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Taj Mahal template please?

I'd like to purchase a template for the Taj Mahal. My grandson asked specifically if we could build one this year. Thanks!

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Craftsman House Gingerbread pattern

Hello, I'd love to 'build' a Craftsman gingerbread house. I've attached a sketch/drawing. Thank you! Stefanie

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Taj Mahal

Hi, I am looking to find a template for the Taj Mahal to build in Gingerbread with my grandchildren. I see you have one pictured here. Is this available

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Costing for a Gingerbread House Kit

I would like to know what the average cost would be to provide someone with a Gingerbread House kit to use for Christmas. This person is prepared to pay

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Alaskan Dog Sled Race

Side of General Store

I have always wanted to depict the Iditorod Dog Race in gingerbread. There was a Pop Tarts competition on-line, so I entered.

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Gingerbread Carousel

This year’s gingerbread, my 5th. Dome, top, bottom, support column (covered in fondant ), and seat are all gingerbread. Horses are hand shaped fondant.

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can you substitute shortening with butter

Can you substitute organic salted butter for shortening in a gingerbread recipe?

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Storing cooked house pieces

How do I store gingerbread house pieces I bake in August? I plan to actually build the houses in November. Is that doable?

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Lantern pattern

Want to do a lantern. Need a pattern.

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Gingerbread village

I found a woods gingerbread village that I’d like to create out of actual gingerbread. See attached picture. Thank you!

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The Christmas Garland House

All my nieces and nephew's came over the night before to make their houses and the next day I used all the leftover stuff to build this house.

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Little Cottage

Lille Cottage

Just for fun

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Animal Retreat

Animal Retreat

Raffle prize for a zoo Xmas party.

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Gingerbread centerpiece

Made this for a high school classmate Christmas luncheon.

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Extreme Mouse Takeover, Christmas Edition

Last year gnomes, this year fairies! I love the whimsical and I was inspired by the beautiful fairy houses of Sally J Smith. The project grew to include

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Optional Glaze recipe for cake

Does the glaze really require 3 TABLE spoons of vanilla? that seems like a lot!

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tile roof materials

What candy can I cut to make red barrel roof tiles seen on Spanish-style houses?

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Gingerbread pieces are soft but already decorated. Is there any hope?

We baked our house pieces and they were nice and hard- it rained one day and now they are all soft. The problem is we’ve already decorated almost all the

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last year's project

Every year I do a gingerbread project with my grandchildren. Last year we did this project together. My second granddaughter designed the project and I

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Brew for WHO ?

Halloween is my wonderful 7 yr. old grandchildren favorite holiday and we must have a gingerbread house of course. This year's inspiration came from a

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Mid Century Christmas

Made for a fund raising bake sale in Palm Springs, Ca MCM capital of the world. Fun to make and had never worked with Isomalt for windows.

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A Brew for WHO ?!

My 7 year old wonderful grandkids always look forward to a Halloween gingerbread house and after seeing a picture of Dracula in a bright red cape the

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Santa’s workshop

Last year my work will be holding a gingerbread contest due to lack of participation. Had to go out with a bang. Decided to dedicate Santa’s workshop to

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Gingerbread Manger

Decided to think out of the box for my work contest this year.

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My Very First Gingerbread

My work decided to start a gingerbread contest. I decided to emulate a stained glass light up church I had for Christmas. This was my first attempt at

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I will be Home for Christmas

For 20 years it has been a yearly tradition for me to get with my grandchildren and make a gingerbread project for Christmas. The rules are everything

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is it possible to make a tublular tower?

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Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka

I entered this house at our company (Net App, in RTP, NC) annual Gingerbread decorating contest this past December 2020. And I won!

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this was my winning entry in the 2020 contest at work

Hawaiian Gingerbread House ....

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Gingerbread Log Cabin

Every year we decide on a different subject for our ginger bread “house”. It’s just me and my daughters, we started this tradition when we were at a time

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