Gingerbread Template Testers

We wish we had time to make each and every gingerbread house we design, but we have day jobs. So..... We need gingerbread template testers! WE'LL PAY YOU to build our designs that have not yet been "tested" by other gingerbread house testers. Simply...
  • Purchase and use the template.
  • Take photos along the way (and of the finished product of course!)
  • Send your photos to us along with your notes.
  • Then, we'll pay you your money back PLUS another $5.00.

The only catch is that you must be one of the FIRST three template testers for a particular pattern (and it must be one we have indicated still needs testers. Look for this "Need Template Testers" button by a template to see if the template qualifies):

gingerbread template testers

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