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Leaf gelatin sheets are one of our favorite gingerbread house decorations. They are edible, nearly tasteless, and translucent... absolutely perfect for gingerbread house windows!

Gelatin sheets (or "gelatin leaves") are a specialized product that's used by bakers in jellied dishes (usually melted) and for fine decorating details like butterfly wings and other translucent decorations.

The sheets even include diamond-shaped window panes, especially great for Tudor style, Cottage, or Victorian gingerbread houses. Check out our pictures below for examples of using these for gingerbread house windows!

Gelatin Sheets    Gelatin Leaves

Simply glue the gelatin sheets to the inside of the windows with icing or, better yet, melted sugar before constructing the house (but after baking!). If you've ever tried making gingerbread windows by melting candies, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to use these sheets instead! You get a prettier result with a fraction of the effort!

They have a slight yellowish tone (very faint, almost clear) which makes the windows look even more realistic and really warms the house, especially if you put lights inside.

Our sheet gelatin (also called gelatine) is made in Germany and is a Type A of the highest quality. Our gelatin leaves are the standard that recipes and chefs call for around the world.

Each pack contains 12 gelatin sheets (20g), 4"L x 2"W.

Our gelatin is shipped Priority Mail within 2 business days (usually 1), to arrive in 3-4 business days throughout most of the U.S.

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Photo Examples of Gelatin Windows

This visitor purchased our leaf gelatin and then sent us the photos and the kind note below:

leaf gelatin on gingerbread house   home model for gingerbread house

Good Morning Kelly, I ordered gelatin sheets from your company a few weeks ago after we developed a problem with our sugar windows for our gingerbread house. For the first time, we decided to make a replica of our home and there are lots of windows. I had absolutely no idea what gelatin sheets were or how they might look, but I googled our problem and found your website. Well, I just wanted to drop you note to tell you that they are the easiest and most wonderful thing I have ever used! The windows look phenomenal!!!! I doubt if we will ever use anything else from now on. Thank you again for you help and hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

Betsy Davis Ivey
Laurel, MS

Here are some more example photos of gingerbread windows made from edible gelatin leaves:

gelatin gingerbread house windows
See how the decorations inside the house show through the transparent windows? They look so much like real glass!

gelatin leaves for gingerbread house windows

And here's another view of this same house, with a close-up on the windows.

gelatin sheets for windows

Gingerbread with Gelatin Windows

For more info on how to use leaf gelatin sheets to make gingerbread house windows, click here.

Video Examples

I took this video at the 2015 National Gingerbread Contest at the Grove Park Inn, just to get a close-up view of the amazing details inside this house. Once I got home and watched it, I realized that it's a terrific close-up view of leaf gelatin windows!

Leaf Gelatin Ingredients

Ever wondered "What is gelatin anyway?" or "Where does gelatin come from?" or "What are gelatin ingredients?"

Gelatin is a protein that is made from the collagen inside the skin and bones of animals. Our sheet gelatin is made in Germany from pork skin material. No. Gelatin is tested (with what's called the "Bloom" test) and graded according to its strength. Our gelatin sheets are Type A gelatin of the highest quality.

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