better/alternative "glue" for gingerbread house

I find it difficult to build a sturdy gingerbread house using the royal icing (egg white+icing). Any suggestions/tips? What about melted chocolate?

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Dec 08, 2011
Caramelized Sugar
by: Anonymous

If you want it to go up fast and never fall apart, caramelized sugar is the glue to use. It's so strong it can even mend broken support pieces. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

Dec 02, 2009
alternative glue
by: Anonymous

I use hot glue. You can't eat it but i've never had any of my kids ever attempt to eat the gingerbread. They stick with the candy.

Nov 27, 2009
better/alternative "glue" for ginger bread house
by: Anonymous

I used melted "candy melts" this year and after a few days the oils from the chocolate seem to seep through the gingerbread. I am hoping it holds up.

Aug 20, 2009
caramelised sugar...
by: Anonymous

Wow, great tip. Will try that this time! Thank you.

Aug 20, 2009
Gingerbread Glue
by: Anonymous

Have you tried using carmelized sugar? Pour two cups of white sugar into a pan with 1/2 cup of water and boil to hard crack stage ( 312 degrees on a candy thermometer) Be careful as it is EXTREMELY HOT ! Do not let children work with this as it could cause serious burns. Once it reaches temperature, carefully dip edges of gingerbread pieces in it one at a time and Glue together. It will dry rock hard in 10 seconds and hold forever. Good luck!

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