Photos from Gingerbread Contests

What better way to get inspired than to see lots of photos from gingerbread contests? Look at photos others have sent in or submit your own. We'd LOVE to see your favorite entries in your local gingerbread decorating contest! Of course, it doesn't have to be local either. If you traveled far to see a gingerbread house contest, tell us about it. Was it worth the trip?

Wherever the gingerbread competition was, help us visit it vicariously through you by giving us lots of details. Did you come home and build your own gingerbread house? Did the judges pick your favorites? Did the room smell yummy? How many contest entries were there? Will you go back again next year?

National Gingerbread House Competition 2008

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This site is FULL of photos of gingerbread houses (and other gingerbread projects) for inspiration, but creative bakers raise the bar each year in gingerbread contests around the world. Please share photos you've taken at a gingerbread house contest.

Photos from Other Visitors

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More Shitake Farm Photos 
I helped Ami rotate her photos.

Shitake Farmstead 
A friend who sells mushrooms commissioned me to make a mushroom house that looked like a shitake mushroom. I agreed. I made him one last yr.that he really …

Santa Visits Venice, Italy 
I was deciding what to do for this year's entry and my friend had the idea to do Santa in a gondola in Venice, Italy. I decided to add the famous Rialto …

Reindeer Flight School 
This year my creation is called Reindeer Fligbt School. I dreamt it up after watching the tv show Rudolf. I ended up winning first place and viewer's choice …

Home for Christmas 
My mom and I look forward to this time of year because we make building a Ginger Bread House a fun competition. We have other family members that are planning …

Gingerbread House Bakery 
This year I decided to create a bakery , specific to gingerbread houses. I added a lift inside and a carry out drive through. I had a fun time with it! …

Gingerbread House Bakery 
I created this out of my love for baking gingerbread houses.

Sophia's Bakery 
Each year my niece and I come up with a unique gingerbread house that is one-of-a-kind. The bakery idea came to me after going to a local bakery and then …

The Magical Candy Carousel 
My granddaughter who is 12 years old created this revolving carousel for entry in this year's Springfield (MA)Museum's Adventures in Gingerbread. She …

Thomas Point Lighthouse 
As a Marylander, I thought it would be neat to represent the state I live in and am a native of. I took some artistic liberties here and there. This …

Elf Vacation 
I entered this house in the 2014 Belleville Gingerbread Walk. It received Best in Show. The house contains 12 lbs of pez, 7 lbs of gum paste, and countless …

Santa's workshop 

Santa's workshop 

Southern Living 
I started by trying to make a home on the bayou..but ran out of real I just went for the southern home

Cindy's Castle 
This is my 3rd gingerbread structure. It was made a donation to Orlando Museum of Art Festival of Trees. The theme this year, 2013, was All That Glitters …

Fabulous Gingerbread Cottage 
Moscow, Russia VsemTort family workshop Gingerbread house for Christmas 2012

"A Few of My Favorite Things" 
This was my entry into the Boulder City Gingerbread House Contest. I named it "A Few of My Favorite Things" because of my love of Christmas, all things …

Saybrook Inner Lighthouse (with artisitic liberties) 
I love our Connecticut lighthouses and so naturally I wanted to make one out of gingerbread.

Cupcake Mountain 
This year my friend gave me the idea of making a giant cupcake with people sledding and skiing down it. I added to it by putting a tunnel through with …

60 lbs of sugar 
I entered this house in the 2003 Belleville Illinois Gingerbread Walk. It is almost 4 feet tall. I was moving to Texas, so I knew it would be my last …

Dreaming of a White Christmas 
Hi! I'm Megan C. and I'm 15 years old. This past Christmas I really wanted to try and make a ginger bread house so my mom agreed and let me make one. I …

Georgia Bank & Trust-formerly the Cotton Exchange 
I was contracted by the Augusta Museum of History to make a gingerbread house in which the structure was totally edible. The building had to have historical …

T'was The Night before Christmas...... 
Having been worked on for days , our gingerbread house was finally complete !! All the way from Germany this gingerbread house kit has still made it so …

Slovakian Gingerbread houses 
I am doing these gingerbread houses now for 15 years for my family, friends and colleagues. It's a typical winter - or Christmas decoration in our country. …

Hansel and Gretel 2009 /First Place and Viewer's Choice Award / Darnall's Chance House Contes  
This is a house that I've been wanting to make for awhile. I had a good time with the ice cream cone and the witch inside. I chose not to put Hansel in …

Santa's Favorite Ornament / First Place / Darnall's chance House Museum Contest 
This ornament is depicted from an ornament that my husband had as he grew up. We still put the ornament on the tree each year. The ornament portion was …

Pigg Point School  
This school house is a depiction is of an old school house in my area.

