Gingerbread Cathedral with
Candy Stained Glass Windows

by K Coutinho

Hi! I participate in a historical re-enactment group, and on a whim, made some candy stained-glass cookie panels following an old recipe I had on a scrap of paper - rolled cookie dough, cut holes, crushed candies, bake. Turns out to be virtually identical to your "candy windows" instructions.

I had also glued the four panels together with icing, and put a few votive candles inside for that lovely glow, the same as your Lighted Gingerbread Houses idea (but your idea of wired christmas lights is probably safer).

I'm now on a quest to make something with a lot of candy windows, to show off the gorgeous glowing candy glass, so of course my first thought was "Cathedral." Unfortunately, I can't find any useful patterns online, not even of a paper cathedral that I could convert into patterns for gingerbread.

I'm looking for something like this but maybe not so complicated

This is a bit closer

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Candy Stained Glass Windows

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Sep 09, 2014
Holy cow
by: Anonymous

Yikes! Play nicely!

Feb 06, 2009
BLOWN AWAY by the Stained Glass
by: Jo

Well personally I was quite HAPPY to click on to the links & was so SO blown away by what I saw!! I am very appreciative that you posted up those links! Gives us all inspiration on what else can be done with food! AMAZING! Thank you!

I can't give any advice on a pattern but wanted to show appreciation for sharing that with us! Thank you...I had no idea ppl made stained glass windows! I'm blown away! :D

Feb 05, 2009
In defense of the gingerbread cathedral links
by: Kelly

Richard, you are wise to not click on just anyone's links and I can understand your scepticism without a photo of the stained glass cookies (I'd like to see them too.)

I just wanted to point out that I approved those links when I approved the submission. I checked them out (by copying and pasting the URL into my browser - safer than just clicking since you can't always see where the link is actually going), and felt they added value to the request. I made sure they'd open a new browser window too (so you wouldn't be taken off of this site.)

Feb 05, 2009
Picture? ..c'mon...
by: Richard

Personally, I'd like to see a pic here before I start going through the links you posted. Sorry. I'm on this site for folks who want to share ideas here. I do not mind going further if I see something here, initially. Please do not "use" this site.

Maybe I missed it but I have no idea of your talent, ambition...or not. Right now I have have more respect for 3, 4-5 year old children that have put up their projects. Please submit a picture, in the future.

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