Haunted Gingerbread Houses

Haunted Gingerbread House

Decorating haunted gingerbread houses is a perfect way to celebrate Halloween. Decorate with orange, black, and purple candies and sprinkles, candy corns, and black licorice. Make bats, ghosts, tombstones, and other ghouls out of icing, fondant, or gum paste.

Make sure to build a gingerbread house structure that's a little spooky too. Anything that's a little off-kilter or asymmetrical works great. Check our templates page for our haunted house templates. A few of our visitors have even used our templates to make a haunted castle and haunted clock towers. They're really terrific!

Of course, you can make ANY gingerbread house pattern look spooky too. Even the basic symmetrical house template can look like a haunted house if you add tilted or broken shutters and some spooky details (like split black licorice for creepy trees.

Look at other people's gingerbread Halloween photos below (click here to jump down) or share one you've built (or just photographed) with this form. You can also comment on other people's contributions. Have fun with this!

Haunted Gingerbread Houses

Ever made a haunted gingerbread house? Please share photos!

Other Visitors' Haunted Houses

Click the links below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

My first gingerbread house 
l'abbiamo fatta io ed il mio bimbo di 5 anni

Halloween Gingerbread Mansion 2010 
We used the template from the Haunted Dimensions website for our base, but added a few twists: flipped the porch to the right side; added a front gabled …

Haunted Gingerbread 
This was my first Gingerbread house. I love the holidays and was curious how difficult they could be. To my surprise I thought they were soooo fun to make …

Halloween Gingerbread House '09 
I go looking for new ideas a year in advance and I found a picture of the Paris France Disneyland haunted mansion

Haunted Halloween Gingerbread House 
I made this Halloween Gingerbread House for my daughter's school. All her classmates just loved it. I just started to get into making gingerbread …

Haunted Mansion 
This beautiful haunted mansion photo was taken by esmereldes from flickr. The gingerbread house was displayed at the Watertown Public Library (I think …

This haunted gingerbread house was built by Edible Art from flickr (who very kindly agreed to let us show it here.)

Haunted Gingerbread Mansion 
This photo was graciously supplied by BanditTheDog from flickr.

Spooky Gingerbread House 
This photo courtesy of PenForHire from Flickr

Bate's Hotel Not rated yet
Bate's Motel named from the movie Psycho has currently turned into a 3 story hotel full of spooky guests and unsavory creatures!

Skeleton Faints Whe n He Sees Creature From Black Lagoon Not rated yet
My 6 yr. old grandsons are so sad that Halloween isn’t taking place this year that I wanted to make them a spooky house to cheer them up a bit ..... it …

LEGO gingerbread house Not rated yet
I make gingerbread houses out of LEGO. @brickerparker

Knollwood Bakery Haunted House 2015 Not rated yet
Ed from Knollwood Bakery sent us this photo of the haunted house (or castle really) they built using some of our gingerbread templates. Beautifully creepy, …

haunted gingerbread house Not rated yet

The Boneyard Not rated yet
A friend and I got together one afternoon to each make a haunted gingerbread house. It seems that the Christmas holiday season is always so busy that …

Dona Isabela's Haunted Gingerbread House Not rated yet
THis is the side of the house mind you it has no roof!

Halloween Gingerbread House Template Not rated yet
This photo courtesy of PenForHire from Flickr

Haunted Gingerbread House Not rated yet
This photo courtesy of PenForHire from Flickr

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