Emily's winning blue themed house 
This is the winner or the 2008 George Brown College gingerbread house contest. It was created with a blue theme.

Fairy-tale pop-up book (Biltmore House) 
I have long admired the Biltmore house and have done a lot of research on the Vanderbilt family. I wanted to create the fairytale feel of the house by …

Dutch Windmill and Tulips 
This beautiful Dutch Windmill and Tulips is another incredible Teen winner of the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn. It …

Hogwarts in Gingerbread (actually Biltmore House) 
This was one of the most amazing creations at the 2009 National Gingerbread Competition. Everyone sitting around us was speculating that it was a model …

12 Days of Christmas in Gingerbread 
We had the pleasure of meeting the baker of this incredible gingerbread creation of the 12 Days of Christmas. We got to watch her add the finishing touch …

Merry Christmas, From our Gingerbread House to Yours 
This was the first Gingerbread house my son and I made. We did this last Christmas, and along w/ my other (youngest) son and my sister with her youngest …

Grove Park Inn 2008 
Here's one of my favorites!

Cheyenne Depot Plaza Gingerbread House Competition  
The colorful story behind this gingerbread house was I decided to enter a local gingerbread contest, at my mother's urging might I add, in fact it was …

christmas time (YAY) :) 
it took us a long time to find the perfect gingerbread house we had to go all the way to TYLAND!what a trip! can you find santa HINT:he's up high hope …

Anita Bells Bakery - Grove Park Inn 2006 
I traveled from Debary, Florida to Ashville, North Carolina to enter in the National Gingerbread competition at the Grove Park Inn 2006. It did not win …

Christmas In Town Square. 
Remembering the shopping in quaint little stores. Going in and out of each one while enjoying the falling snow. Seeing the beautifully lit towns' square …

Toas Pueblo 2004/ 2nd Place/ Darnall's Chance House Museum Contest 
This gingerbread creation was depicted from the real Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. I built it in levels. i actually built each level upside down, as not …

santa"s work shop 
I Had a lot of fun doing this one the gum roof is made of big red gum.

Log Cabin 
This was for the City of Lewisville's Holiday at the Hall event. I wanted to do something different and more realistic than most houses. It won first place …

2009 National Gingerbread House Competition 
Here are some more beautiful creations from the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition. This one reminds me of Swedish gingerbread houses. Beautifully …

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 
My father passed away in June of 2008 so we decided to make a gingerbread house to remember him. He was 100% Irish and came to America on a boat when …

Dee's First Attempt 
The Grandchildren would all be with us for Christmas and I just wanted to try my hand at being creative. I was pleased with the outcome but the best …

The First Snow 
This house was modeled after several houses in New Bern, NC. I combined the look and style of three individual houses and came up with this one. It was …

Magical Chicken Coop 
We built our amazing magical chicken coop in honor of our first year raising chickens. Although we had never built a large scale Gingerbread house before, …

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Gast Haus / Inside view 
This is the inside view of the Gast Haus. you can see the tree and the fireplace. The floors are made of pastiallage.

Gast House / A German Bed and Breakfast 2005 
This Gingerbread B&B has a mountain and a stream by it.There is a loft as well.

Grove Park Inn 2008 
Here's another beautiful house.

Gingerbread cottage 
Well it was my first time making a gingerbread house, i looked on this site first and got some ideas, my niece and nephew helped with the lollies of course …

Audrey's Gingerbread House 
This is the Gingerbread house that I just entered for the NHS Phoenix 'Home Sweet Home' fundraising event. All gingerbread creations will be auctioned …

Old Time Pharmacy 
I entered a interdepartmental contest at the hospital I work at. I work in the pharmacy, so that is why I picked this theme. This is the first gingerbread …

Alaskan Dog Sled Race Not rated yet
I have always wanted to depict the Iditorod Dog Race in gingerbread. There was a Pop Tarts competition on-line, so I entered.

The Christmas Garland House Not rated yet
All my nieces and nephew's came over the night before to make their houses and the next day I used all the leftover stuff to build this house.

Extreme Mouse Takeover, Christmas Edition Not rated yet
Last year gnomes, this year fairies! I love the whimsical and I was inspired by the beautiful fairy houses of Sally J Smith. The project grew to include …

Mele Kalikimaka Not rated yet
I entered this house at our company (Net App, in RTP, NC) annual Gingerbread decorating contest this past December 2020. And I won!

