Gingerbread House Roof Ideas

The Gingerbread House Roof is the most visible part of the creation. Try these fun ideas for candy roofing materials:

Round or rectangular candy can be layered as shingles. Vary the colors for extra appeal.

Sticks of gum, toffees, or caramels work well for this.

Cover the whole roof in rows of tiny candies: jelly beans, skittles, M&M's, or any other small candy works well.

The Gingerbread House Roof can really "make" the house! Want more ideas? Keep reading...



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Don't think you can only use candy. Cookies, crackers, cereal and even lasagna or other noodles can be used for the roof tops.

Shredded Wheat cereal or, better yet, frosted Shredded Wheat can make terrific old-timey shingles.

Leave lots of brown gingerbread showing and just accent with candies OR use icing or frosting with coconut for "snow." Either have an entirely snow-covered rooftop or just a snow drift (like the one above) on another roofing material.

This house on the right has delicious-looking "snow" and just a touch of extra color and texture.

PerfectSimpleAframePhoto by "LynnInLimbo" of


Photo by "flyingpurplemonkey" of

Some colorful cookies layered as shingles make up this cheery gingerbread house roof.

Here's a lovely design that looks anything but simple. Look again though. This one's MUCH easier than covering the entire roof with rows of tiny candies! Simply ice the whole roof and then add accents.


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Photo by "merfam" of

Feeling inspired yet by these gingerbread house roofs? Never before has roofing been so much fun!!

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