Humbugs: the Wall Saver

by Jessica

Every year I make a big heavy gingerbread house and have trouble getting my walls to stick together. Last year I discovered that if you microwave a humbug or piece of candy-cane for say 30s (or until it starts to bubble) and then quickly jam it between two walls (or use the two walls to crush it together) and smooth the melting candy into the cracks with a spoon, the walls will be very secure. Then you can add your icing at your leisure.

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Dec 08, 2015
Thank You Kathy!
by: Wayne

The melted sugar is such a fantastic idea. I've had many gingerbread house failures with my kids in the past. Now we're doing one with our grandchildren. I just assembled the house and I guarantee it will NOT come apart.

I melted my sugar in a small butter warmer pan which has pour spouts so I could pour the melted sugar onto the parts. Works great but you have to work quickly because it cools so fast it is only workable for a few seconds. Thank you Kathy!!

Nov 22, 2015
Thank you Kathy!!!
by: Debra

Thank you Kathy! You're a life saver with your sugar glue recipe. My kitchen may never be the same, hahaha, but I don't care at this point.

My granddaughter has been in tears because the icing that came with her deluxe gingerbread house kit did not work at all. When it fell apart the last time one of the sides broke and she did too.

After she calmed down we started all over again, propped it up and she went to bed totally frustrated.

Well, here it is after 1 a.m. and it fell apart once again.

Then I saw your suggestion. Thank you!

I'm waiting for the pieces I have together to dry before adding the other half of the roof.

This was supposed to be fun project and it turned into a tragedy. You saved the day!

I hope I can get it all back together and cover up my deception with that crapping icing so I can see her beautiful smile again.

When she's older I'll be sure to teach her how to make 'Kathy's Sugar Glue'.

Thank you again,

Dec 13, 2014
Sugar icing for gingerbread house
by: Anonymous

This works great but very HOT. BE CAREFUL!!!

Jan 26, 2014
Gluing gingerbread walls together
by: Kathy

All I do is melt 1 cup of table sugar in a frying pan till it is almost burnt. Then dip the side of your wall in the sugar and immediately attach it to the adjoining wall. It works like super glue, fast! It may only take a minute before it holds very well. Just reinforce the inside corners with royal icing. The sugar gets extremely hot to work carefully.

Dec 22, 2012
Melted Chocolate works too!
by: Kelly

If the melted candy sets too fast, you can also try melted chocolate (sometimes called "candy melts" at craft stores). Pipe the melted chocolate along the gingerbread cookies and it will set up faster than royal icing. And it can even blend in with the gingerbread for invisible seams!

It doesn't last as well or as long as royal icing though. So, if your house will be on display for long, you'll want to use royal icing also (or instead).

I haven't tried melted candy canes, but that sounds like another interesting option! Thank you for sharing Jessica!

Dec 21, 2012
sets too fast
by: Anonymous

it sets too fast to get it into the cracks

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