Welcome to Diagon Valley Not rated yet
My 14 year old granddaughter designed the pattern and created this gingerbread entry for the Springfield Museum's Annual Gingerbread contest. She won 1st …

The Ghouls Next Door Not rated yet
I created this house for the 2016 Belleville Gingerbread walk in Belleville, IL. It's a haunted house where the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and …

St Mary of the Mountains Not rated yet
2015 contest winner from Reno, NV

2015 National Gingerbread House Competition Not rated yet
Here are a few of my favorites from the 2015 National Gingerbread House Competition held each November at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. …

Candy Land Christmas  Not rated yet
Family gingerbread contest, I was the winner for originality and style.😊

Alex's House of Ginger Not rated yet
This is the 2nd year that I have made a G House for a Club in the area. I've known the Chef there for many years and I had more advanced notice to plan …

The Brandt Family Castle Not rated yet
Every year we have a family Gingerbread house making contest. We use kits! Not this year! We decided to go BIG and make the castle as a family project, …

The Dr is In! 2013 contest house Not rated yet
This house was a challenge! I modified the "mansion" pattern offered on this site to make our house this year. I wanted it a little larger, which was …

SANTA'S WORKSHOP Not rated yet

"SANTA'S WORKSHOP" Not rated yet

Queensland Gingerbread House Not rated yet
living in sunny Queensland in Australia, my partner and i wanted to make our own typical Queensland Gingerbread house w/ a veranda around it... he did …

2012 National Gingerbread House Competition Not rated yet
Here are some of the winners from the 2012 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC

Gingerbread Firehouse Competition Not rated yet
These are past years' entries from the Aurora Regional Fire Museum's Gingerbread FIREhouse Contest in Aurora, IL

Gingerbread Log Cabin Contest Not rated yet
Here are some photos from past years of the createitwithgingerbread Gingerbread Log Cabin Competition in Nashville, IN.

Gingerbread House built by Saucy Girl's Kitchen Not rated yet
My husband and I decided to enter a Gingerbread House Contest and this is the house we built. It was so much fun! There are lots more photos on my website, …

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Skiing in a lake in Vermont by Caffé Torino Costa Rica Not rated yet
This is joyous depiction of what skiing in a lake in Vermont looks like in my thoughts. We can't wait to visit New England and ice skate, cross country …

Maine lighthouse by Caffe Torino Costa Rica Not rated yet
We are excited to visit New England this winter, this creation are thoughts of what may lay ahead for us in colder weather than here in Costa Rica.

Gingerbread Market Caffe Torino Costa Rica Not rated yet
This Gingerbread Market resembles a European market filled with Christmas energy and high spirits. Figurines are made from marzipan and fondant. All is …

Christmas Cottage on the Coast 2012 Not rated yet
This creation was themed for a winter coastal scene made from gingerbread, gum paste, candies, edible beads and royal icing. The whole creation was built …

Sweet house Not rated yet
Believe it or not, this is my first gingerbread house ever! ;) I baked it twice, because first time I made a mistake (oh well... practice makes perfect …

Santa's Crib Not rated yet
Made for the Chase School in Waterbury Ct.

Mother Gingerbread Not rated yet
My daughter (10 yrs old at the time) designed and created this piece for the 2011 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn. She placed …

Santa's Workshop Not rated yet
Santa's Workshop was a very large "diorama type" piece measuring 32" wide by 24" deep and 30" tall. It is a peak inside Santa's workshop and the elves …

"Miracle in the Desert" (inspired by Taliesin West) Not rated yet
This was the 1st place winning entry into the 3rd annual Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa gingerbread house contest. Local architects and pastry chefs …

LIT UP HOUSE Not rated yet

2097 sugar lane Not rated yet
This is my first ginger bread house. It is 100% homemade, even designed the templet. It took about 3 days and is all edible. My hand is still sore from …

For several years now, I have been making gingerbread houses with my children. It has become one of our favorite holiday traditions. As each year comes …

Snoopy's House at Christmas - Quintiles 2010 Gingerbread House Contest Not rated yet
Our team started out thinking about creating a really cool dog house, then we thought "How can we get any cooler than Snoopy". So we went with it and …

Canal Museum GingerBread Contest 2010 in Syracuse, NY Not rated yet
This is my creation that I submitted and won 1st place in the Senior Division, December 2010.

