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Gingerbread House Bakery

This year I decided to create a bakery , specific to gingerbread houses. I added a lift inside and a carry out drive through. I had a fun time with it

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This is my first time making a house and I sooo wish I found your website sooner...awesome tips! Well, I baked all of my panels and didn't cut out for

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Queen Anne Victorian

Hi - Looking for a gingerbread template pattern for a Queen-Anne shingle-style house. It will be on a holiday home tour next year and we thought it might

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Gingerbread House Bakery

I created this out of my love for baking gingerbread houses.

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Preserving Gingerbread House How?

I have a miniature Gingerbread House and would like to keep it in perpetuity to display in my Dollhouse annually. How do I preserve it ? Thank you, AMM

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soft pieces

what can i do if my gingerbread pieces are soft

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Domed gingerbread

What would cause a dome/cone to form in gingerbread?

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Baking gingerbread men in advance

Hello, I am a member of a Lions Club in Spain, and we have a carol service every year. We offer shortbread, mince pies and gingerbread men. Last year I

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Too Much Oil

I absent mindedly put double the oil in the dough for my house pieces. Can I add something to it? Thanks!

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St Mary of the Mountains

2015 contest winner from Reno, NV

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how long

how long dose a gingerbread house last

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Last/ Ants

Hi, I am wondering how long the pre-made gingerbread house that you buy in the store will last once built? Also, what is a good way to keep ants away from

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Edible awning

What can we use to make must be edible and how do,we attach them over Windows?

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Can you use store bought icing to use on a gingerbread house

Can you use store bought icing to repair a gingerbread house

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Is the pattern mailed or downloaded once I pay for the purchase?

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Mini gift houses?

Hi, I want to make mini gingerbread houses that perch on the side of a mug to give as Christmas gifts. How early can i make these and should i freeze before

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cxutting numerous windows

How do you cut out many small windows in a gingerbread house pattern/ I pre-cut them and left them in to bake then tried to cut them out when the dough

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Gingerbread houses caving in due to weather

How can I explain if December is unusually high temperatures this year why someone's gingerbread house might crumble or cave in to a customer? My family

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Can gingerbread be 'draped'

Can gingerbread be made to be soft enough to roll out thinly and then drape over a form? I want to create a gingerbread mountain and thought of draping

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Holiday Gazebo

4th try at a gingerbread holiday creation. Started this in October, about 20 years ago, finished it 2 weeks before Christmas. Lived at a local Nursing

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What is the best way to transport a gingerbread house? I've made one for a craft fair, but I'm uneasy about getting it there.

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how to bake columns

How do you make a column out of gingerbread? When I place the dough on a round can it slips off.

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Cracked Royal Icing?

I make a gingerbread house every year that sits for the entire month of December in the lobby of my moms retirement home. I have a problem with Royal

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Icing falls off gingergread

Each year I decorate gingerbread cookies with royal icing for my tree. After a week or so the icing will fall off. How can I prevent this? Thank you

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selling gingerbread houses

Do I just need a basic seller's permit to sell gingerbread houses, or do I need permission from each candy factory that I put on the house to be able to

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gingerbread men

I make gingerbread men for charity sales at Christmas. I make them early December and have always kept them in a tin, I always use the same recipe. Last

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How should a gingerbread house be stored after baking? and why should it be stored this way? Thanks!!

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Hobbit House cake with sugarpaste fairy on toadstool

This was created for family friend. The sugarpaste fairy was based on Maisie who is a bit gothic. She was over the moon with it. I really enjoyed making

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How long does an Unopened gingerbread house kit last?

I bought a gingerbread house kit by Wilson at Christmas and didn't get to do it. Never opened. Can we still use it

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This gum paste recipe is all you need to create beautiful edible decorations.

Learn how to make gum paste with our basic gum paste recipe. You'll create a modeling dough that dries more rigid than fondant... Perfect for creating figures, gum paste flowers, and other detailed gingerbread house decorating accessories.

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