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spray freeze

Do you ever use a food safe canned aerosol 'freeze' for affixing details? I have seen it used on TV shows during baking competitions. It is expensive

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gingerbread for houses getting too soft

why is my gingerbread for houses getting soft? I made an alternative honey and coconut oil GB using very little leavening. I baked, cut, prepped, and

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Jack Skellington Ghost House

Had great fun making this house early in October to begin my 5 yr old grandchildren’s Halloween celebrations.…and I tried to include their current spooky

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First Baptist Church of Carlton

This is the first Baptist Church of Carlton that will be celebrating our susquecenntenial in 2020. For Christmas this year, I would like to make a gingerbread

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Christmas Wedding

Hello! I'm getting married this December, and I love the idea of having a gingerbread house as our card box! Do you have any templates or ideas that

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Curving gingerbread

How do you create a tall curved cylinder out of gingerbread?

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What is gingerbread flour?

What is gingerbread flour?

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Ginger bread kits for 2019

Can I buy 5 kits now and save them for 12 minths?

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I ordered the download of the full template package of the houses. It will not download. Please email me a the patterns. Kyla Shay


Bubbles in baked gingerbread pieces.

I used a silicon mold for my very first attempt at gingerbread. Everything went well until I took it out of the oven and 3 pieces were bubbled up so that

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Mortar options WITHOUT sugar

Are there any “gluing” options that don’t call for sugar? Chocolate may work, but it has the potential to melt in the summer heat.

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Cajun Night Before Christmas

I need the exact house pictured! The rest of the items, such as the gators and skiff would be great also!

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Mushroom House

A fellow farmer's market vendor asked me to make him a mushroom house for the holidays. After some direction, I was able to provide him with what he desired..,

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Santa Visits Venice, Italy

I was deciding what to do for this year's entry and my friend had the idea to do Santa in a gondola in Venice, Italy. I decided to add the famous Rialto

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gingerbread house

do I have to put the ginger bread house in the fridge the night I made it or can it stay out all night?

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Royal Icing disaster!

I made two different recipes for royal icing and had the same problem!! My icing didn’t get hard enough quick enough and it sagged...I was across the

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two story house with porch and front steps

We saw a really interesting two-story house with a porch and front steps when we looked at google images. It has your company's web address underneath,

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The Gingerbread Castle with our family crest

We enjoyed 3 days over Thanksgiving vacation with much of our family and a couple of friends helping in the process. We had so much fun making decisions

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The "Parrish" Place 2018

I created this house for a high school classmate. She wanted one to resemble her house. Gingerbread and fondant with royal icing and candy windows.

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Why does the icing that I put on the gingerbread house, go a bit yellow after 2 weeks

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If I don't open a gingerbread house box how long will the ingredients last? I will be opening the box on December 21 and I don't know how many days in

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gingerbread men cookies getting hard after wrapping

I've used same recipe for years. The last 2-3 years, once the cookies are baked, cooled, decorated...still soft, I wrap each with plastic wrap (always

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Carousel Horses

How do you secure Gingerbread horses to the top and bottom of a carousel. I tried to royal ice 2 pieces of candy cane (as I could not find 7 candy canes

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Cutting windows out of pre-made gingerbread houses?

Hi - we have a hard core gingerbread house competition every year and one of the requirements is that everyone start with the same pre-made gingerbread

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Fire Station

Hi, retired firefighter and wanted to know if you had any fire related ginger bread houses. Thanks, Aaron

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can you freeze the gingerbread?

I'd like to make the gingerbread house parts beforehand and freeze. Once thawed will they be ok for assembling?

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Christmas around the world

Beach house template, my very first gingerbread house. I entered this in a contest and won 2nd prize. The second picture is the same template but with

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varnishing a gingerbread house to preserve it ?

Hi I need to make a gingerbread house early. It's not going to be eaten only for display purposes and I want to stop it going bendy? Please can someone

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Food safe armatures

Hi, I am hesitant to use many of the materials used to make armatures for elaborate cakes, like styrofoam and various wires. I'm looking for food safe

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storing as a gift

what sorta box, or how should i keep it steady in a box, when giving it to someone as a gift.

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