WARE'S FOLLY Not rated yet
This is a replica of Ware's Folly in Augusta, GA. The 2010 event was sponsored by the Augusta Museum of History. The yearly event is a favorite with the …

Victorian Mansion  Not rated yet
I started out thinking I'd make a nice, edible house for my younger cousins. The architecture was inspired by the Wyandotte historical museum nearby. Once …

Miller Gingerbread House 2010 - Australia Not rated yet
First time I thought to try to do this! It has been raining A LOT lately, so what to do but try to keep the kids amused making a gingerbread house? …

Log Cabin Not rated yet
Log cabin surrounded with small lake, well and just pure nature.

the claw game Not rated yet
My award winning entry in the Belleville 2010 gingerbread contest. This one had lights and a motor that raised the claw up and down. As it was powered …

European Charm Not rated yet
A cuckoo clock in my house inspired my work on this one. I entered it in last year's annual contest put on by the culinary school I attend.

spring house Not rated yet
I am Alyssa G. and I'm ten. I just made one with my dad and brother and so I really wanna post it because my family said its really good.

Winner in Adult category Mount Horeb, WI, Gingerbread House Contest Not rated yet
This replica of a beautiful local Victorian home was the 2009 winner in the Mount Horeb, WI, Gingerbread House contest

Gingerbread house 2009 Not rated yet
We entered our first contest in December of 2009 and we won first price

Castle Tower Ruin Not rated yet
I have made a couple castle towers in the past, and when I had the unfortune of one that did not came out of the oven quite right, I decided to transform …

The Sugar Shack Not rated yet
Our extended family has an annual gingerbread competition. 2009 was the second year of the competition and having missed out on the trophy in 2008, I was …

Gingerbread Grand Piano Not rated yet
This gingerbread grand piano was entered by our family in the 2003 Gingerbread Wonderland at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, NJ. It has a full …

National Gingerbread House Competition Not rated yet
This adorable gingerbread train was made by one of the kids at the National Gingerbread House Competition.

Yellow Gingerbread House Not rated yet
This adorable yellow house was a winning entry in the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition. Great details inside and out!

North Pole General Store Not rated yet
This adorable North Pole General Store was a winner in the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. I wish …

Gingerbread Venice Not rated yet
Here's the inside of the Venetian Cafe. Look at the curves of the table and chair legs! I LOVE the designs on the walls! And the detail work, even down …

Red Roof Gingerbread House Not rated yet
Here's another beautiful Teen entry in the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn. Really beautiful!

Gingerbread Manor Not rated yet
This beautiful Gingerbread Manor was a Teen winner at the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition. It almost looks like a Tuscan villa to me. Gorgeous! …

Candy Cane Inn Not rated yet
I love the tin-looking roof! And the water wheel and chimney are yummy whimsical!

Nutcracker Ballet Not rated yet
Believe it or not, there were TWO beautiful Nutcracker Ballet creations at this year's National Gingerbread Competition! This one was very large and every …

Gingerbread Rudolph Not rated yet
This Gingerbread Rudolph scene was a winner in the Youth category at the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition. Yes, it was actually made by someone …

Tudor Style built by Youth - 2009 National Competition Not rated yet
This beautiful Tudor Style Gingerbread House was in the Youth category at the 2009 National Gingerbread Competition, which means that it was baked by someone …

Gingerbread Mountain Music Dance Not rated yet
This incredible gingerbread creation was titled "Santa's Mountain Music Dance". It was one of the top winners in the Teen category (Yes, made by a teenager!) …

Gingerbread Castle from National Gingerbread Competition 2009 Not rated yet
Gingerbread Castle from National Gingerbread Competition 2009

Gingerbread Nutcracker Ballet Theater Not rated yet
This adorable Nutcracker Ballet gingerbread house was one of the beautiful entries in the 2009 National Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park …

Grove Park Inn 2008 Not rated yet
Here's a really cute house from the Grove Park Inn 2008 National Gingerbread Competition

National Competition Teen Winners 2008 Not rated yet
And yet another winner from the teen division. This was one of my personal favorites. The up-close details were incredible!! WOW!

a great jop and a lot of work Not rated yet
just alot of work but it makes really fun and i like it and i work longer on this project than 52 hours

National Gingerbread House Competition 2008 Not rated yet
Here are some of the incredible entries in the Grove Park Inn National Gingerbread Competition in 2008. I hope these blow you away and inspire you as …

The gingerbred making Not rated yet
I have always loved making gingerbread houses so i figured that i will make a contest for the people that love it to i started making them when i was 13 …

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