how to make shingles

by Andrea

how do I create shingled wall on my gingerbread house?

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Dec 29, 2016
Candy Shingles
by: Velma T

Necco wafers make amazing shingles! They make an attractive scalloped edge and come in spice flavors such as clove and cinnamon, plus chocolate; each flavor is a different pastel color. Each sleeve contains a random assortment, so if your plans require a minimum number of a certain color, you will need to buy several sleeves. You can also buy sleeves of only chocolate wafers, but they are brown of course, and it's nice to have the contrast of the pink/green/lavender spice wafers against the gingerbread. Fortunately, they aren't too expensive, the hard part is finding them. And be gentle; they will crack if the package is treated roughly and you will discover broken wafer after broken wafer when you open them. (The broken ones make an interesting flagstone path or chimney, however.) They are also quaintly old-fashioned, which I find very appropriate for the medium.

Dec 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Almonds. Almond flakes make great shingles, you can either bake them in, if you are making your own gingerbread or attach them with bits of royal icing.

Nov 10, 2014
many options for roof shingles
by: Charles E. Mason II

I would use cereal wheat, pretzel sticks, candy that is to your liking, ganache is the best for frosting. But remember the sky is the limit

Nov 10, 2014
Gingerbread House Shingles
by: Kelly

You can make gingerbread house shingles (for either the roof or the house siding) using sticks of gum ("glued" together with royal icing) OR one of the edible clays like fondant or marzipan, rolled out thin and then cut into the desired shingle shape.

See our edible clays page for more info.

Does anyone else have any great ideas for how to make shingles for a gingerbread house?

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