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Leaf Gelatin Sheets

Leaf gelatin sheets are one of our favorite gingerbread house decorations.

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does edible molding dough dry enough to put icing over it?

does molding dough dry enough to put icing over it?

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hansel and gretel

hi, im doing a project on hansel and Gretel so I decided to research the realism of a gingerbread/candy house. any information on the topic woul dbe very

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storage of gingerbread house

I live in California where the weather can be really hot at times, is it alright to store the house in the refrig after it has been lacquered and in a

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What material is best for a gingerbread mold? Silicone? Metal?

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After the holidays....

Can I put the house outside for birds or is that bad for them? Remove candies?

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Can I microwave ginger bread

can I microwave ginger bread

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substitute shortening for vegetable oil???

I'm making a ginger bread house and it calls for vegetable shortening. The problem is I don't have any. But I do have vegetable oil and lard. Can I substitute?

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soft gingerbread dough

My gingerbread dough is too soft. I've added flour but it won't hold the shape of the cookie .

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Welcome to Diagon Valley

My 14 year old granddaughter designed the pattern and created this gingerbread entry for the Springfield Museum's Annual Gingerbread contest. She won 1st

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Keeping gingerbread ornaments

I bought a premade gingerbread ornament kit, it doesn't have any instruction on how long you can keep them, if you're suppose to eat them? I bought it

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Ginger Bread Creche

I'd like to make and decorate a Nativity Scene with manger, mary and joseph and crib and baby Jesus and farm animals and the three wise men with their

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how long does gingerbread last

How long dies ginger bread last

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My house is baked and too soft, HELP!

My pieces are not hard and I'm afraid they'll break when assembled. What can I do now to harden them-- bake them some more, air dry??

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Dry batter

My friend just asked a question, every year she makes gingerbread and the first batch is always dry, the batter itself, before she even bakes it. So she

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dough for house

What do I add more of to make dough harder or stiffer

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The Ghouls Next Door

I created this house for the 2016 Belleville Gingerbread walk in Belleville, IL. It's a haunted house where the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and

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Icing not hard in some places

Will polyurethane spray harden the places where the icing is soft and protect the house?

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A Child's Dream House & yard

First off, I do get a bit carried away when making one.I do try to make a dream property, one a child would only dream about.I only make them for gifts

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Gingerbread Church

Last year was the first time, that I made a gingerbread house. This year I wanted to make a church. I enjoyed every minute making it. Have a merry christmas!

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How can I fix the icing if it hardens?

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Gingerbread House Bakery

This year I decided to create a bakery , specific to gingerbread houses. I added a lift inside and a carry out drive through. I had a fun time with it

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This is my first time making a house and I sooo wish I found your website sooner...awesome tips! Well, I baked all of my panels and didn't cut out for

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Queen Anne Victorian

Hi - Looking for a gingerbread template pattern for a Queen-Anne shingle-style house. It will be on a holiday home tour next year and we thought it might

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Gingerbread House Bakery

I created this out of my love for baking gingerbread houses.

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Preserving Gingerbread House How?

I have a miniature Gingerbread House and would like to keep it in perpetuity to display in my Dollhouse annually. How do I preserve it ? Thank you, AMM

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soft pieces

what can i do if my gingerbread pieces are soft

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Domed gingerbread

What would cause a dome/cone to form in gingerbread?

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Baking gingerbread men in advance

Hello, I am a member of a Lions Club in Spain, and we have a carol service every year. We offer shortbread, mince pies and gingerbread men. Last year I

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