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We hope these marzipan photos will inspire you in your own marzipan modeling efforts. Making marzipan is fun and easy. Click here to visit our marzipan recipe page. Then, use your own creativity to make marzipan into flowers, figures, animals, or any other gingerbread or cake decorating items you'd like.

You can view and share photos of fondant and gum paste decorating on this other page . Don't know the difference between marzipan, fondant and gum paste? You're not alone. You can read about each of these edible clays and sugar craft methods by clicking here.

Please share your own marzipan modeling creations right here and comment about how impressed you are with other people's marzipan figures too. It's always fun to give and receive praise.

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Have you made something out of marzipan that you're proud of? Please share it!

Photos from Other Visitors

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Marzipan Little fairy on Pink Rose 
2 colouring I used here are beetroot and cacao powder - beetroot for the pink and cacao powder for the skin tone (a bit dark.... I have another photo …

Marzipan fruits 
I made these marzipan fruits for my girlfriend gathering.

hatched chicks  
This cake was my first attempt for my daughters birthday ....i created the eggs and the chicks using home made marzipan.

My first farm cake for my friend's father. The figures was made from home made marcipan.

Granny in the wood 
My a lovely Granny special cake. She loves the nature...

Marzipan fruits for my little girl!

Autumn Basket 
This beautiful cake with marzipan fruits and gumpaste flowers was built by Cake Artist Jennifer from flickr (she gave us permission to share.)

Marzipan Penguins 
I love how creative you can get with marzipan figures AND they turn out yummy!

My Interpretation of Myself 
I have an associate's degree in baking & pastry arts from Johnson & Wales University. during our advanced cakes class we had the chance to make our interpretation …

Our family Marzipan Holiday event Not rated yet
Starting with my grandma, we have tried to make these vegetables and fruit ever since. For about 30 years. We always have great competition on who can …

a gray and a white marzipan cat Not rated yet
I am really not certain should I call it "marzipan" as I mix also coconut to have a much pale marzipan - but maintain 25% almond - as a borderline marzipan/almond …

Have a Fairy Merry Christmas 2012 Not rated yet
This display was made for the reception area of the Fargo Country Club in Fargo, ND. The tree house and bridge are gingerbread. But the fairies, mushrooms, …

carrot cake  Not rated yet
made this carrot cake during easter. its is carrot and walnut cake topped with cream cheese frosting and marizipan toppings ...

Carylsa's 50th birthday marzipan Not rated yet
I have made this marzipan fruits and vegetable for my 50th birthday party.

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