Not rated yet
I found a woods gingerbread village that I’d like to create out of actual gingerbread. See attached picture. Thank you!

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Cajun Night Before Christmas House Pattern Not rated yet
Do you have the Cajun Night Before Christmas pattern available?

Upright piano Not rated yet
We are hoping to make gingerbread pianos as teacher gifts. We love the grand piano, but with 10 to make we might need a more simple pattern

First Baptist Church of Carlton Not rated yet
This is the first Baptist Church of Carlton that will be celebrating our susquecenntenial in 2020. For Christmas this year, I would like to make a gingerbread …

Tractor Not rated yet
I've seen 3D gingerbread tractors done, but I'd love to have a pattern to follow to make my own. John Deere-type tractors for the farm-boys in our lives. …

Airplane Not rated yet
I've seen gingerbread airplanes done, but I'd love to have a pattern to follow to make my own. Simple single engine "Cessna"-type planes. Nothing too …

Ginger Bread Creche Not rated yet
I'd like to make and decorate a Nativity Scene with manger, mary and joseph and crib and baby Jesus and farm animals and the three wise men with their …

Queen Anne Victorian Not rated yet
Hi - Looking for a gingerbread template pattern for a Queen-Anne shingle-style house. It will be on a holiday home tour next year and we thought it might …

taj mahal template Not rated yet
taj mahal template

Queenslander Not rated yet
I would like to make a gingerbread house in the style of the houses that are typical in Queensland Australia. I just moved to QLD from Los Angeles and …

Native American tepee Not rated yet
Would love to make a tepee gingerbread house in a normal size ginger size pattern. Not a miniature to put beside a house. Would like to do with Native …

Travel Trailer Not rated yet
1968 kenskill travel trailer

old stone church Not rated yet

Gingerbread Igloo Not rated yet
I would love an Igloo pattern! Something that has the traditional domed shape.

Mid-Century Modern Not rated yet
I live in Palm Springs CA, and we have a lot of mid-century modern homes by Alexander and Wexler and that has inspired our chorus to do a Christmas Concert, …

Grand Piano Not rated yet
I just love the Gingerbread Grand Piano by Nicola. Is there any way to get a similar template? …

Gingerbread grand piano Not rated yet
I just got a distinction on my grade 8 piano with help from my lovely piano teacher and he also helps me achieve A* in my a level exam, so I thought why …

Lake House Template Not rated yet
How do I get the Lake House Template?

Custom gingerbread house Not rated yet
I need a gingerbread house made to follow a picture of the residence. probably 8x8 to 12x12...not sure. do you do this and what would be the price …

Sumner UMC 125th Birthday Celebration Not rated yet
I bake an donate cakes as a hobby. The congregation of my church has asked me to make a cake for this celebration. My Grandparents, Parents, And My Children …

Christmas quilt block barn Not rated yet
I have always loved driving by a barn that has a quilt block painted on it. It's breathtaking in winter! Would love a PA Dutch, stone foundation with closed …

dolls house Not rated yet
i would love a dolls house template. the kind of house you used to play with as a child. 2 or 3 different levels ,with furniture and different rooms

Gingerbread Shaker-Village house Not rated yet
Large brick simple house of brick or clapboard, brick is best. At least two story, some are three. Architecture is straightforward with no ornamentation; …

gingerbread plantation house Not rated yet
Old-fashioned southern plantation with columns and a big porch, candles in the windows

edibleart-beautifulhouse Not rated yet
it has four roofs

3D kangaroos for an Australian Christmas. (6 white Boomers) Also maybe an old queenslander house for the Aussie's too? Not rated yet
Queenslander homes were built in the 1800's and there is still many restored throughout Australia and are very popular. They were all designed on stilts …

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carousel Not rated yet
i am looking for a carousel template

Circular House by Mr. Parsons Not rated yet
I would love to buy the template for the following house:

how the grinch stole christmas Not rated yet
the mountains, the houses of whoville

1950s drive-in diner Not rated yet
Looking for a 1950s drive-in diner to make a gingerbread house for a 1950s themed charity event.

california winery template? Not rated yet also see Corison Winery I like their building

Fire Department Not rated yet
I really would like to see a template for a fire house- with maybe the pole and bays showing???

gingerbread shaped present/gift Not rated yet
gift/present to fill with cookies for a cookie exchange Ive got silver plate to create them on im looking for this templete

Home Page Photo Pattern Not rated yet
Hello. I LOVE the gingerbread house that's pictured near the top of your home page (as of December 5, 2010). I'm not sure of the actual style, but it …

gingerbread watermill Not rated yet
2 years ago I found, on a different site, a cute little house with a fireplace in back and watermill on the side with a small shed on the other side

Ralphies house from "A Christmas Story" Not rated yet
There are many views on the web for this house, it would be such a great house to build!

tiny gingerbread house Not rated yet
two roof in the form of rectangles that touch the floor with two small rectangle to do the walls and two walls to close the house with a hall for the door.a …

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Want a Custom Design Made For You?

If you don't want to just add your wish here and wait to see if we get around to making it, Contact Us. We can generally make a custom-designed gingerbread house template based on your photo(s) for around $50 in about a week. Fill out the Contact Us form, telling us what you're looking for and we'll get right back to you with an estimate.


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