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Dusty 6 month Old Gingerbread House Salvageable?

Hi, I have a 6 month old Gingerbread house, made from a kit, that has been sitting on my counter collecting dust. Just wondering if I can still salvage

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Stylized Maxwell Hall, Syracuse University

My family has been making gingerbread houses for 50 years. To celebrate, my son came back for the Christmas holiday wanting to make our largest gingerbread

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The Sweetest Jake Bake

I turned an idea into a project.I thought it would be a sweet surprise for my hair stylist. This is a replica of his salon. 2020 will be his 10th year

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First one!

Grand daughter and my daughter decorated it this morning then I went to town with the extra frosting and candies!

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Soft gingerbread

A lady gave us these gingerbread cookies for a gift won’t get me the recipe. They are soft and have a darker centre also soft cut into strips about 4

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Any advice on how to keep ants away from a decorated house? In Alabama, and the ants have been getting in my house lately… I really want to build a house

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I used a mold and it came out too soft. How can I re-bake This without the dough spreading and losing the detail.

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First year cutting out my own designs for the kids and I!

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crumbling ginger bread

how do you keep ginger bread from crumbling?

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Pieces too soft

My house pieces are too soft. Help!

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How to cut gingerbread dough

I'm having a hard time keeping the shape of the piece when cutting it out. the corners drag out and it is hard to get everything back to correct shape.

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Premade kits

How can I soften my premade gingerbread house so I can cut it into a different shape

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Victorian Farmhouse

Based on a design from The Gingerbread Architect by Susan Matheson and Lauren Chattman.

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More Shitake Farm Photos

I helped Ami rotate her photos.

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Shitake Farmstead

A friend who sells mushrooms commissioned me to make a mushroom house that looked like a shitake mushroom. I agreed. I made him one last yr.that he really

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Magarine vs Butter

A couple recipes I have seen for gingerbread uses margarune instead of butter. Is margarine more suited for gingerbread because of the lack of dairy and

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How to dry out gingerbread

What temp is needed to dry out gingerbread

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Sweet Retreat

I always give away my gingerbread houses, so its important that everything used is 100% edible. No plastic pieces for kids to accidentally swallow. This

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Animal Fun

I wanted to do something different, so voila. Note that its movie time for the creatures, but its safe for them outside because the lion king has house

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Winter Lighthouse

We vacationed in Nova Scotia for many years and it is a place near and dear to my heart. On the east coast where we stayed the shores are rocky there are

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Gingerbread Houses

What would be the best way to send assembled, decorated gingerbread houses home with people? Are there boxes or something available to put them in?

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spray freeze

Do you ever use a food safe canned aerosol 'freeze' for affixing details? I have seen it used on TV shows during baking competitions. It is expensive

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gingerbread for houses getting too soft

why is my gingerbread for houses getting soft? I made an alternative honey and coconut oil GB using very little leavening. I baked, cut, prepped, and

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Jack Skellington Ghost House

Had great fun making this house early in October to begin my 5 yr old grandchildren’s Halloween celebrations.…and I tried to include their current spooky

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First Baptist Church of Carlton

This is the first Baptist Church of Carlton that will be celebrating our susquecenntenial in 2020. For Christmas this year, I would like to make a gingerbread

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Christmas Wedding

Hello! I'm getting married this December, and I love the idea of having a gingerbread house as our card box! Do you have any templates or ideas that

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Curving gingerbread

How do you create a tall curved cylinder out of gingerbread?

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What is gingerbread flour?

What is gingerbread flour?

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Ginger bread kits for 2019

Can I buy 5 kits now and save them for 12 minths?

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I ordered the download of the full template package of the houses. It will not download. Please email me a the patterns. Kyla Shay


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